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Dream piano mod APK is a music app for android. Dream piano is a synthesizer that turns your android device into a real, acoustic piano.
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Dream piano mod APK is a music app for android. Dream piano is a synthesizer that turns your android device into a real, acoustic piano.

Main features of Dream piano mod APK 2022

– Turn your Android into an advanced multi-touch piano and keyboard!

– Play simply by touching the screen as you would on a tablet or any touch screen device.

On the other hand, It will recognize where you felt and play the corresponding note! You can slide to another note while holding the first key; it’s just like using two hands to play the real piano! (unlike other apps which use only one hand tapping method).

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– As easy as it could be. Dream Piano has been designed for everyone to enjoy the music!

– Multitouch! Everyone can now afford eight fingers pianist!

– Use headphones for an absolute dream piano experience! Plugin your device into an external MIDI keyboard, and you are ready to rock!

– You can play on your computer or laptop through a USB cable. Please search “MIDI over wifi” Apps on the Internet because this App doesn’t support MIDI over USB alone until now (may be changed in future)

– Play a duet with another Android by using Bluetooth or wifi! One plays the right part while the other plays the left one!

– Record effects: reverb, delay, loop etc. You can add them all simultaneously while recording. And it’s easy editing the recorded points after finishing the recording.

– Load and sing and play along by yourself or with others.

– Play along with any of your favourite songs! There are hundreds of free themes available from the built-in songbook, and more hit songs will be added to the songbook weekly! You can also download over ten thousand MIDI files for free from the Internet and expand the song list yourself.

– A sound set for a professional keyboardist is provided as a bonus! You can use it if you want to record with better sound quality included in this application or replace it if you already have one on your device.

– USB Audio support: stream audio directly from your computer or laptop via USB cable as an external speaker of your phone/tablet etc.

– Display your sheet music directly on the screen as you play.

– Display your musical instrument tuner on screen as you play. This can be used by musicians who play guitar, violin, cello etc.

– Less input from the user because it uses intelligent algorithms to produce very accurate results. You don’t have to spend time learning the application; start playing!

– Realistic and beautiful graphical interface includes a modern design with a powerful sound engine that provides an excellent experience for the user!

Dream Piano is designed especially for Android devices, which means that you will never lose any of your sheet music or files no matter what happens to your devices, such as theft or disk crash! Just transfer all your songs into another Android, and they’re back again!

– Various musical instruments can be selected. This application is not just for piano!

– Melodyne integration: use Melodyne if you own it! This feature is available only on Android 2.3 or later versions because, On Android 2.2, there’s not enough memory to run this feature, but Android 2.3 has more than enough!

– You can display other music Apps simultaneously (such as Youtube, Spotify etc.) while using Dream Piano. This means that you will never lose any of your sheet music again, even if the app crashes! Just transfer all your songs into another phone, and they’re back again!

– The user interface was design with simplicity in mind for everyone to enjoy playing the piano. It has been optimize for phones and tablets. The App works on all Android devices from version 2.2 onwards.

– The App will be accessibly available with limited features and a paid full version with tons of glorious features! Buy once, use everywhere!

Key Features

Ease of use, multilanguage support (eng, ger, fra, spa), different instruments selectable (piano or any other device), the possibility to play along to songs from your songbooks as well as songs from the internet / download them as MIDI files for Dream Piano, record the play piano sound to WAV files which you can edit easily if you want to add reverb or delay etc., built-in songbook containing hundreds of songs which can also be downloaded for free.

Steps to download and install the App

1- Click here to go to the Google Play Store

2- Type ‘Dream Piano’ in the search box of the Google Play Store and click on ‘Dream Piano,’ then click on “Install.”

3- Accept all permissions asked by the application installer.

4- After installing Dream Piano open it, close all welcome windows without clicking on anything; press the back button a few times. After that, you will see a file named DreamPianoSettings.pdf; open this file by double-tapping it. Then press the back button of your phone or tablet again a few times, so there are no more windows open from Dream Piano. That’s all for today!

FAQS about Dream piano mod APK

Q: Why does Dream Piano need a unique sound set for a professional keyboardist?

A: Dream Piano needs to use a MIDI file that contains sounds from an expensive keyboard to make the piano EXACTLY sound as it does when you play. If there’s no such MIDI file available, it will  generate by software call ‘MIDI synthesizer.’

Sometimes, this doesn’t provide the same result as playing on an expensive keyboard. So we offer a sound set for a professional keyboardist as a bonus which you can use/replace if you already have one on your device.

Just open the application and go into the options screen, then click on the Export button and load that sound set, now press back to the main screen, and that’s all!

If you don’t like these professional keyboard sounds, delete the file in which they are contain and replace them with any other sound set already on your device.

Q: What do MIDI files mean?

A: A .midi file contains what we call ‘MIDI events.’ These MIDI events have information about the pitch, velocity, duration etc., of a note. The sound set contains what we call ‘sound fonts.’ These sound fonts provide several samples for different musical instruments such as piano, trumpet or cello. When played together with MIDI events, those samples will give you the exact sound of a song, for example.

Q: How do I install a sound set?

A: Click on the Export button in the application, select one of the installed sound sets. The App will ask you if you want to replace your current sound set, choose YES / NO and press back; that’s all.

Q: Why is my screen not rotating when I play the piano?

A: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Dream Piano -> Clear defaults -> Press OK or wait 30 minutes to apply this setting automatically. Now rotate your device and try again! If it still doesn’t work, go into the options screen, uncheck “Enable landscape mode,” and recheck it after rotating your device. That should sort out the problem now!

Last words on Dream piano mod APK

To ensure there are no more questions left open, please send your inquiry by email to this address: [email protected] We will try our best to answer all emails as quickly as possible.

Thank you for downloading and testing Dream Piano!

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