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Free Fire APK 2021 download 2022 an action game for android.

About free fire APK 2022

Garena Free Fire: The Cobra is an action game developed and offered by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED.

There are millions of downloads from the play store only, and the number is increasing day by day also tons of positive reviews.

On the other hand, Download Free Fire game under 50MB is a battleground third-person shooting game, and the game is similar to PUBG mobile.

Also, if you are looking for other amazing action games then try Sniper Strike, Draw Coliseum and Drawmaster which are also excellent games to play.

Here is a free fire; there are only 50 players on the island full of different upgraded weapons, and the player who survives at the end of the game will be the winner of the game.

If we talk about the interface and controls of the game, they are straightforward and adjustable, like on the left side of the screen, there is a button to control your character.

While on the right side of the screen, there are controls for shooting, jump and lying down, etc.

In the game, you will find weapon crates after some time has to loot them to get upgraded weapons and get the guns by killing other players.

The only difference between free fire and pubg is that you have to fight with 50 opponents while in pubg there are 100 players.

Features of free fire APK 

  • You need to search for the weapons, loot weapon crates, and upgrade guns from the enemies by killing them.
  • Keep yourself secure from the opponent’s bullets and survive in the game to win the game.
  • As there are only 50 players in the game and you can win the game within 10 minutes if you don’t have much time.
  • You can play the game in solo mode and form a team of four players and win the game easily.
  • User-friendly controls and smooth graphics make the game more exciting and fun to play also voice chat with your friends and other players in the game.

Guide for Free Fire APK download for PC

1- Move to the bottom of the post and tap on the download link

2- It will send you to the download page here again. Click on the download button, and it will take some time to download the file as it’s bigger.

3- Uninstall the older version as we are providing a new and updated version

4- Lastly, move to mobile file manager and install the file you have downloaded.

Download Free Fire mod APK

Free Fire Wonderland APK is a modified version of the original game, which some third party has cracked the game to make it easy for you.

In this cracked version, you can access the premium features and resources free, either not available in original APK or limited, which required real money.

You can access the free fire different hacks and unlock all free fire characters free while enjoying free fire mod Manu.

You can enjoy all the free fire-new updates like the original game and get access to free fire unlimited diamonds, which are considered premium currency in the game.

Also, Free fire downloads for pc file is not available on this website, but it does not mean that you cannot play the game on your laptop.

Many trusted websites provide the free fire for pc free, and you need to download the android emulator for pc and install it on your laptop.

You also need to remember the free fire system requirements before downloading the file, which should be fulfilled; otherwise, you will not get the perfect and smooth game.

Furthermore, if you are new to the game, you can get the game idea from free fire wallpaper, available on Pinterest and Google.

On the other hand, if you want to see the free fire video, you can watch the game trailer from the end of the post and also search free fire YouTube.

Features of free fire mod APK

  • To make the game enjoyable and fun, you can invite your friends and make your clan, which takes the game to the next level. Different 50 players worldwide are thoroughly trained, so you need to be a master of the game to win.
  • Like other action games in Free Fire Diamond, you will enjoy the impressive graphics that can give you the game’s experience. You can enjoy a mixture of thrill, adventure, and shooting in the game.
  • The gameplay’s interface and controls play an essential role in the game’s success, so it will not take time to understand the game controls and adjust them according to your requirements.
  • Not only shooting, but you can also enjoy the concept of sir strike and air battle and can explore the map and search for the best weapons.
  • Also, it would be best if you made plans and strategies with your teammates to win the game and become your team leader.
  • Free to download and play
  • Chat with your friends and enjoy the ads-free game
  • Get a free fire diamond generator and get unlimited free fire diamonds free.

Free fire redeem code

It is a new thing that people are going crazy about it. Free fire is the best shooting game as of now and everyone is playing this game.

There are many games available but nothing beats free fire, it’s more than a simple survival game where you have to kill zombies or other players to win.

In free fire, you can communicate with your teammates using voice chat, you can play in squads or solo. You can also choose to be a silent assassin and kill people silently. Besides, the graphics are so real that it will completely blow your mind.

Free fire redeem code is given for free by developers of free fire but if you want some extra features then you will have to purchase it for $4.99.

It has many features like VIP mode, unlimited ammo , extra supply and much more; these are the things that you can do if you purchase free fire redeem code.

I know that most of you don’t want to spend your money on buying this game but think about how fun it is, you can’t play it free forever, you will have to purchase it sooner or later.

Plus the price is not that much and if you think about how other people are spending money on useless things then $4.99 won’t be a big deal for you.

Free fire redeem code can be bought from its official website where they provide you with a link to buy the code online.

You can also watch some videos on YouTube where you will be able to find free fire redeem codes , remember that if you find something suspicious then it’s better not to do it as it might harm your account.

Steps to Free Fire APK download 2020

1- First of all, scroll down the post and tap on the download link, which will move you to the download page

2- Here again, click on the download button

3- Now, move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps to run as you install the third-party modified app.

4- Uninstall the older or previous installed version

5- Lastly, go to mobile file manager and install the file

FAQS about free fire APK

Below are the FAQS about Free Fire Booyah Day APK download.

Q: What is free fire?

A: It is simply an amazing game where you can compete with other players in real-time. There’s also a solo game mode where you try to survive for as long as possible!

You can improve your shooting skills while having fun! This game has a user-friendly interface and great graphics which truly shows the definition of “free”!

The name itself suggests that it is 100% Free to play, with no hidden fees or anything like that. It’s not necessary to make any purchases but if you want, you can also get some cool stuff by doing so (not compulsory)

Q: What are weapons available?

A: Some of the weapons are Sniper, Uzi,Shotgun, Ak-47, M4, Pistol,M72-LAW, RPG

Q: What are the maps available?

A: There are 3 types of maps (I am aware of): Arena, House, and Island. The house map is very small but perfect for beginners. The arena map is pretty big with heaps of buildings to explore!

I played this game once on my friend’s phone and it was an island map where you have to look for resources to build stuff during the night(You can also play this mode alone).

During the day there were zombies all over the place making sure you don’t feel safe at all. In addition, your team members could overthrow you as a leader anytime so that they become a leader instead.

This makes the game even more interesting and unpredictable.

Q: How do I download free fire?

A: You can download it from Google Play Store

Or you can go to the following website if you prefer downloading manually: that these are not my files! I am just sharing them for educational purposes only!

Q: Is this a modded version of the game?

NO, this is a regular apk file with absolutely no modifications in it. It won’t give you any unfair advantages over other players.

Q: What are the controls?

The controls are pretty simple as you can observe from the screenshots below:

You just have to look around and tap to shoot. There’s also a button for changing your weapon so that your previous one would be available again.

Not only that but you can also change your viewpoint by tapping on different corners of the screen! Try it out yourself! You’ll love it!

Q: How do I set a profile picture?

A: There is a feature like this in-game where you can create an account or sign in using Facebook with your friend’s help (he needs to send you his ID).

If not, then there is no need to make an account! Just tap on the bottom right corner of the screen to see the leaderboards. There you can view your ranking or use one of your friend’s profile pictures by tapping on it.

Q: What are the controls for this game?

A: The controls are pretty simple as you can observe from the screenshots below:

You just have to look around and tap to shoot. There’s also a button for changing your weapon so that your previous one would be available again.

Not only that but you can also change your viewpoint by tapping on different corners of the screen! Try it out yourself! You’ll love it!

Q: Is there any tutorial? Will I get stuck into all that stuffs?

A: I played the game once and to my surprise, there was no tutorial. You can choose between playing with bots or real players online! As I mentioned before you don’t need an account if you wish to play alone.

Q: What are the requirements?

A: It is available on both Android (Play Store) & iOS (App Store). All you have to do is check for updates so that your version remains up to date!

Q: What are the tips?

A: I think it’s important that you try out all weapons one by one because they all have their unique features. You will know which weapon suits you best during combat.

The first few levels are pretty easy but as soon as your reach level 3, it gets a lot harder! So make sure to look around frequently to survive.

In case you get stuck somewhere or need help, type “/help” in the chat window. It will show you some tips about the game which will allow you to progress further.

Q: I am not able to play online matches, don’t know why?

A: You have to wait for enough time for that player who is hosting the room (7 minutes or more). If this doesn’t solve your problem then restarting your mobile should work!

Another thing that could be preventing you from joining rooms might be one of these reasons- your device’s network status isn’t good, OR, another person is using the same wifi as yours! Entering rooms takes a lot of data so make sure you are connected to good wifi.

Q: How is this game worth the time?

A: It’s addictive, exciting & adventurous! The graphics are pretty simple but I can’t complain given that it doesn’t require any high-end device that could drain my battery!

You just have to play it once to fall in love with it! You would never regret spending your precious time on this one!

Last words

Have you try pubg mobile game and get bore by playing the same game again and again? Then you should try Free Fire MAX download APK or free fire Mod APK which is also a free game to play.

You will enjoy this game like other action games and win the match in 10 minutes if you don’t have much time.

Also, invite your friends and enjoy the game in a more fun way while smashing all the enemies in no time and get access to upgraded weapons and premium features in a modified version.

Lastly, if you like the post, share it with action game lovers and face any issue while downloading free fire APK, then share with us.

Don’t worry about your mobile harm and other security issues because we have tested the file on different devices and then uploaded it.

What's new

1. Clash Squad Season 5 - Begins 02/05 17:00 SGT.
2. Classic Mode (Battle Royale) Update:
- War Chest for looting now available.
- Revival Point now available. (Casual Mode Only)
- Revival Card now available. (Casual Mode Only)
3. New Training Grounds - Batou
- New Item: Fancy Hammer
- New Item: Giant Dice
- Map and zone adjustments
4. New Weapon - MAG-7
5. Dynamic Duo system available 02/09!
6. Free Look now available.
7. In-game Radio Commands now available.
8. Weapon Stats Adjustment.



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