EvoCreo mod APK 1.9.13 (unlimited money) Latest Version 2022

Download Evo mod APK 2021, an adventure game for android which includes unlimited money and premium features free.
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Download EvoCreo mod APK 2022, an adventure game for android which includes unlimited money and premium features free.

About Evocreo mod APK 2022

EvoCreo mod APK is an adventure game for android. You will be playing as an android tamer that explores the mysterious world to catch and develop more than 300 different types of Creo (Pokemon).

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EvoCreo takes place in the same world as the Northern Lights. The map, NPC, story background for this mod are the same as NL mod apk.

That means if you played the NL game before, you could find some funny references about it inside the EvoCreo game. However, there is no official statement about any connection between both games.

What makes up this game?

There are tons of things! For example.

– over 300 types of Creo (yes, the plural form of Creo) with decent 3D-rendered models – evolve your Creos into new species by using the DNA Splicers – collect eggs, hatch them and get new Creo (with elemental type like fire, water, grass) – catch legendary Creos with unique powers to complete the Pokedex – train your super-creo team to battle other tamers in real-time live PVP or solo mode

– explore Northern Lights’ world where you will find many exciting kinds of stuff

– 5 different regions to discover

– challenge Gym Leaders for their badges. The higher your badge level is, the more Creos you can have! Also, each gym has its theme, which makes it even more fun!

– unique minigames that are required for story progressions. For example, catching a Nopon in rock paper scissors style minigame

– train your Creos in the simulation room to raise their stats even further

– various training options for your Creos. For example, if you are unsatisfied with how they fight, you can reset their moves and re-arrange them freely!

And many more other things. Check out the game yourselves to find out about other exciting features!

If you like beast getting, duel fights and pretending, you will adore this beast mentor game: More than 170 beasts in an epic experience for previous beast farmers and masters!

Plunge into a captivating experience game with over 30 hours of disconnected recess.

Pokemon GO Mod Apk

Playable disconnected without web association.

On the other hand, Start your free experience loaded with a beast and expert mentor and duel in the field and city to get the creo beast champion.

Also, experience incredible missions and gather rewards. This beast experience game will test your ability as a pocket beast coach ace, and farmer!

An undertaking game loaded with beasts

  • More than 170 pocket beast to get!
  • Fully vivified beast fights and pocket beast development
  • Challenge and fight different mentors and become a creo expert of your city!
  • Battle and duel other expert coaches in the red field
  • Adjust the assaults, abilities and details of your pocket beasts!
  • Evolve your beasts and arrive at the last advancement by evening out
  • Nostalgia for all exemplary beast RPG fans

Things, duels, mentors and an open experience! 

  • More than 30 hours of recess hangs tight for you in this exemplary experience game
  • Use various things in fight and duel for your beasts
  • Dive into a fascinating experience world where the beast and creo aces live
  • PVP multiplayer for field battles, fights and duels
  • Different territories and fields in this beast world like gulch, red field, emerald and ruby field, land field or beast city just as numerous beast camps

Would you be able to be a beast ace mentor? On the off chance that you like games with RPG, beast, field, fight, and coach, you will adore this game!

FAQS about the game

Q: I can’t download the game from this link. Why?

A: This mod is a bit heavy, over 300MB. Many users reported that their devices can’t handle it properly and cause their mobile data to overcharge or even device breaking (i.e. boot loop).

So if you are using any free apps downloader on the play store, you should stop using it for this game until they fix these issues.

Also, if your downloaded apk is over 70MB, don’t use free apps downloader either! Use ADB instead (instructions on FAQS page). Or wait till they make an official lower size apk

Q: Does evolved Creo has higher stats than its pre-evolved forms?

A: No, each Creo has its base stats, and those are independent of their evolutionary stage. So a Creo that is evolved to its final form does not have higher base stats than the pre-evolved form.

Q: How do I get DNA Splicers?

A: DNA Splicers can be obtained from these kinds of bosses during quests or daily attendance rewards. You will need them for evolving your creos into new species!

Q: How do I unlock the extra Evolve/Release buttons on my Creo’s screen?

A: To unlock those buttons at level 40+, you must complete the corresponding quest in the game storyline. Each person who wants to evolve their creos will have to get the quest done for each evolution.

Q: How do I get PVP battles?

A: You will need to reach certain badge levels before you can enter PVP rooms. The higher your badge level is, the more rooms (and better rewards) you can access. However, it is not easy to raise your badges since every time your win/lose a PVP battle; you will lose some of your badge levels. If you fight with tamers on the same level as you, there won’t be any lost badges in battles.

Q: How do I unlock extra slots for my Creo storage?

A: To unlock additional slots at level 40+, complete the corresponding quest in the game storyline. Each person who wants extra storage will have to get this done for each storage.

Q: How do I catch legendary creos?

A: Catch all normal Creos on a map first, and they will have a chance to drop a treasure chest that contains a legendary fragment. Collect four fragments to complete the set.

Q: How do I transfer my Creo to another device?

A: To transfer your creos to another device, you need both devices to open the game simultaneously to link them together. When your second device is ready, tap on the “Link Device” button in the Pause Menu and select the second device.


This is another good android game that I found online while searching for the best games like Pokemon Go. EvoCreo mod APK will bring back memories of playing pokemon at one point in our life when we were kids.

This game doesn’t require much effort but still gives us a sense of accomplishment when achieving higher levels or getting rare creatures.

The graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay is smooth without lags or bugs. EvoCreo mod APK is free to play, but there are also in-game items like gold and diamonds, which can make the game easier for you, and it is very wise for players who want to go further in the game and reach higher levels.

What's new

- Reduced the encounter rate
- Reduced duration of certain over-powered conditions
- Various bug fixes



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