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Global city mod APK is a simulation game for android. You, as a manager, have to build and maintain an entire city. You can choose from different buildings such as hospitals, markets, laboratories, prisons, etc. Every building costs money, so you need to produce goods or services that can be used as income for your city.
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Global city mod APK 2022 is a simulation game for android. You, as a manager, have to build and maintain an entire city. You can choose from different buildings such as hospitals, markets, laboratories, prisons, etc.

Every building costs money, so you need to produce goods or services that can be used as income for your city.

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing simulation games then try City Island 4, Home Street and City Island 2 – Building Story which are also outstanding games to play.

Features of Global City Mod APK mod yolo


Build roads and train tracks between buildings and start/stop the trams and road vehicles with this tool.

Development in Global city mod APK 

Raise or lower land value by placing development zones with this tool.

Demolition in Global city mod APK 

Destroy unwanted structures with this tool.

Residential Buildings:

Construct residential buildings manually using the residential buildings construction menu. Residential buildings are mainly produced using materials, i-e, plastic & Wood.

Commercial Buildings:

Construct commercial buildings manually using the commercial buildings construction menu. Commercial buildings are mainly produced using materials, i-e plastic, wood & metal bars.

Industrial Buildings:

Construct industrial buildings manually using the industrial buildings construction menu. Industrial buildings are mainly produced using materials i-e plastic, Wood, metal bars & steel parts.

Agricultural Buildings:

Some residential areas can be use as agricultural areas with some unique structures like farms that produce items of the agriculture category.

An agricultural building is only available in Global City MOD APK an1 after the purchase of DLC (downloadable content).

The farm building you can build together with other structures like residential or commercial together. Still, you will not profit from them if their demands are not satisfied since their market is unique.

As Global City Mod APK RevDl progresses, more unique buildings will be unlock, and you’ll get access to new tools, new materials, and higher land value.

The game is freemium, meaning some items are locked unless an in-app purchase is made.

You can also earn currency by playing the game or using free currency generators if you want specific money which cannot be found on the internet.

Developers designed these currency generators, so it’s completely safe to use them, which means there won’t be any viruses or threats for your device while using these currency generators since they’re just some tools that generate currency in-game with no hidden tricks behind them.

The game currency is use to buy all kinds of things like notable buildings etc. To keep you engage in the game, a sufficient amount of money is available to you initially.

You can generate more currency using tools that let you get unlimited resources in the game, such as gems, coins, etc.

There is a lot to learn about Global City Mod APK Moddroid, but don’t worry we have some tips and tricks which will help you get start and progress faster in the game:

Collect all kinds of items found on the ground or trees and sell them to earn money because certain buildings need these items for their construction, and weekly income increases if they are sell regularly.

For example, Wood should be collect from trees before chopping them down.

1- Collect fuel from oil wells by tapping on them continuously because this will increase the speed at which oil is produce, leading to profit.

2- Upgrade buildings regularly to get high income because the higher the level, the more goods or services they can produce and more profit you will get.

This will also increase their demands for specific items, so they will increase production, which means fewer profits.

3- Use coin generators if you want to buy something without waiting too much in-game time because some buildings need days to construct even though you have sufficient materials required for it.

For example, a farm requires one day, one metal bar & plastic, but this method should help you out since time is money.

4- Always check your storage before construction because construction cost varies according to certain factors i-e player level, town population, etc.

For example, if you’re a low-level player with a small-town population, you will get charge less for building buildings like a commercial.

5- Make sure that your demands are satisfy; otherwise, buildings won’t  construct, affecting how much profit you make from them.

For example: If demand isn’t satisfy in a farm, the items which the farm should have produce cannot sell and thus reducing your income.

6- You can speed up construction of the building by tapping on them rapidly because everything in the game is automate even though you’re not there to tap on objects or buildings.

They’ll slowly produce their goods or services but if you want then fast production, don’t sit idle while tapping on specific objects since this doesn’t increase anything else except your level.

Always upgrade roads when you have enough materials because it increases how fast your trucks move, decreasing transportation time and increasing income.

7- Keep an eye on the weather; if there is less sunlight, then electricity production will be deficient, so buy generators to produce electricity.

8- You can press the volume button to make sound effects appear/disappear since some people like this feature while others wish to keep them off.

9- If you want specific goods or services from buildings, then make sure they require certain items for construction else building won’t construct even if you have those items in storage.

For example: To construct a restaurant that produces food, you need: Lumber & plastic only but not all kinds of Wood and plastic separately; instead, these Wood and plastic should be combine as one item.

10- Don’t construct new buildings while you’re already constructing one because this will increase construction time.

11- Always use the latest version of the game because recent updates have included many new features, items, objects, etc., which were not present in older versions.

Using older versions may get your account ban, or you’ll lag behind others using the up-to-date version, which means less money and fewer rewards.

12- Try to join an alliance with close friends or strangers because it’ll help you progress faster in the game by sharing resources, food, labor, etc., which also increases friendship levels.

13- Always check prices before purchasing anything from a shop or market; otherwise, the purchase won’t be successful, which decreases your income by wasting good time for no reason.

14- Always check your storage before purchasing items; if you have enough materials in your warehouse, then purchase without worrying about the price, but at times when you don’t have enough materials to construct necessary buildings or objects, then it’s better to buy them from the market because market contains almost every item.

If you receive a notification regarding an item sale at a 10x cheaper rate at the shop, immediately visit the shop and buy that item because it will increase your income by giving it away at low prices.

You can sell this item in the future for much more money than what you bought it for. – Never attempt selling the building needed for completing missions; otherwise, missions won’t be complete, which decreases reputation points.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads while playing the game

Steps to download and install global city mod apk (unlimited everything)

1- Firstly, go to the end of the post and click on the download button

2- It will send you to download page

3- Here, tap on the download button and wait for sometime

4- Now move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps

5- Uninstall the older version if you have already installed it already

6- Lastly, install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager, which will take 5 to 10 seconds.

FAQS about Global city mod APK

Q: I’m not receiving notifications when someone joins my alliance.

A: It’s because you have joined an alliance with yourself or your clan, so activate it by clicking on the notification icon. The same thing is happen when you enter any other block.

If you still don’t receive notifications, contact the game support team for further assistance at their site listed below in the Q&A section under article end.

Q: My game will no longer open after the latest update. What should I do?

A: Try updating to the latest version of the title screen and restarting your device (Android). If this doesn’t work, uninstall/reinstall the game again but make sure that you make a backup copy of your account before installing it; otherwise, all progress, money, rewards you will lose.

Q: After the latest update game is lagging too much on my device, whether tablet or phone.

A: This problem occurs when you’re trying to play the game with outdate running apps that are not optimize for the game.

So uninstall any running app that is not compatible with the title screen and restart your device (Android) if this doesn’t work then update all your apps to the latest version but make sure that you make a backup copy of your account before installing it otherwise all progress, money, rewards you will lose.

Last words of Global city mod APK

Some people are saying that they’re facing issues with downloading Global City MOD APK 0.1 4662. That’s why I’m adding screenshots here so you can check all necessary steps from that; there is no need to look anywhere else as these screenshots will make your download process as easy as possible.

What's new

A brand new update!
Our developers keep working on amazing and exciting additions to the game! Keep up with the latest news!
There has also been some bug fixing and game performance has been improved.
Thank you for playing Global City!



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