Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores MOD APK 3.5.9 (Unlimited Money) Latest 2022

Download dino hunter mod APK an action game for android. This mod includes unlimited money and premium features. Chase or be pursued! Set out on the dinosaur chasing undertaking that should not be taken lightly to execute a classic game in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores.
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Download dino hunter mod APK 2022 an action game for android. This mod includes unlimited money and premium features.

Chase or be pursued! Set out on the dinosaur chasing undertaking that should not be taken lightly to execute a classic game in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores.

About dino hunter mod APK 2021- 22

Dino hunter mod APK is an action game for android. This game is related to android and tablet computers. You can download this game free from our site, but its large size must be downloaded by using a WIFI connection.

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Dino hunter mod APK will deliver your real hunting simulation experience with animals such as dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, and other huge animals like elephants.

This game has realistic graphics and physics which you can run on high-definition phones or tablets.

Dino hunter mod APK has several modes: single-player mode (story mode) and multiplayer mode (online mode).

In addition, there is also an optional special event for this game. The gameplay in single-player mode is very interesting because you have to hunt many types of dangerous animals along with your team which is also hunting in the same forest.

You can use different weapons to hunt animals, but it is limited by time and a limited number of times you can shoot.

A few features that will bring your real hunting experience to play this game are:

1- Dino Hunter is a side-scrolling action-packed shooting game that takes you to the Jurassic era where you have to hunt down dinosaurs with your powerful weapons. The game takes place in the Mesozoic age where you are required to kill all the dangerous beasts including T-Rex, Giant Scorpion, and many more.

2- You play the game as a professional hunter who is assigned the duty to protect his town from dinosaurs that are increasingly becoming dangerous. You can choose to use many different weapons like flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and other high-end assault guns against these ferocious beasts. The game has multiple levels where you can hunt down every dinosaur in the given time frame.

3- The game features three modes of playing i.e single player, multiplayer co-op mode, and survival mode. There are six types of weapons used in Dino Hunter for your convenience; they include primary weapon (rifle), secondary weapon (shotgun), grenades, missiles, rage attack, and traps & mines that can be set on the path of dinosaurs which will help you to kill them.

4- In the single-player mode, you have to shoot down as many dinosaurs as possible to get a high score and advance to higher levels.

On other hand, the multi-player coop mode is a team play where first a few hunters will take on an initial wave of dinos, and then later they can be assist by other players who join in for shooting more dangerous beasts.

5- Graphically, the game looks quite impressive with good quality textures and vibrant colors which further enhance your playing experience.

It also supports multiple resolutions so that it can be easily play on various gadgets such as PCs, notebooks, and tablets running Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating system. You can use custom controls to play the game according to your preferences.

6- Dino Hunter has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to navigate through various options and customize settings as per your requirement.

The game’s single-player mode offers eight different locations with 30 exciting missions whereas the multiplayer co-op mode comes with 13 exciting levels where you can team up with other players for hunting down dinosaurs more effectively.

7- 23 beautiful trophies are waiting for you in this remarkable action shooter game but, before you could unlock them, you have to complete each level on 100% kill rate without letting even a single dino get away from your sight.

You will  rank base on the total number of points earn after completing each mission so try doing some practice rounds before playing the game in actual mode.

8- For moving to the next levels you have to earn a minimum number of predetermined points otherwise the game will immediately end with no option for saving your progress.

The game has easy achievements like killing 5 dinosaurs in quick succession will reward you with a “fast hands” trophy whereas completing difficult level tasks like completing all missions on expert or professional rank will fetch you trophies like “Terminator”, “The one and only” etc.

9- On the whole, Dino Hunter is an extraordinary 3D action shooter game that offers great excitement along with immense pleasure while playing it. Its good quality graphics coupled with immersive sound effects make it even more enjoyable so try out this wonderful hunting simulation game right away!

10 Various types of dangerous animals will attack you. For example Deer, Deer, Iguana, Wolf … etc.

11-  Realistic physics for hunting activities such as eating, drinking, lying down, running fast or slow depending on each animal species.

12- A variety of interesting maps: snow mountains, jungle forests, volcanoes, and swamps … etc.

And many things that will make your gameplay more interesting and challenging like:

13- Ability to buy various types of animals in the shop. For example Wolf, Bear, Tiger … etc.

14- You can also upgrade weapons or ammo in the store by purchasing them. This feature makes you strong and able to kill dangerous animals faster and easier.

15- If you are good enough, you can get money rewards on each hunt so you can go forward on this game smoothly without having problems with a currency which is call silver coins.

And if you fail on a certain hunt, don’t worry because Dino hunter mod APK has an autosave feature in the root directory of your internal memory to make it easy for you to go back to the point before death.

16- You can turn on or off vibration depending on your preference.

You are welcome to download Dino hunter mod APK because this game offers many challenges and excitement in hunting animals which are very dangerous. And this game also has a variety of maps that will bring you on an adventurous journey.

MOD features

  1. Unlimited Silver Coins
  2. Unlimited Gems (Need to enter the market)
  3. Multi-Shot ON / OFF ( Need to enter the market )
  4. High Damage ON / OFF ( Need to enter the market ) There are 4 game modes available in Dino hunter mod APK. First is a story mode where you need to hunt animals by following a specific path, then survival mode which you just kill as many animals as possible without any map, then Trophy mode which requires you to hunt down the target number of each type of animal and finally time attack mode which limits your time for hunting.

FAQS about Dino hunter mod APK

How to download and install this mod?

1 First, Start the game

2 . After you choose your character than just press the back button until a small white triangle pointing up appears then drop it!

3 . Open settings – security

4 . Check unknown sources

5. Back to previous menu

6 Click download from unknown sources

7 . Search for Dino hunter mod APK

8. Install and play.

Why my tablet cannot install this?

If your android is 4.0 or higher, there is a chance that you can not install Dino hunter mod APK because of google’s policy

How much does Mb need to download this mod?

The size of Dino hunter mod APK is 85Mb

What does this mod contain?

This mod contains Unlimited Silver Coins, Unlimited Gems ( Need to enter the market ), Multi-Shot On / Off ( Need to enter the market ) and High Damage On / Off ( Need to enter the market ).

How to get unlimited silver coins in the game?

First, open Dino hunter mod APK and then press the home button then go back and you will see that your silver coins amount is increased.

Has my tablet cant run Dino hunter mod apk what should I do?

The size of Dino hunter mod apk is 85MB so it needs a good processor for playing this kind of game if ur tablet has 1GB ram or 512 MB it will very difficult for u because ur tablet might be hanging.

Dino hunter mod APK is a paid game why it’s free?

We have cracked this game. It took us 100 hours to crack this game if you want to support us hit the donation button and send some coins.

How to change my name?

Open Dino hunter mod apk, go to settings then click on Change Username

Why Dino hunter mod apk has no successful verification file?

You will need to download the latest version of the Lucky patcher app from the google play store after that open lucky patcher ( with only search method don’t select any other option ) then select patch downloaded data, make sure app/obb is selected click start to wait for few seconds and close lucky patcher, after closing open Dino hunter mod apk and the verification file will be already patched.

My tablet can’t run the Lucky patcher app what should I do?

The size of lucky patcher apk is 4MB so it needs a good processor for playing this kind of apps if your device has less than 1GB ram(or 512 MB) it will very difficult for u because ur device might stop working.

Does this game support multiplayer?

No, this game does not support multiplayer

Why my silver coins amount went back to normal?

This might happen when you close the game then launch again just wait 10 seconds before launching the game otherwise your silver coins amount will return to normal.

Conclusion of Dino hunter mod APK

Thank you for visiting us, especially for downloading our Dino hunter mod APK which is the full version with high graphics quality.

We hope that our article about How To Install Mod Apk With Lucky Patcher On Android was helpful!

If there are questions about how to install this game, feel free to leave comments so other users will help you solve your problems.

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