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If you want to explore the outdoors with your family but don't have any idea where to start, geocaching may be just what you're looking for. An app that leverages GPS technology and maps, geocaching is a game of sorts that can take people on adventures all over their town or countryside.
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If you want to explore the outdoors with your family but don’t have any idea where to start, geocaching premium apk may be just what you’re looking for.

An app that leverages GPS technology and maps, geocaching is a game of sorts that can take people on adventures all over their town or countryside.

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This article will provide some tips about how to get started in this new hobby as well as offer some useful apps for those who are ready to go out into the world and find hidden treasures!

key features of geocaching App

Offline cache list:

the app stores all the info you need for offline caching and your GPS will track your location and guide you to it and then when you get there, it’ll tell you the coordinates of the hidden geocache if there is one!

Trackables Manager:

If you’re a geocaching fan, you must be familiar with trackable. Well, with this feature of the app, you can manage all your trackable in one place.

Cache page geocaching premium apk

All the geocaches that are near you will be displayed on this page along with their details like coordinates and distance, name and type of cache (traditional, multicache, or event).

Geocaching Blog in geocaching premium apk

A platform where articles related to caching, in general, can be found; it helps in learning new things about caching before actually trying them out when you go on a treasure hunt!

View my finds page:

This screen displays all the geocaches you have managed to find to date- either they were hidden by yourself or others!

Adding new geocaches:

This one is a very important feature of the app as it lets you add a cache to your list if you find any hidden geocache or if you want to hide one yourself!

Logging on Geocaching Map:

This screen shows all the caches that have been hidden and found by the community so far. Here, you can manage your profile and even chat with other fellow adventurers using this page.

Trackables section of geocaching premium apk

If you’re active on the Geocaching platform, they allow you to create your trackable items and store them in this section of the app for future use too!

Notifications and alerts:

You will be notified when there’s a new geocache hidden in your vicinity and also about the event going on near you. Also, when someone logs on to the app from the nearby area, you’ll be notified of it too!

Travel bugs section:

In this feature of the app, reports for all travel bugs you can find which have move from one place to another so far by dedicated travelers.

Geocaching is a great activity that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and it’s a really fun way to explore new places while relaxing with your friends or family members! This article would have given you an idea about what exactly Geocaching is but if you’re still unclear about it then watch the video on youtube.

Steps to download and install geocaching premium apk

1- Download the Geocaching App on your device (it’s available for both Android and iOS)

2- After installing it, open it up and press ‘Sign in’. You’ll be require to provide login credentials for the account. If you don’t have one already, you can register one on their official website via this link.

3- Once logged in, keep pressing the discover page to access caches nearby. Then tap on the green + sign to add a cache of your own or just press ‘log in’ if you want to log some finds made by yourself!

FAQS about geocaching premium apk

Q: How do I create an account for the geocaching app?

A: Simply head over to and register one using your email ID! Also, if you don’t want to press the sign-in button every time on the app, then go to Settings on your phone and press the save password option!

Q: How can I find all nearby caches of me?

A: Press the discover page on the app and select ‘All’. You’ll be able to see all the geocaches near you based on distance from your current location when you scroll down! Also when searching for particular caches, use keywords like ‘GC1VY48’ to search for a particular cache title!

Q: How can I see what my friends are up to?

A: To track your friend’s finds, press the explore page of the app and then press ‘Friends’. Here, you’ll be able to view all recent logs created by your fellow cachers. However, it is possible that some friends aren’t on the Geocaching platform so their finds won’t display here.

Q: Why do I need to create an account for the app?

A: The reason behind this is simple- with login credentials provided by you will be able to access information like logs made by yourself or other users, upload new caches, etc.

Conclusion of geocaching premium apk

With the geocaching premium apk, you will enjoy a vast amount of features and advantages. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection. All in all, we highly recommend the use of this application to those who are looking for new adventures or want to try something different from their daily routine!

What's new

Ongoing maintenance. The latest app update includes small visual changes and bug fixes for a more consistent experience.



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