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Drag racing 3d mod PK is the game where you can race through dull roads and enjoy premium features.
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Download Drag Racing 3D mod APK 2022 (Racing game)

Drag Racing 3D mod APK 2022 is a racing game for android. Here are the features of the Drag Racing 3D game.

Taichi Panda v2.68 Mod Apk

It is a drag racing game with different cars (also dragsters). You can use them to compare your speed with other players around the world. Also, you can upgrade your car and unlock new ones!

It has many types of dragsters, like “Foxbody” Mustang, Dragster, or Street Rod.

It has an advanced car customization system that allows you to change almost everything (paint job, chromes, wheels), but it does not offer any tuning options for engine or any performance tweaking.

This makes it extremely easy to tune up your car and win races even if you don’t understand much about drag racing or cars in general.

The game offers an online multiplayer mode, where you can race other people. It allows you to select the location of the drag strip, so you get real-time feedback on your speed and acceleration.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK allows you to get in cars and test them out in a variety of different road courses. You can also enter time trails events.

There are three kinds of races in Career mode: Street Race, Circuit Race and Open Road Race Events in Career Mode are very easy to complete in the lower car classes (N00B).

But become extremely difficult at higher difficulty levels with fast AI drivers that set almost unbeatable time records when using level 5 cars (Legendary).

The game includes no tuning options whatsoever aside from basic customization that lets you change the color of your car.

There is no option to upgrade or tune the engine, suspension, brakes, etc.; only visual upgrades are allowed For example if you put nitrous oxide in a stock Mustang it will outperform the highest level dragster with ease.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK game was developed by True Axis for mobile platforms (Android/iOS) and PC video gaming platforms under the banner of Bigben Interactive.

The graphics are not so good but the cars look nice and there are lots of them. The game has 4 different locations which can be played on, one location must be unlocked before you can race there at Career Mode.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK has a Single Player Career mode as well as a multiplayer online mode where you can race other players.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK has a basic customization option for your cars, which you can upgrade but there are no tuning options to get more horsepower from engines.

So upgrades only do the trick if they improve stats like top speed or acceleration. You have a choice of 40+ different dragsters and muscle cars from over 5 manufacturers to tune up and use in the races.

The racing controls are OK but could be improved by adding a brake button to avoid crashes when you’re entering a turn too fast.

The Career Mode is quite easy at lower levels with low-end cars, however, it requires some good car upgrades to stay competitive on higher difficulty levels against very fast AI opponents that will leave you behind without good upgrade parts.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK offers only a few very simple and short drag strip locations each with its own set of opponents, so after 5 or 10 Career Mode races you’ve already seen them all.

The AI Opponents on high difficulty levels are extremely fast and hard to beat even on short tracks without upgrading your vehicle’s stats (top speed/acceleration).

We would like to see more car customization options in future updates and improvements for career mode and multiplayer online racing (extra track types: autocross etc.).

Multiplayer online racing is fun but there aren’t many players around yet. Drag Racing 3D mod APK is an entertaining drag racing game that brings some great cars back from the past.

It may get boring quickly if you are not into drag racing 3D games but if you are then this is the game for your collection.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK main features include: 40+ different cars to choose from in Career mode, Online Multiplayer mode, Street Race, Circuit Race, and Open Road events.

The Drag Racing 3D mod APK has an OK graphics engine with smooth car models and decent looking roads; it works well with mid-range Android devices which means that the game is playable on low-end devices as well

Drag Racing 3D mod APK is a fun arcade-style drag racing game where you get to drive classic American muscle cars against tough AI opponents in some short tracks that you can complete in less than 2 minutes each without spending too much time in them.

The Cars: you get to race cars from all the major manufacturers such as Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolets but there are no tuning or upgrade options apart from visual upgrades so when you start racing on higher difficulty levels it becomes much more difficult to finish in 1st place without upgrading your car’s stats (top speed/acceleration).

The AI Opponents are too fast on higher difficulty levels so you may want to tune up your car before challenging them or it will take you hours of racing full laps just to get the win.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK is a fun drag racing game with simple controls and easy gameplay, but it gets old quickly if there are no more car customization options or new tracks added in updates.

Drag Racing 3D mod APK is an entertaining drag racing game with 40+ cars to choose from, street race, open road & circuit races with 4 different locations to play on plus online multiplayer mode.

FAQS about the game

How to install this mod?

Just download Drag Racing 3D apk from the link below, install it using your favorite File Manager and enjoy.

How to install my downloaded mod?

To install your new mod after downloading, just go to the MODS folder in the game’s directory (the same folder where the shared_prefs folder is located); if you’ve never changed this path, it should be sdcard/Android/obb/.

If this folder doesn’t exist, just create the “obb” folder.

Once inside the “modded” folder you created, several subfolders are depending on your mod, each with a manifest.json file that describes each mod.

Just copy the content of each subfolder (take the one with the same name as your downloaded mod) and paste it into your game’s “modded” folder overwriting any files if prompted.

Remember that you may have to change the name of the file(s) you’re replacing if they have already existed in your game’s “modded” folder.

How to use Drag Racing 3D mod APK?

No need for any Emulators, Tools, or Root; Just install normally your regular APK and enjoy the FULL original game with tons of new features with our this mod.

Last words

Yes, Drag Racing 3D mod APK is a great way to enjoy the game but if you want to add extra features and don’t mind losing some quality in your graphics, you may also want to try out our “God Mode” mod which gives you 1 hit kill and never worry about running out of gas.

What's new

-New muscle car!
-Bug fixes and optimization



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