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Football is the only game with billions of followers, and many players fulfill their dreams by playing football-related video games.
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Download latest version of FIFA 21 APK 2022

Football is the only game with billions of followers, and many players fulfill their dreams by playing football-related video games like fifa 21 APK.

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If you are one of them, you should try the FIFA 21 APK, which is free to play, and this is the latest version of the game so that you can get all the latest features of the game.

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One of the recommended games in the sports category because of high definition graphics and advanced features.

FIFA 21 APK for android is the greatest game in the world of football(soccer) games. The game is not released yet, but it is announced that FIFA 21 will come with new features which you can’t even imagine.

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully got our hands on FIFA 21 APK which can be downloaded for free to your android device and there’s no need to worry about its legality also you can check it on play store.

Here are some features you’ll get in FIFA 21 APK

Improved game physics:

Now you can experience much more realistic game physics in FIFA 21. Plus, the developers have also included improved player controls to welcome even better control of the players on the field.

New dribbling features:

There are plenty of new dribbling features that reflect real-life soccer skills and techniques! Dribbling in FIFA 21 has been given a complete re-design. The 1st big addition is body feints, allowing you to shift your body weight and fake a player left or right before moving in the opposite direction. Along with that, sprint dribble touches have also been included for that split-second burst of speed when you need it most!

New crossing controls:

With so many new crossing features added to FIFA 21, from curling crosses from the byline, whipping cross from deep positions, and full control over mid-flight adjustments after receiving a cross – players will feel completely immersed as they put on a stellar performance for their team!

Improved set pieces:

You will now be able to select multiple free kicks and corner kicks. Plus, you will also be able to move freely around the formation you are taking the set pieces.

New shooting mechanics:

With FIFA 21, players now have much more control over every shot taken on goal. The big addition here is how shots can be affected by hard tackles and collisions on the pitch! As well as that, long-range free-kicks outside of the foot will make for some great new opportunities on the net!

Attacking Intelligence:

Players will see an increased level of control with everything they do in position to receive a pass or get involved in chance creation situations and this includes multiple options and angles when attacking! 7. Presentation: FIFA has introduced authentic broadcast overland cameras that follow the player movement. Also, the players now have a specific walk-up animation for when they prepare to take a free-kick.

New shooting mechanics:

Gameplay has been made more realistic as players will have better control of shots taken on goal with FIFA 21. Plus, there are plenty of new shooting mechanics added as well including long-range free-kicks outside of the foot and how shots can be affected by hard tackles and collisions on the pitch!

More team styles:

Teams will now play more like their real-life counterparts – you’ll see FC Barcelona’s tiki-taka style, Chelsea’s patient build-up and Real Madrid’s counter attacking prowess shine through in FIFA 21!

Plus, this year you will also see teams work together more effectively as fullbacks overlap wingers and make themselves available for a pass, midfielders will make the extra run to offer an outlet when needed.

More realistic player movement:

The players are finally getting their feet wet! Using 360-degree animation technology, every step, feint, and turn is now more realistic than ever before.

– Move to Cloud – All progress lost without internet connection

– New Menu Design – Looks similar to PES 2018 menu design

– Extra Option in Customization – Ability to go into edit mode after creating a club by visiting Edit Player Page

– More Stadiums added (Around 50 Stadiums)

– New Ball Physics

– More refined graphics, better lighting, and shadows.

– Face Scan App Supports – This can be used to scan a face in the game and the player’s face will be added to the game automatically.

You can’t use your face. It has to be a celebrity or a football player and the app only supports the English Language for now and you need a high-resolution photo of yourself that is taken against a white background. (No selfies)


1- Unlimited Coins and GP

2- Unlimited Coins and GP for Players and other items

3- No Skill Points Require to Unlock Skills

4- Max Overall Rating: 100

5- Max Player Overall 99 (99)

6- Max Team Overall 99 (99)

7- Updated New Transfers Season 2016/2017

8 – All Kits Unlocked

9- Unlocked All Stadiums

10 – Unlimited Budget and Budget Freeze ON

11 – No Condition to complete a Match

12 – You can play with Bots: 1 Bot in the Team only

13- Updated Managers and Coaches Names

14- Exp Hack

15- Instant Result

16 – Exp Hack

17- Accelerated Clock

18- Unlimited Saves

19- Unlock All Tournaments

20- Best Eleven Unlockable

21- Top Players in the World

23 – Real Names for all players

24- Real Formations

25 – Real Managers

26 – Real Players Nationalities

27- No Overlapping

28- No Empty Team

29 – Real Player and Manager Skill

30- Real Referees

Fifa 21 APK download steps 

1- By the end of the post, you will see the download link tap on it

2- You will be sent to the download page, and here click again

3- It will take some time to download your file

4- After downloading the file, uninstall the older version

5- Lastly, move to mobile file manager and install the file, which will take no time

Download Fifa 21 APK

If you are looking for a modified version of FIFA 21, then you don’t need to hack the original file, but you can download the cracked file from our website.

The only difference in this mod APK is that it has been crack by some third party to give you premium features without paying.

You can also get free FIFA 21 mod APK for ios without any great smartphone and include no hidden charges and ads.

FAQS about Fifa 21 APK

Q: Is this a full version of the game?

A: No, it is not. FIFA 21 for Android is under development and will be release in September or October 2018. Check back often to see when the full version becomes available.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to play this game?

A: Yes. Internet connection is requir to play the game because this APK contains an Online Gameplay feature that needs a working internet connection to function properly.

Q: Why do I have only limited access to the free version?

A: You can enjoy limited features in the free version because we release limited APKs so users don’t get bore by playing all features from start and can take time before making a decision they want to unlock full features.

Q: Why don’t you release the full APK file?

A: First of all we cannot just upload a full APK file because that would mean we are giving direct access to paid features and it is against Google Play Store Policy.

Therefore we release limited versions where some features are lock and can be unlock by in-app purchases.

Q: What if I want to play this on my PC?

A: You can do so by installing an android emulator for your PC such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, or Nox App Player, but keep in mind that these emulators lack some important controls such as touch & gyroscope/camera which affect gameplay negatively.

Q: Which Android OS is support?

A: This FIFA 21 APK is design to work on Android 4.1 and up.

Q: Where should I keep the downloaded APK file?

A: If you are downloading this game via Google Play Store, it will be automatically save in your “Downloads” folder.

Q: Is there any virus or malware in this APK?

A: No! You can download our APK from official sources only, but if you still want to make sure you’re downloading from a source, then check out the following official links for FIFA 21 for Android.

Final thoughts on Fifa 21 APK

If you are a football game lover, then FIFA 21 APK is one of the best and recommended games on the internet with impressive realistic graphics and other unbeatable features.

Once you have downloaded the game, you will be fun addictive and play the game without breaking.

Lastly, if there is any mod in your mind, you can tell us in the comment section. We will try to post it as soon as possible.

Now it’s your part to share the post with your friends and family members also, if possible, on social media.

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Hey FIFA fans! We’re continuing to make improvements to the Companion App throughout the year to keep your game running smoothly. Hope you enjoy the updates and thanks for playing!



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