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Dawn of Zombies: Survival is a game where players must fight to survive in the dangerous situations that the game creates. Because of the destruction of the world, many people died, only a few people survived. But to survive from bacteria, radiation, and especially zombies is the most dangerous for the players. The game will take players to the world of fighting for survival, making players enjoy their lives more.

Dawn of the Zombies: Survival


The game will provide people with more than 60 modern weapons such as AK, M-16, Makarov pistol… to use in the process of fighting zombies. To use various modern weapons, players have to kill a lot of zombies to earn money to buy them. In addition, players can restore their bodies after battle with free food at their location. Players should be careful at night because that is the time when most enemies come to attack.

Dawn of the Zombies: Survival

There are many missions to complete

This feature may make players like it the most. Because the game Dawn of Zombies: Survival will provide many activities for players every day so that players can play without getting bored. Players can also use free vehicles such as bicycles or UAZ cars to move quickly during battle.

Dawn of the Zombies: Survival

Graphics that are real

One of the main reasons for a game like this is the graphics and sound. The interface in the game is very nicely designed and there is a constant change of the day tonight. The game scenes are not different from the famous movie about the fight for survival with zombies. Also, players can go invisible and hide in the forest to fight without being caught by the enemy. At the same time, together with the sound gradually make the battle more intense.

Dawn of the Zombies: Survival


Players will fight in different locations to complete quests, such as finding hidden treasures or discovering the last land. Not only that, but players can also communicate like joining different groups such as the army or scientists to be more powerful to fight and survive for a long time .

Dawn of the Zombies: Survival


Dawn of Zombies: Survival will be added by the manufacturer with many new features for players. Soon, the game will release a special feature to play with friends so that players can easily connect with their friends to fight for survival together. The game also allows players to develop their base to be bigger so that they can join the war with the guilds. At the same time, the game also makes it difficult for players to add spy drones to disrupt the battle.

While playing Dawn of Zombies: Survival, players will see the mysterious end of the land after the war. Those who are alive in this land are fighting for food and will kill each other to survive. Players will fight to survive on their own mouth with other survivors to kill zombies faster. And the players need to put their weapons carefully when the night falls because the zombies will be violent at this time.


  • Design and build models of land and land.
  • In addition to food, the Shelter provides a free way of re-energizing.
  • Protect yourself from ice and heat, sate your hunger and quench your thirst, recover from electricity and pain, and keep yourself alive.
  • Follow the plan: there are many people, hundreds of tasks, and notes to keep track of.
  • Use all types of transportation from bicycles to UAZ.
  • Visuals and lighting are accurate, with day and night transitions and air volume.
  • Follow the weird things that have been created in aberration aberration.
  • Waste places, dark forests, and ruined ruins full of zombies, bandits, and wild animals looking for prey can be found in this game.
  • Weapons that are imbued with elements to make your opponents burn and bleed
  • Trade and cooperation with various forces, from scientists to the military
  • Build your reputation with factions and characters to get special rewards.
  • Advanced crafting: more than 150 plans for weapons, armor, and vehicles included.
  • 60+ different types of guns, including AK-47, M-16, Makarov handgun, and Mosin-Nagant
  • Stealth mode: hide yourself in the forest, sneak up on your prey, and kill without being seen

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