Experiment Z MOD APK 2.14 (Menu, God mode/Free shopping, unlimited ammo) 2022

Download experiment z mod APK an action game for android, and access unlimited coins and GOD MOD.
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Download experiment z mod APK 2022 an action game for android, and access unlimited coins and GOD MOD.

About experiment z mod APK 2021- 22

Experiment z mod APK is a casual action game. Zachary Trengrove wakes up in an underwater facility with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

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His only clues are the messages that appear when he discovers new objects around him — messages that help guide his journey to unveil the truth about where he’s been imprisoned and why.

Experiment z mod APK is easy to pick up/play but still very challenging at times. With four different endings, multiple difficulty levels, and three different control schemes (two of which can be unlocked), this game will keep you busy for quite a while.

Each way you play through the game yields something new – so explore everything.

Key Features! 

Free to play Casual action game four endings Multiple difficulty levels 3 different control schemes

– 2 can be unlocked

Requirements for experiment z mod APK

Android OS 4.0+ 100Mb free storage space For faster download speed, a reliable network connection is required. How to install and run experiment z mod APK for android.

Download the apk from the link below. Install apk typically Using any file explorer/manager (even provided by your phone manufacturer), navigate where you saved the downloaded file.

In most cases, this is the ‘Downloads’ folder on your phone’s internal storage or memory card Double-click/Run the application Your chosen file manager should prompt you asking whether you want to install it; click ‘install’ This should begin the installation of the apk Once installed, move back to your home screen and click the application icon to launch it.

The first time you run it will want permission to access certain things, so make sure you allow these permissions/accesses

  • Multiplayer online activity, play with your companions for FREE!
  •  Next-Gen 3D Graphics
  •  MASSIVE 3D open world guide to investigate
  •  Survive during that time and night!
  •  Hungry ZOMBIES lurking here and there
  •  Drive various vehicles or take a ride with your companions
  •  Find all the garments, stuff, and weapons to assist you with enduring


This variant of the game is the Early Access discharge rendition.

You will see bugs, glitches, crashes, and so forth; this is typical. The game will keep on improving as we fix bugs and put in your thoughts and ideas. Much obliged for playing and have some good times!

FAQS about the game

Q1: What is experiment z mod APK?

A1: Experiment z is a particular version of the game for players with high stats. Once you often win in battle, your strength will be upgraded to make the zombies weaker than you do.

This is known as experiment z or “zombify.” Once activated, experiment z takes several conditions to be used (see below).

Q2: What are the benefits of activating this mod apk?

A2: During the game, after update 24.5.0 (may change!), all match results where you defeat zombies will give more coins and rewards like double XPs!

Furthermore, if all these conditions are met, you will see zombies at the end of the game with 0 damage!

Q3: When can I activate experiment z?

A3: The mod only works after your strength is over 20,000. To check your current power (ST), press on your profile than on the information. Once activated, the mod remains active during all battles/matches you play in.

The mod also resets when moving to another town or map (e.g., from Springfield to Bikini Bottom or vice versa).

Q4: How do I know if I’m strong enough to be upgraded to experiment z?

A4: When reaching high stats, a red text will appear saying “zombify mode activated” before each fight.

Q5: What are the conditions to be activated experiment z?

A5: These are the conditions you must meet to be activated: -Your town must be at least level 20 (not sure)

-You’d need a stadium, and it needs to be built (not sure either)

-The player profile must say “power level over 20K” (press your pic on the top right corner then info).

*Note that if all these three criteria aren’t met, when the battle ends, you’ll see “zombify failed.”

Q6: Is there any benefit to defeating zombies with experiment z?

A6: Yes! You’ll get additional coins and XP. From my tests in Bikini Bottom and Springfield, zombies are worth 40 XP, where only 20 XP are usually received.

As for the coins, if you defeat eight or more zombies during a match, you get more cash compared to the amount stated in the “attack” phase of the battle.

Q7: Is there any benefit of defeating non-zombie characters with experiment z?

A7: No. Just like normal mode, only zombie characters give additional rewards when defeated by experiment z.

Last words

Experiment z mod apk is a great thing to use if you’re strong enough, and it allows you to steal extra XP and coins from the zombies.

Moreover, experiment z mod APK frequently gives you even better rewards than winning during “normal mode”!

This is another experiment z trick by Reddit user 3xp13r3dd13. I’ll personally try this experiment z mod apk again to see if I can get max rewards before moving to another town/map.

I hope you’ve found these FAQs about experiment z mod APK useful and that you’re now able to defeat zombies with 0 damage!

What's new

- Swap control side option
- Increased melee weapon damage
- Fixed unusable scope



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