Download Flappy Bird MOD APK 1.3 (Immortality) Latest Version 2022

Download the latest version of flappy bird mod APK, one of the best arcade game for android which includes limitless life and immortality.
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Download the latest version of flappy bird mod APK 2022, one of the best arcade game for android which includes limitless life and immortality.

About flappy bird mod APK 2022

I am writing this article to explain how I have found the secret in Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird is a straightforward game released by independent developer Dong Nguyen for those who are not aware.

Players control a bird character which they must navigate between sets of vertical pipes without touching them. The now infamous difficulty lies within the physics engine, making it incredibly difficult to get very far in the game.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other amazing arcade games then try Angry Birds Friends, Cooking Fever and Tank Stars which are also perfect games to play.

The developer recently announced that he would be removing the application from app stores, and therefore, players can no longer purchase it for their android devices or iPhones.

Well, there you have it, folks; if you’ve been looking for cheats or tricks on how to do well at the flappy bird, then search away! I hope this was helpful for those of you who were looking. And if it wasn’t, oh well!

If you want to download the modded version of flappy bird for free. This is not an app but rather a hacked apk file, so all you have to do is install it as if it were any other application.

I have also attached some screenshots below showing the game being played. Enjoy! P.S: The modded version has infinite lives, so you can play as much as you want without having to restart over and over again :

key features of flappy bird game

The game was developed by Vietnam-based indie developer Dong Nguyen. It is simple, but difficult at the same time, therefore it kept many people hooked to their phones for hours on end. The game has its subreddit which currently has 4,890 readers and more than 80 posts. Flappy bird is basically about the main character of the game flying a bird through a green pipe. The green pipes, which are there to prevent Flappy from going down, can be easily passed through by flapping his wings.

Flappy’s Character

Flappy is a little yellow bird who was trying to fly between pipes. He has been view as an odd or unusual looking character. Flappy’s eyes and beak look like a cross between a parrot, the letter “L”, and Skrillex; while his wings remind people of an eagle. His abilities are burping out blue bubbles which can carry things such as stars, points, coins and diamonds.

Flappy’s World

The world is make up of a green pipe, blue sky and green grass. The grass is being constantly scattered by Flappy’s movement. There are also two platforms which have been placed below the ground for people to land on when they touch their screens so that they can fly again without getting a life lost. If you go too low near the ground, Flappy will crash into it and lose a life.

Flying through Pipes

When flapping, Flappy gains points as he passes through pipes with his head turned sideways. You can easily turn him around by tapping your screen or giving a long tap to the left of right side of the screen accordingly depending on where you want him to go after flying for some time. By doing this, players earn 2-3 points when they eventually pass through the pipe. However, when Flappy touches a top or bottom of these pipes, points are deduct from their score which is display on the right side of your screen.

Flappy dies if he hits an obstacle

If you hit any objects such as grass or ground, Flappy will die instantly with white block appearing in his place whereas his score is also reset.

If players have earn anything extra while playing including diamonds and stars, all of them will lose with him dying. Players have to start the game again from the very beginning when this happens instead getting access to accumulate bonuses elsewhere by collecting different objects.

Getting Start

Players just need to use their finger to tap the screen of their phone so that flappy can go higher. The game is very simple and yet a highly addictive one at the same time, just like a typical mobile game should be.

What you can win in Flappy Bird

By playing this game, players have a chance to get an extra life every time they manage to pass through 10 green pipes successfully. Moreover, going through 20 or even 40 of these objects will earn them more points which lead them to getting their names on top of global leaderboards on Google Play Store and Apple App Store so that they have bragging rights over their friends as well as other competitors. These are some of the major features of flappy bird .

MOD features

  • GOD mode
  • Immorality
  • Unlimited money

Steps to download and install the game

1-Download Flappy Bird game from the official site

2-Install the file and run the game.

3-Accept all terms of agreement then tap on Start Button to play your first game.

4-Use finger to touch the screen to fly Flappy through pipes.

5-Don’t forget that you can get diamond, hearts and star bonus by passing through green pipes once in a while thus increasing score with each life increase.

FAQS about Flappy Bird mod apk

Q: What is Flappy bird?

A: Flappy bird is a type of arcade mobile game that was release on 24th May 2013 by .GEARS Studios with the help of .GEAR after they launch another popular title back in 2011 which was know as Crush the castle. It’s been consider as one of most difficult games among all those which are available for both Android and iOS devices because it requires users to make their p character fly between green pipes.

Q: Was it ban from major mobile app stores?

A: Yes, Flappy Bird managed to achieve a lot of success three months after its launch but at the same time it also faced a big controversy when its developer started abusing publicity he had created form his product through social marketing tools including Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, Apple and Google ban this application from their stores because it was consider as a form of gaming app that contain content which goes against their policies.

Q: What makes Flappy bird so popular?

A: The primary reason for the popularity of Flappy Bird is that everyone like to play such arcade games on their mobile devices to kill free time they have while waiting in lines including at airports and stations.

Q: Who created Flappy bird game?

A: According to Wikipedia, Nguyen Ha Dong who is a video game artist and graphic designer created this game in just two or three days along with his friend King Kihn who was working as an animator when they were working together on another project.

Conclusion of Flappy Bird mod apk

Flappy bird mod APK If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more great content just like it. Also, my apologies for not posting in a while, but my new job keeps me very busy, so that I will be back with more exciting content soon!


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