FRAG Pro Shooter v3.1.0 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode, Money) Download

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FRAG Pro Shooter – FPS Game is an interesting and engaging multiplayer shooter. Each game screen will lead players to experience and explore exciting and unique challenges. Moreover, you will also have an additional team to accompany you on the online battle with huge opponents. If you like to shoot and have talent for this game, don’t miss it, it will give you a good energy.

FRAG Pro Shooter - FPS Game


FRAG Pro Shooter will bring you beautiful online shooting scenes with many unique situations. The unique level that this game provides has made many players happy and excited by the unique and unusual game mode. Here, you will not be able to avoid the difficulty that the game has. All of your opponents are always looking for ways to hunt you down and destroy you. That’s why you need to know how to be on guard and alert, hide in a mysterious place, and kill them from a distance. With the simplicity in the gameplay together with your plan, become the most famous and skilled assassin.

FRAG Pro Shooter - FPS Game

Create your own special group

In FRAG Pro Shooter, you will have the opportunity to get more than 90 different characters. They are the basis for you to build and build your team, fight together and support the battle. Each character has his job, and the fact is that together, your team will win quickly. In addition, you need to equip and equip the characters with the best protective equipment to protect their lives. What’s more, constantly changing characters to have more features and more powerful than before.

FRAG Pro Shooter - FPS Game

Complete all tasks in time

You should regularly visit the tasks that are given on a daily basis to be perfect so that you can get good and profitable returns. They will be gifts that will help you a lot in the fight. All players have their pros and cons. Please promote your ability and strength in the best way, and at the same time, you also need to learn and overcome the disadvantages to help the battle to finish.

FRAG Pro Shooter - FPS Game

Make friends with many opponents

In the game, if you know how to make friends and cooperate with many different opponents, you will learn and improve your understanding. They will teach you many important things and give you great game ideas. Thanks to that, you will have more knowledge, which can be used in the screens of FRAG Pro Shooter. In addition, you also have the opportunity to join the group, to form associations of people who are eager to learn more about each other.

FRAG Pro Shooter - FPS Game

A treasure trove of different guns

In shooting games, guns are important. At FRAG Pro Shooter, players will enjoy thousands of guns with a variety of rich and interesting features. Choose your favorite gun to use in battle! Each weapon will have a unique name and carry its own characteristics.


  • Join millions of fighting fans around the world. Meet other gamers for fun PvP battles online. You can control your character in first person or third person. Discover the new 2v2 team mode! Defeat other teams by working together with a friend or random player. Try out all 100+ weapons!
  • Use your 5 characters. Choose a strategy and win your team. Death is not so bad: just change characters and start anew. It’s all about your fighting team and style. affect the weapon for the land and your game
  • Dream team for 100+ heroes, adjust your skin and strength to be the best. Play battle games offline or online. If you can play online, you can play with others. 5 heroes, 5 weapons, create balance.

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