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Download the latest day r survival mod APK and access the premium features and advanced resources free.
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Download the latest day r survival mod APK 2022 and access the premium features and advanced resources free.

About day r survival mod APK 2021- 22

day r survival mod APK is a role-playing game where you have to survive from different creatures and the mod includes advanced weapons.

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You can download day r survival mod APK and install it on your android device to get the best experience of the game.

day r survival mod APK MOD is a Roleplaying Game where you have to survive different creatures and advance weapons along with easy missions.

You can discover new items that were not available before like mushrooms, oranges, carrots, etc. The more enemies you kill, the more coins you get which can be used in order to buy ammo, guns, and other things for free.

It’s an exciting game at Google Play Store where you will enjoy kill shooting zombies and their respective bosses.

You don’t need any internet connection or data because day r survival mode does not require it which makes this app free of cost and not a waste of data.

It has good graphics and sound effects that make this game more interesting. Day r survival mode is currently available for Android devices, but IOS users can also download it soon according to the developers.

This game comes with exciting features like different weapons, missions, etc which you should not miss out on even if you are busy with some other work.

You will enjoy playing this game since day r survival mod APK MOD gives limitless coins and ammo so just shoot the zombies as much as you want without any hurdle.

Since it’s free of cost no worries about wasting money, just install it on your android device and play whenever you feel bored or have extra time to kill zombies using advanced bazookas.

Day R Survival Mode APK MOD is a really good game for zombie shooting lovers. You can download day r survival mode apk and enjoy playing it on your phone. I hope you all will like this!

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key features of the day R survival game

There are many types of survival games existing on the market, but I think most people would agree that DayZ falls into a category of its own. When we started building our game, we made a list of all the things that we loved from other games and features that exist in the genre. Making a list like this before you start is very important. It makes sure that you have a core set of values that define your game and that no matter what happens, you never lose sight of what it is that makes the game interesting in the first place.

Hunger & Thirst

One thing we wanted to get right was the need for food and water. It is key to survival in real life, so it was important that these elements were included in our game. When you play the game, every time you exert yourself by moving or fighting your energy levels (known as “Stamina” in our game) go down. Once they are depleted, you will start to breathe heavily and lose control of your character until your stamina recovers or until something else happens to require your attention (like bleeding out).

The most commonly known method of getting food is hunting animals using a weapon like a bow, crossbow, or rifle. However, there is also the option to craft traps if you’d rather stay hidden while hunting rodents instead of making loud noises by firing guns. Finding water on the map is also equally important. You can drink from water sources such as ponds and brooks, but you will need a container to collect the water first. Luckily we included a hand-crafted glass bottle that you can fill up at these locations and carry with you to satisfy your thirst.

Weapons and Ammunition

Another key element for any survival game is weapons and ammunition and DayZ was no exception to this rule. Finding weapons while exploring Chernarus is very rewarding, however, they are rarer than other items so be on the watch! As of today, there are more than fifty possible weapons in-game ranging from melee implements like axes or machetes to firearms including pistols, shotguns, or fully automatic rifles There are even some extremely rare items such as the devastating M134 Minigun or melee weapons like a chainsaw. Naturally, finding a weapon is just half of the battle. You have to find ammunition and take care of it so that it doesn’t get wet for example.

Player vs Player Combat

Of course, one cannot survive in Chernarus without being exposed to dangers from other players from time to time. DayZ was designed from the very beginning with PvP combat in mind and we have made sure that direct player-to-player interaction will be an integral part of our game experience by including systems such as reputation, emotions, and survival instinct which change how you play when you meet another player for the first time; when interacting with becomes more frequent; when you have already established a long term relationship and finally when your character is about to die.


We want player interactions with other survivors to be as authentic as possible but did not want players to feel that they had been rob of their individuality by making them follow scripts or simple algorithms in order to react correctly.

We have thus included emotional states such as being scared, suspicious, angry, or friendly which alter the way you perceive the world depending on who you run into. You can increase your chances of survival by reading the emotional state of another player before interacting with him. This will help you anticipate his reaction while allowing for a wide range of improvisation during play.

Persistent World & Unlimited Zombies

When we started developing the game, one of our main focal points was to create a persistent world for players to enjoy. That means that throughout their stay in Chernarus they will always be part of the same world populate by the same characters and dangers. No save games or instances here!

The persistence system makes sure that these infected roam around endlessly trying to turn other people into members of their ever-growing zombie horde. Even if you hide somewhere deep in the woods your chances will not be good forever since eventually, you might have to come out for supplies or weapons forcing you into dangerous situations time after time again. Every step taken could be your last one.

Dynamic Loot & Degradation System

Another key part of DayZ is the dynamic loot system that spawn objects on locations chose by our powerful “Basket” technology that ensures all items are taken into account when determining what can be find where and under which conditions.

Each object has a certain quality level depending on its rarity, wear, damage, or modifications applied to it… meaning you might find something absolutely great but in terrible condition. Of course, life in the post-Soviet Union is not easy at all so many items you will come across are badly damage through years of heavy use or exposure to the harsh environment. Weapons jam, vehicle parts need constant repairs, and other tools for crafting often break with just one use.

Customization & Modding Support

We are trying to let players choose any clothes they like out of the massive number of items available in the game, but want them to be mindful about what they should wear depending on who or what they might bump into. Clothing can (and should) even affect your character’s mood and behavior… whether it is getting you more attention by other survivors due to bright colors; making you move faster if you don’t care about what you’re wearing or leaving fewer bloody footprints just because of plastic boots that cover up your tracks.

All this combine with our persistent world guarantee that players will not get lose in an environment where nothing ever changes unless it happens during their playtime.

Weapons Handling Dynamics

The inventory system features a complex set of dynamic rules for handling weapons and items in general. Everything is available through the inventory window which is divide into four sections to ensure that players really think about what they are doing before spending their precious time or virtual life.

Faction Wars & Player-Player Interaction

We paired up all three major warring factions (CDF, CCCP & NATO) with different ideologies and political views ensuring that you won’t be able to establish friendly relations with everyone you meet. Each faction has its own unique feeling, charm, and most importantly powerful leaders who will make sure their voices are hear.

The ranking system used by the game ensures that everything happens naturally without anyone feeling left out or dissatisfied through the power of delegation and promises.

Full Steam Integration & VAC Security System

Last but not least we made sure that the game will be integrate with Steamworks™ DRM giving players full access to achievements, stats, and workshop content allowing them to mod the environment they play in as much as their heart desires!

We also implement a fully working anti-cheat system using Valve’s VAC technology for enhance player security so you can have fun without having to worry about being ban or your items being stole by cheaters from other regions.

It just makes everything better! Almost forgot to mention our strong focus on community interaction – a friendly server browser will allow you to find a prefer mod server matching your tastes with ease!

MOD features :

– Unlimited Coins Unlimited Ammo Unlocked Weapons

HACK features:-

No adverts Invincible (if your health is full you can’t die) Remove License Verification.

FAQS about day r survival mod APK

What is the official information about this MOD APK?

This is an unofficial app made by fans of DEAD TRIGGER 2. Not affiliated with MADFINGER Games in any way. If you have any questions, send them to us at our email address below!

I can’t download or install day r survival mod apk?

We’re sorry for all inconvenience caused. Problems with installation should be fixed now.

Please try again and let us know if you still face problems!

Where can I download day r survival mode Mod APK?

You can download it from our website or from Google Play Store. It’s free, safe, and easy to use!

Why do I need a rooted device to play a day r survival mode Android game?

Since this is a modded APK of original game, if your device is not rooted you may face bugs that are not normally there in the original version.

So to avoid bugs and crashes while playing the game, it’s better to have a rooted device before installing Mod APKs!

Is it possible to hack day r survival mod apk?

Yes! We have included MOD APK with unlimited coins, ammo, etc so that you can enjoy playing the game without worrying too much about money or resources.

Will my data get erase after updating the day r survival mode apk?

Your data will NOT get erase during/after updates since this is just an AUGMENTED GAMEPLAY MOD of the original game.

If you want to update the game, back up your data and remove MADFINGER GAMES DEAD TRIGGER 2 from your device before installing DAY R SURVIVAL MOD APK.

How do I download day r survival mode apk?

It’s easy! Just follow these steps: Go to on your phone’s browser Click on the “Download” button Once it’s download, launch/open the file You can now start playing day r survival mode!

Can I play multiplayer on day r survival mod apk?

Sadly, this Mod is single-player only!

Why are some weapons locke in day r survival mode?

They are NOT lock, they are just hide until you reach certain levels.


I am very happy to share my latest MOD APK today, its name is day r survival mod APK and it’s a great game!

Just like the title says it’s a battle royale kind of game where you land on an island with 100 players and you have to be the last man standing, kill everyone else around, and be the winner of that round!

You start off landing and collecting supplies and weapons from different areas of the map and as soon as you pick up weapons they will disappear after some time so make sure to run around fast if you want to kill everyone else and get a good arsenal.

You can play solo or team up with someone, I mean you may not be the best while playing alone so joining a group will make it easier for you to win!

The gameplay is really fun since it’s fast-pace and requires quick reaction times if you want to survive, but still, there are no lags or anything like that!

The graphics are also very nice and well optimized for low-end devices. The control scheme is pretty easy, press on the left side of your screen in order to move left and right, swipe from down to up in order to sprint, and swipe from up to down in order to crouch/lie down.

What's new

✔️ Some bugs fixed



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