Drive Ahead! MOD APK 3.11.1 (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Free craft) 2022

Download the latest version of drive ahead mod APK, a racing game for android which includes unlimited money.
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Download the latest version of drive ahead mod APK, a racing game for android which includes unlimited money.

About drive ahead mod APK 2022

Watch your head in this fighter vehicle battle in this game! Also, do war with rough terrain vehicles, dump trucks, tanks, stunt vehicles, and the sky is the limit from there.

Drive for Speed: Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android 2021

Gather more than 300 vehicles to progress in progressively hazardous fight fields.

Assemble your vehicle fight group, level-up, and power-up to confront “Fracture Riders Bosses” © amazing. Time to get the haggle of an expert vehicle combatant!

Play Drive Ahead! in different game modes:

– The Battle Arena is where undisputed heroes are made!

– Challenge companions in fast fire multiplayer battles or extraordinary center difficulties!

– Enter the Rift Riders universe to open incredible and select rides!

– Explore outlandish Mission Stadiums for stunning prizes while keeping away from perils like robots and outsiders!!

– How long would you be able to reign in King of the Hill before you go kaboom?

Many pixel vehicles and levels bring endless long stretches of protective cap slamming two-player dashing activity with freak mishaps! Be mindful so as not to wreck yourself!

What are the best racing games for Android? Drive Ahead mod APK! is one of the best, with many of the features and stunning graphics.

This game was developed by Miniclip – a famous name in the gaming industry – and this is not their first racing game.

But unlike other racing games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Need For Speed No Limits, and GT Racing 2: The Real Car Simulator, Drive Ahead stands out from the crowd because it offers you something different.

You can select your car or bike then you will be pitted against three opponents (from 4 AI levels) on a local map where every player has its path (and of course, if there’s more than one player, they share their paths).

You can change your opponent’s difficulty level as you progress, as well as upgrade your car or bike. So, you can quickly learn how to play this game and then choose the level that matches your playing skills.

The controller is one of the best features of Drive Ahead! It has straightforward and responsive controls: left and right arrows for moving and space for jump (nitro), so there’s no need for tilting, which is excellent!

You can also collect coins to unlock new cars or bikes. What makes it even better – each car or bike has its physics like acceleration, speed, handling, etc. And if you’re tired from racing – take a break on an island where there are some mini-games like archery, basketball, etc.

Multiplayer mode adds excellent value to Drive Ahead! Many game modes like racing (both single or with friends), collecting coins, battle, etc. You can even play basketball on your opponent’s half! And the best thing about multiplayer is that you can play with random players from all around the world. It means there will always be someone with whom you could have a great match!

One more unique feature in Drive Ahead is that it supports cross-platform multiplayer between iOS and Android users. This option works only if both players have an account on Google Play Games. If they don’t, then one player should sign in using their Facebook account. Still, it’s great if two people own different devices but would like to enjoy this game together!

So, overall, Drive Ahead! is a good game that will amuse you for some time. It has excellent graphics, smooth controls, many features and supports cross-platform multiplayer between Android and iOS users. Therefore, if you’re looking for something that would be fun to play on your phone or tablet – then Drive Ahead! is what you are searching for!

Title: Prove yourself worthy by achieving all trophies in Drive Ahead! mod APK

Complete all other awards to unlock this. You have successfully unlocked all other trophies available in this game. Congratulations! (49 points)

100 coins collected Unlock new map 500 coins collected Unlock new character 100 coins collected Unlock new character

One hundred coins collected Unlock new character 100 coins collected Unlock new map 500 coins collected New car. One hundred coins collection Achieve 1st place in a race by playing against bots.

Collect at least ten coins from other players in a multiplayer match. Ten thousand points achieved Score over 10,000 points in a single race by playing against bots.

Fifty races won Race against bots and win 50 times to beat them all! Two hundred races played. Participate in at least 200 races; It should be pretty easy considering you only need to play against the AI and NOT real people online! Three cars owned Own three different vehicles or bikes and upgraded them whenever it’s possible.

Five multiplayer matches played Participate in 5 multiplayer games and defeat your opponent in each of them. Five multiplayer wins Unlock a new character by winning against the AI in five consecutive matches.

Twenty-five multiplayer wins Unlock a new map by winning against the AI in 25 successive games! Only possible if you play on Easy difficulty!

One hundred coins collected Unlock new map 500 coins collected Unlock new car All-stars unlocked Achieve three stars in all events.

50 head jumps performed Perform 50 head jumps (while at full speed) to make it count and unlock this trophy! Ten characters unlocked Collect 10 different characters, cars, or bikes.

100 coins collected Unlock new character 100 coins collected Unlock new map 100 coins collected Unlock new car 25 multiplayer wins Unlock a new map Daily challenge done Do one daily challenge (what is that?) Daily challenge done Do one daily challenge (what is that?) 100 coins collected Unlock new map

I’m sure you’ve seen this screen many times if you’ve played Drive Ahead! Already. It tells me to play my friends in multiplayer mode, whatever it means!

What I know is that the game supports online multiplayer with other players from around the world. However, that doesn’t mean I have friends who are willing to play Drive Ahead with me. Therefore, my only way of playing this game is by challenging random players from Google Play Games services, which I think isn’t bad.

Suppose you want to beat your friend in Drive Ahead! Then make sure they don’t pick up their device while racing against them because otherwise, it will be complicated for you to win against them!

Some of the cars available in this game are just ridiculous. I have never played with them yet, but they will probably be entertaining to use when I do.

And that’s because each car is unique in its way, e.g., some vehicles don’t have any suspension, so it doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid bumping into other cars. You will always bump into them anyway.

And when your car is too low, it’s even more difficult for you to dodge obstacles by jumping or drifting on either side! Sometimes, when I play Drive Ahead!,

my hands get sweaty, which can make things even worse while using touchscreen controls on my Android phone (LG G3).

So, what did I learn from this experience? Maybe my hands should’ve been dry when I played Drive Ahead! or perhaps it doesn’t matter. You know, different things work for other people and in different situations, so. Yeah.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads
  • No need to root the device

FAQS about drive ahead mod APK

Q) What is the drive ahead mod APK?

A) Drive ahead mod APK (mounted or rooted device required) is an app that hacked the game. Generally, you transfer into the opponent’s goal post without even playing the ball.

Q) Is there any limited time for this cheat?

A) Yes. It can be used for 7 days.

Q) Is there any limited features?

A) Yes. You can only use these options: 3-star skill (x3), Super Bounce, Slow Motion, Fast Run, and No Fatigue. Others like Anti-Ban, Unlimited Shopping Points are unavailable unless you purchase the premium version.​

Q) How to download drive ahead mod APK?

A) Drive ahead mod APK is available on this site. Just click the button below to go to our website and start downloading but please take note that a rooted device is required! For a detailed step-by-step guide, just visit this page.

Q) Is drive ahead mod APK safe?

A) Well.. it depends on how you manage your device. As for our recommendation, just uninstall the game and reinstall it to get rid of any potential risks. If you want further assurance, just purchase the premium version of mod APK. It’s available on our website as well!

Q) Is drive ahead mod APK real or fake?

A) Drive ahead mod APK is 100% real. Well.. we can’t tell if the features shown in this video are possible but since we’ve tried it and still worked after a few updates from the drive ahead team, we considered them as normal features not necessarily hacked ones. Anyway, try them out yourself! But make sure your device is rooted before installation because non-rooted devices are not allowed to install the said app.

Q) Is drive ahead mod APK safe with the rooted device?

A) We’ve tried it so many times and it still works. But since we can’t guarantee the same results, just uninstall the game before getting this mod app. And most importantly, unrooting your device is advised to be safe!

Last words

That’s all for now, folks! We hope you find these FAQS useful. Drive ahead mod APK is available on our website! So what are you waiting for? Just click the button below to go there now! 😀 If you still have questions about drive ahead mod APK, just feel free to let us know by putting your comments below or through our contact page. We will attend to your query as soon as possible. Have a nice day.

What's new

Teamwork makes you powerful! So time to create or join a guild with our CREWS feature. Chat and compete with friends.

Play together to collect daily and seasonal rewards with your team

Season 4 has flying dogs that battle with airborne autos

The three most important things in playing Drive Ahead! are communication, communication and communication.



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