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Hunter Assassin is a game where the player takes on the role of an assassin whose goal is to kill enemies in a designated area. You will easily recognize the characteristics of the character you control and the enemies you will face. At the same time, players can find challenging levels with special rewards in specific levels. So the number of gems you get will unlock more new killers.

Hunter Assassin Hunter Assassin

Team up with ASSASSINS to DEFEAT the enemy

In Hunter Assassin, players will be taken to an exciting role: to become an assassin whose job is to eliminate weapon-wielding enemies moving in a certain area. You need to pay attention to one point: this attack is only made from the back because it is better than attacking from the front. At the same time, over time, the number of enemies you will encounter increases, and you must find a way to be smarter.

The environment in which players appear often has many places to hide in, such as walls, crates, hidden corners, and many others. So you will easily hide from the sight of different enemies. The angle of view that you look at is top-down, so you can see how the enemies appear and find other ways to make your killing. It brings a special attraction to the players.

Hunter Assassin Hunter Assassin

PASS is different

In Hunter Assassin, players will find different levels, and each one has one goal: to defeat all the target. The number of required targets is on the left side of the screen, and you will know the important targets that you need to kill quickly. At the same time, each enemy is equipped with a gun and a flashlight to walk in the dark. The killer’s ability is that he does not need a flashlight and can eliminate his target quickly.

The target you defeat will turn into a gem immediately after, so you don’t have to worry too much about the gore scenes you have to experience. At the same time, the area that the enemy’s flashlight can reach is limited compared to the imagination that the player has. So, as long as the flashlight does not know you, you will not be attacked, and this is also why you need to watch out for the enemies in front of the level. You can move quickly with ease in the environment.

What makes you stop at the level is that you get defeated after being eaten too much by the enemies. You will attack the enemy from the front, but it must be a quick attack, and you will also be hurt soon after. At the same time, depending on the level of damage, the character’s color will gradually become red until defeated. In addition, the game gives you some bonus money when each goal is made of gems, and the number you can earn in this level will be more.

Hunter Assassin Hunter Assassin


After completing some levels in Hunter Assassin, you also have many gems yourself. One point that you will see is the randomization mechanism when opening a new character and when you use the gem, you only have to wait a few seconds until the randomization is done. Right after that, you will use the new code that you just activated in the level below. The game also has many things to complete, and it opens up opportunities to earn more gems for you.

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