Gacha World MOD APK 1.3.6 (Unlimited Money) Latest 2022 Download

Download the latest version of gacha world mod APK, a role playing game for android which includes unlimited money.
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Download the latest version of gacha world mod APK 2022, a role playing game for android which includes unlimited money.

About gacha world mod APK

Gacha world mod is a role-playing game. You can capture creatures, make them fight. After winning a battle creature may drop coins or items. You can use coins to roll a gacha and get a monster.

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It’s mod for android you live in a world where you have no idea what your life is about. one day, three mysterious individuals were sent from another planet to yours to give you special powers that could cause chaos if anyone else ever gained control over them.

This power will be provided by SLA- the god of creation. It’s a long journey, but at last, you start getting stronger and gaining your abilities back again.

This game is about the gacha system. in this game, you’re able to catch cards, battle with them and upgrade them! The catch system in this game is that when you want to capture a card, you need

to fight it with another card with the same rarity. If you win, you’ll get your prize. But not always does it go like this. Sometimes when you lose, the award goes back to its owner.

No matter what happens after capturing anything, there’s a chance of your creature dropping items or coins which can be used for gacha again to get new creatures.

The whole world is randomly generated every time you start the game so that nothing looks the same way twice. During your journey, do quests to get EXP to help you level up and get more vital from the beginning.

Many quests are about capturing a place, killing a specific number of enemies, or reaching a particular location. Every search gives you EXP that would help you out levelling up your character.

Game features

Battle with cards

you can battle with any card that has the same rarity as another creature that you just caught! Winning a fight causes your prey to become yours, allowing you to use it in future contests! But be aware because sometimes, when losing a fight prize goes back to the owner. If you win after two turns, the cooldown will start, so watch out for those ideas. Remember, however, once captured; nothing can change back its ownership ever again. this applies to your secondary monsters as well, so keep them safe.


the whole world is randomly generated every time you start the game, so there are many places to discover! Completing quests would help you gain exp that would level up your character and naturally unlock new abilities for him to use in the future! But it’s not all; some quests can give you items or coins which can be used for gacha again to get new creatures.

Battle boosts

Do you need battle boosts? No problem! They’re ready for usage at any moment-game will let you know when I’ll be able to use them! There are three types of battle boost levels: Lv. 1 lv.2 & lv 3& each one of them has a different effect on your creatures during battles.

Friendly fights

you can fight with any of your friends around the world so they would know how strong are you! Winning a battle causes the opponent’s creature to become yours along with its owner. But beware- if the winning player is not logged in, he will lose his creature after 24 hours of battle. This applies to secondary monsters as well.

Use speed boost wisely

using speed boosts before starting a battle can give you an edge over your enemy (your creatures will attack first) but keep in mind that every card has its cooldown number below its HP bar that starts counting down when it enters the battlefield until it can make another move… using booster won’t skip cooldown. Still, it will reduce the time by half.

Try to use counter abilities wisely

if you’re about to lose a fight and your creature has the counter ability, don’t be afraid of using it because there is no cooldown for this, meaning that you can use it as many times as possible! however, keep in mind that even if the creature doesn’t die after the first hit, its owner still wins the battle, so I’ll need to find another way out of this situation 🙂

Choose the suitable boosters

booster cards won’t help much at higher levels, but they’re accommodating at lower levels! Remember that depending on rarity booster card also changes colour: common- green, rare- blue, super- orange, ultimate – red, so choose them wisely.

Using items

items are helpful if your creature needs some boost before fighting. The effect depends on the article, so use them wisely, don’t waste time! You can click on each item icon to see full info about it.

Ultimate cards

there are five types of maximum cards: common, rare, super mega rare, legendary & godly that can be obtained in gacha! Their abilities are insane especially godly ones because they can turn the whole battle around in their favour. If you get one of these creatures, make sure to level him up as fast as possible because all other players will want him too. They’re powerful, but they can help you win gold fights that are way more challenging but give out more significant prizes.

Gold fights

they are very challenging; they require you to use your best creature to win! Winning will allow you to get new animals, coins or boosters, depending on what kind of fight it was. Of course, if you lose -you lose. so be careful 🙂

Catching new creatures

as I mentioned before, unknown creatures will help you immensely during battles, so keep up with gacha sessions and don’t miss them too many times because new cards are always good news!! However, if the card is not yours, you won’t catch anything, so check who has already seen that specific creature before trying it. Also, battle boosts at this time will be helpful if you’re trying to catch an animal that’s stronger than yours and kill him with your creatures.

We need your help!

if you like our mod, please don’t forget about sharing this article and leaving good comments 🙂 there is nothing else left for me to say, so I guess it’s time for me to go now- bye-bye! Wait, not goodbye -goodbye. Thanks for reading. 😉

Steps to download and install gacha world mod APK

1- Click on the link to download the gacha world mod apk file

2- Click on “Install” in Bluestacks

3- Wait for the process to be completed.

4- All done.

FAQS about gacha world mod

How do I get ultimate cards?

Well, the only way to get maximum cards is through gacha, which you need gold for! each time you spin your wheel, you will get one random card; if it happens to be one of the five ultimates -you win! 🙂 😉

How do I move creatures in my team?

when your specific animal has enough energy, it can “fly” into place- just click on him and then on the destination that you want him to take.. don’t forget about creatures in the secondary team because they can help out in tough times 🙂

What boosts for?

Boosts won’t automatically make you win a battle, but they can help if your creature is about to die or loses too much energy. try to use them wisely! 🙂

How do I skip cooldown?

When you’re particular creatures has enough energy, they can use secondary abilities- just click on him and choose another power that will be used instead of the first one; keep in mind that each time you skip cooldown -skipping cooldown speed goes down, so it’s not wise to do this all the time. however, if you need it right now, go ahead; these things happen 😉

What is a gacha session?

Gacha session happens every 15 minutes for ten spins which means that every time you get a spin, you get one random card- if it happens to be one of the five ultimates -you win! 🙂

When the session ends, all players will get rewards depending on how many spins did they do during this session; keep in mind that everyone starts from zero, so even if you didn’t manage to catch a single ultimate card during ten gacha sessions, don’t lose hope because your next try might finally reward you with your ultra-rare creature! 🙂

Should I play more?

Yes,  Gacha sessions are concise and happen very often, so just focus on catching as many cards as possible and levelling up your creatures. Sometimes it’s wise to skip spinning until your team is ready to take on a legendary. however, if you notice that the enemy team has a monster you can’t beat -try to level up your creatures and look for ultimate cards! 🙂

How to get rare cards?

Rare cards are pretty simple- just spin towards them and try to win!! 🙂 They might not be as good as ultra-rare, but they’re still great cards, so always give them a chance! 🙂

How do I get coins?

Coins can be earned only through battles, while gold drops from chests and dungeons.

Gold is needed to spin the gacha, while coins will help you buy new creatures and battle boosts. Keep in mind that boosts for one particular creature type can be used only by that specific type of creature. For example, dragon boosts are useless to plant animals.

Wowever, if you don’t feel like levelling your plants just yet -you can always use those boosts on some other type of plants- only one increase per level! 🙂

How do I get chests?

Chests drop from dungeons, so the more complex the jail is, the better chances of getting a crate. Keep in mind that each time you open your first chest after this one, there will be a higher chance of receiving a higher level card. so collecting as many chests as possible might pay off! 🙂

What about crafting cards?

it’s wise to craft lower level cards because you will get a chance to level up your card, and it also has a slight chance of getting an even better version of this card… so I would recommend crafting lower cards as much as possible! 🙂

Should I buy stuff from the shop?

Yes! :))) You can use gold or coins for this. each time you feel like purchasing something, spend those gems wisely -I know it’s tempting but don’t spend them on things that aren’t needed yet- just remember about future goals and try to stick with those goals for as much time as possible 😉


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