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DEAD TARGET is a top-notch shooter with a zombie city simulation. In this survival game, life and death are determined by your ability to shoot guns. Survive and must find a way to escape from the zombie city is your mission. The attraction of this game is a real feeling thanks to the sharp graphics and sounds as if you are changing into a character in the game, fighting with all kinds of zombies in the patch the ruins of the destroyed city killed by the Zombie Army.

DEAD Target: Zombie Games 3D


Enter the beginning of the game, the content will gradually appear. The city is weak, dark with many river corpses hovering everywhere. That is the result of the MZ company betraying the promise and causing a zombie outbreak in the city just to force the President to follow them. Players will take on the role of agents of sending out destruction.

However, the Zombie army defeated the entire group; Just you and agent M. Be careful, look good, defeat zombies, and find a way to escape the city. Are you ready to start playing right away?!

DEAD Target: Zombie Games 3D


Have you experienced the feeling of both fear and desire to try? In DEAD TARGET, you have to hide from the zombies and kill the zombies to find a way to escape. In addition, the player must collect more information to share with the army, waiting for support.

The player will face him alone in every situation because the only friend left, agent M, is also in danger, and you have to find a way to save him. Standing in front of the peace of the city and the lives of themselves and their friends, players will have the happiness of both happiness and joy. Interesting, isn’t it?!

DEAD Target: Zombie Games 3D


From a beautiful city, with the fraud of the MZ company, it has turned into a dingy city, and the people, all infected, have become zombies. Every street, every wall, or hidden corner has zombies hiding. Carefully walk, guard, or attack walls and buildings to prevent zombies from attacking. There will be hidden details of secrets and clever ideas to save the city. The more secrets you find, the faster the city will return to normal.

DEAD Target: Zombie Games 3D

DEAD TARGET’s graphics and design are amazing compared to today’s shooting games. The ruined scene of the city, buildings, walls, … is external information, but they are very attractive to players.

Zombies and guns are also set to change according to each level. There will be different types of zombies: small, large, blue, gray, etc. Depending on the type you will get more points. Guns are also divided into different types; In the beginning, you will use the most powerful type of gun. After getting more points by killing zombies, use these points to upgrade the guns to be more powerful.

Connect your game account with other social accounts to play with friends. Let’s see who will be the top agent and save the city first!

DEAD Target: Zombie Games 3D

Can you get out of the zombie town safely, save your friends and find a secret to tell the army? Your ability to shoot and hide will decide everything. Try playing DEAD TARGET now and be the winner!!

  • Hand control series and kill zombies.
  • Zombies will hide in buildings, walls, etc., so be very careful, can shoot walls or buildings to kill zombies.
  • After killing zombies, you will get more points. Use it to upgrade weapons. The better the weapon, the easier it will be to kill zombies.
  • Collecting secrets for military intelligence and rescue agent M is also your responsibility.
  • Connect with friends to increase the best agents together.

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