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If you want to read books in different formats for free, then go to ReadEra Premium. It is a convenient and valuable application for many people, and it can help users to read books, read news while offline. It gives good readings to the users, meets their needs, and makes them satisfied and appreciate this application. Quickly download this application, to relax and entertain your mind through reading!

User can read the book in below any format

Coming to this application, users can freely and comfortably read books in various formats, and have the right to choose an arrangement they want to read. If you’re reading via a mobile device, you should use the Kindle format. While on a computer or tablet, you can read it in PDF, Word. In general, choose one for yourself and customize. Fixed format that I find easiest to view and read.

ReadEra Premium - Book Reader PDF, Epub, Word ReadEra Premium - Book Reader PDF, Epub, Word

The book management system for your library is very discreet and meticulous

This application will automatically search and find which books and documents you have viewed. If you want to read offline, download the books and magazines you want to read. In addition, this application will divide the groups of books, authors so that readers can easily find them when they need it. In addition, there is also a display of specific items like reading, to-read lists and it’s favorite book items. It is so convenient for you that every time you look at your bookcase, you will be able to take them apart simply because it is arranged in a distinctive and detailed way for you to avoid confusion in the process. You were reading books.

You have the right to create your own theme collection

This app will help you create a collection of books and stories on your favorite topics. All the books and magazines you like and find most interesting will be sorted into specific categories. Full of different content and different genres, you’ll be free to immerse yourself in the vast treasure trove of books without getting bored. What’s more, you can add any number of document and book files to multiple collections at once. Additionally, if you want to switch to another book to read a book, you must complete the step of saving the current page. Then, go to another book and read it. So simple and easy, extremely convenient and takes less of your time and effort.

Users can feel free to set the read mode as per your choice

During the reading process, readers can choose their own arbitrary reading mode to suit each time. For example, when reading a book during the day, it will set the light color, and at night, it will set the interface dark to avoid cases of eye pain. In addition, you are allowed to adjust the screen orientation and page margins in a clear, bright way for easy reading. In addition, all font sizes, weights and spacing are specifically and clearly arranged and distributed by you. In addition, you can optionally reduce and enlarge the content and files that you are reading.

What benefits the user will get after using this app

After participating in this application, you will have the right to enjoy and explore the vast treasure of books. You can read it all day long without getting bored or tired. In addition, it will help you create your own space, be free to relax, and increase your energy. Not only this, reading is something that can help readers gain new knowledge, understand life and the world around them. You will improve and learn many skills by reading books every day. Actively and diligently participate in reading material and reading books to enhance and enhance all knowledge. One day, you will become a successful person in your dream career.

new feature update

After receiving many comments and reviews about the quality of this application through the opinion of many users, we have come up with new improvements, hope it can satisfy you more. This application has added the ability to change the indentation and spacing in the complex text alignment settings system, ensuring that users will love it. We have also provided copies of the book in many new languages ​​like Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc. In addition, there are also some languages ​​of the new countries. Spend your free time reading books and don’t forget to tell your friends and relatives about the usefulness of this application.

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