Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD APK v6.6.0j (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download

Destiny has pushed the land into a time of chaos that introduced the ascent of haziness. Presently, individuals should battle for themselves against criminals, beasts, and different dread. Be that as it may, for hired fighters and abundance trackers, this is a period of unbridled freedom and thriving, for equity consistently requests a high cost, and their business has never been something more!
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Download Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) 2022, a role-playing game for android. The mod includes unlimited money and gems.

About Dungeon Hunter 5 APK

Dungeon Hunter 5 is an action RPG developed by Gameloft. As in most Hack and Slash games, a lot of your time is spent grinding to become strong enough to defeat the upcoming challenges, bosses, and so on.

Also, but what if you don’t have the patience or time to do this? Or want to be more potent from the get-go? You’ll probably need a little boost through using some cheats or hacks.

In this post, I will show you how to hack Dungeon Hunter 5 with Cheat Engine. Let’s go!

Requirements: -Android device with OS 4+. -Game installed on your device (obviously) -Cheat Engine app for android. Could you get it here: Download Cheat Engine?

  1. Open your game and start play (important)
  2.  Open the Cheat Engine app on your device
  3.  The select game process is below
  4.  Click attach
  5.  Change values to max stats of desired level
  6.  Profit! Level up instantly!
  7. I haven’t tried this myself yet, but it should work; after all Pokemon GO was hacked in a similar way using Cheat Engine, so there’s a good chance Dungeon Hunter 5 can be modded as well 🙂 See also: Unlimited Gems/Gold/Food Livewallpaper Hack Dungeon Keeper Mobile Hack Clash of Clans Hack More Android Hacks coming soon.

Furthermore, unite with a considerable number of Bounty Hunters online for the most extreme hack-and-slice experience!

On the other hand, destiny has pushed the land into a time of chaos that introduced the ascent of haziness.

Presently, individuals should battle for themselves against criminals, beasts, and different dread.

Be that as it may, for hired fighters and abundance trackers, this is a period of unbridled freedom and thriving, for equity consistently requests a high cost, and their business has never been something more!

It’s right now rising legends such as yourself should snatch their blade and ask themselves: Do I battle for great? Or then again for gold?

Game features


  • Discover the easygoing controls that make great battle moves effectively available to anybody.
  • Hunt down beasts, dim knights, fallen angel flunkies, devil mages, and different lowliness over 90 prison crawler missions, including Epic levels for genuine ARPG prison legends.

Unparalleled GRAPHICS 

  • Special activities for your saints, assaults, and killed adversaries make the whole experience fulfilling.
  • Detailed visuals with staggering AAA designs that rejuvenate your MMO experience.
  • Explore perfect conditions, not at all like any prison game you’ve seen, from the broke domain of Valenthia to the cold and boorish Valen Outpost.

Unbelievable POWERS 

  • Wield more than 900 bits of shield and weaponry. Your saints will require all the customization they can discover in this monstrous RPG experience game.
  • Unleash many annihilating spells and abilities in a fight.
  • Master the Elements by deliberately preparing the best weapons, shield, and sorcery.
  • Evolve and Master stuff to contend in PvP and PvE highlights like the Arena.


  • Rally up to 3 other player legends to battle next to each other in Co-Op multiplayer mode.
  • Hire companions as Allies to help you become an extraordinary slayer of evil along with your excursion of retaliation, where you’ll find mystical legends.
  • Join a Guild and conflict against different parts in serious fights.

Construct, DEFEND, and RAID 

  • Build and redesign a Stronghold in this MMO-style stronghold guard mode.
  • Tactically send more than 230 Minions to 60 Trap Rooms to stop any trackers that dare assault.
  • Craft great safeguards by gathering Minion Shards in Co-Op mode.
  • Defy other saints to attempt to break into your stronghold of traps in this nonconcurring MMORPG challenge!

Continuously MORE TO EXPLORE 

  • Daily Dungeons give a new prison mission to legends yet permit you to gather uncommon materials to make incredible gear and lifts.
  • Weekly Events and Legendary Hunts allow you to substantiate yourself a commendable Bounty Hunter as you battle the prison chief and open selective stuff in the game.
  • Seasonal Challenges add shocking turns to your experience; however, they offer exciting awards for progress.
  • Climb the leader boards as you bring down difficulties so that everybody will perceive your hero’s inheritance! You’ll procure substantial prizes en route too.

Lastly, in case you’re a devotee of imagination, MMORPGs, pretending activity games, or multiplayer prison games, and have an appetite for killing endless swarms of beasts as you investigate old graves and supernatural fortresses, at that point, quit pausing and download Dungeon Hunter 5 at this point! The world would be able to stand to sit tight for legends like you.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money and gems

Steps to download and install Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod Menu APK

1- Firstly, go to the end of the post and click on the download button

2- It will send you to download page

3- Here, tap on the download button and wait for sometime

4- Now move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps

5- Uninstall the older version if you have already installed it already

6- Lastly, install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager, which will take 5 to 10 seconds.

FAQS about dungeon hunter 5 mod APK

Q: What is modded apk?

A: Modded apk is a modified version of the normal apk or application which has been altered by developers or hackers to have more features than usual. Mods are used to skip ads, bypass premium applications, and for general enhancements. Most often, apks especially games can be hacked easily but it’s a little too complicated a process so the solution turns up with mods.

Q: Is Dungeon Hunter 5 mod APK safe to use?

A: For you as a player, MOD APKs are safe because they don’t cause any harm to your device. If you download from reliable sites like ours then there should not be any problems at all. The mod in itself is a modified version of the original apk and in that, there will be no malware or virus. However, for other players, this might not be safe because it is against ToS (Terms of Services). Dungeon Hunter 5 for example has a restriction where they do not allow players to modify their game so this means if you are caught with a MOD APK by them then they have all the rights to ban your account. So my advice is only to go with trusted sites when downloading MOD APKs.

Similarly, when we talk about Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk then it’s also helpful in many ways like:

1) You get unlimited diamonds and gold coins

2) Skip levels simply by killing an opponent in a single hit

3) Unlock all classes

4) Maxed out level and more. So you can enjoy the full game without any problems or waiting for your turn.

Q: Will MOD APKs always work?

A: Yes, MOD APKs will always work as long as they are not modify by developers to block them from working on specific devices.

They generally work on most of the devices but sometimes this might not be possible because device manufacturers often change little things which is enough to stop mods from working.

Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk for example is likely to stop working after an update from Gameloft so our advice would be to try not updating your apps if you want to continue using MOD APKs and I know many of you don’t update your apps because all the MOD APKs out there are not update frequently.

However, MOD APKs are always expected to work on rooted devices because it is easy for developers to root their app and hence these MOD APKS do not require any extra permissions or special requirements.

Dungeon Hunter 5 also works perfectly fine on rooted devices but this doesn’t mean that you can use it with other games without rooting them.

If you have a root device then remember to check if the MOD APK has been develope specifically for your Android version or not. Otherwise, if you try running on an incompatible Android version then your device might get brick which means your phone will turn into an unusable brick. Apart from that, MOD APKs also sometimes doesn’t work on x86 devices as these are not generally compatible with some apps.

So my advice is to play Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk only if you have a rooted device and never try installing the modded version without rooting.

However, this doesn’t mean that all MOD APKs are safe for non-rooted devices but rather they require specific settings to make them work.

If I come up with any tutorial then I will surely update it here so keep checking back for more information about Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk because it might be helpful in many ways.

Last words

You can download Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk from any trusted site like apkmirror.com (I would recommend you to go with this source because they keep on updating their version).

Try downloading the latest version of the game because all MOD APKs are not update frequently. My last piece of advice is always to make sure that you know how to properly install an app before trying it out and if you don’t then I suggest you should try following some tutorials online because every game works differently so only by following a specific guide, one can actually install or run the game accordingly.

So this was my dungeon hunter 5 mods guide which should have given you enough information to understand what MOD APKs are and how they work?

What's new

Update 47 is out now!

- Rune Combos let you possess the power of the elements and crush your enemies
- New Fire gear and trinkets to celebrate Independence Day in Valenthia
- The ability to purchase unlimited amounts of Energy
- Five new minions of pure elemental magic to guard your Stronghold
- Fixes and performance improvements


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