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Dawn of zombie’s mod apk game has elevated view ongoing interaction with a zombie setting. Right now, there are numerous such endurance games.
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About dawn of zombies mod APK 2022

Dawn of zombies mod APK is an action game for android which is free on play store. In this game, you will face fierce zombies that are trying to attack you. You have to destroy those zombies with your weapon by using a different strategy.

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The game has attractive graphics that will attract you to play it.If you are a player who loves shooting games then this game is for you.

Features of the dawn of zombies mod APK

‘Dawn of the Dead’ is a new game developed by EKO Software, with an official license from Capcom. It has been an extraordinary adventure, where we have been working on a new title for two years. An original project using the experience and knowledge acquired from other games in this Genre.

A lot of features make this the best zombie game currently available on PC and Xbox One, with innovative gameplay that will set a new standard in the genre.

Here are innovative features that will make this game unique:

1) The first video game with an official license from Capcom

You’ve already enjoyed our work in L4D2, and if you ask us, they were great times. For almost five years we worked with the license of one of the most important best-selling saga on all platforms.

Now we feel that we have reached a new stage and that another great title is coming to our hands: ‘Dawn of the Dead. After L4D2, EKO Software has grown up and we are capable of offering you better graphics, more playability, and an incredible gore level.

For this reason, we signed a license agreement with Capcom (Japan) to be able to make ‘Dawn of the Dead’, which will give life to a classic movie from 1978.

The official adaptation was not easy; obtaining approval from Japan, coordinating communication between both companies; negotiating licenses for components such as music or images corresponding to some zombies  it took time and effort, but we have been able to do it. Japan has been very grateful for the work EKO Software is doing with all our love for this saga.

2) The first game of its kind

‘Dawn of the Dead’ will be a unique project in many senses, as it is a third-person shooter that mixes the action genre with the survival horror style. Thanks to this blend you can experience feelings never felt before: defend yourself from hordes of zombies, using weapons such as shotguns or bazookas; use objects around these levels as shields or even throw them against your enemies; manage resources to endure longer.

It’s up to you how well you survive! ‘Dawn of the Dead’ will show you a new way to play a zombie game, a genre where several titles have been released for the past years.

3) Two different stories with two main characters and time loops just like in ‘Timecrimes’ or ‘Rec’

The story of this project is simple: an epidemic of zombies that threatens the whole planet. In just one day society has collapsed, many people have died and others want revenge against those who remain alive.

Gamers will face these issues from two distinct perspectives: Ana, a policewoman on duty during the outbreak; Ramon, a former baseball player whose family has been kidnapped by someone. Both stories are independent but they will intersect as the action advances towards its end.

At EKO Software we are fans of movies like ‘Train to Busan’ or ‘The Crazies’, and that is why we have decided to include what you can see in the picture below:

Dawn of the Dead. The famous scene from 1978 where they leave a department store through its roof. A key moment for the story which will be present in our game

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Play Replay with sound Play with

4) We have developed an innovative system of time loops, something never seen before in any video game.

It’s incredible! At EKO Software we are very excited about developing new ideas, mixing genres, and giving gamers unimaginable experiences. For this, we research and play a lot of games, and we saw an interesting possibility: the time loops. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ will tell its story in two different periods: at present (2018) and eight months before (2018).

In both these moments, you will control Ana during her raids; but after some missions, something happens that causes all events to be repeated with small variations.

This means that you will relive the same raids again if you fail them or decide not to complete them but it’s not as easy as it sounds because your survival experience will give you additional skills and knowledge about how zombies behave, what weapons they carry making everything easier for you so it becomes difficult to lose! With this system, we can offer gamers a totally new experience in terms of challenge, replayability, and immersion.

5) A unique atmosphere in which you’ll feel the terror of being surrounded by thousands of zombies

The adaptation process was not easy but we are very happy with the results. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ is an ambitious project, maybe one of our most ambitious to date, creating a title that will never be forgotten when gaming history is written.

With very good graphics -something almost impossible for independent studios- moments to make your hair stand on end this game will reach all your senses!

The surprise factor will also increase thanks to several decisions made during its development: mixing realistic characters with high-quality animations; recreating an efficient control system adapted to consoles … it’s hard work but it will pay off.

6) Mods, mods everywhere!

‘Dawn of the Dead’ is under development using Unreal Engine 4, which has incredible support for this type of project. Thanks to its amazing tools any gamer can create content for our game by importing their own assets (3D models, environments.).

We want to offer gamers a game that can be modified in almost any way, and then play with their friends custom stories created by modders.

It’s an ambitious project, one that we at EKO Software are very excited about… professional games must not be the only ones offering players possibilities after their launch!

7) The plot will revolve around 7 types of zombies … you’ll learn why there are so many

We got a lot of questions about how many zombies will be present in ‘Dawn of the Dead. In our game, there are two main types: the regular ones that have already been seen in other film or video game adaptations, and special zombies. There are seven varieties in total! The regular zombie is rather weak when compared to other games where they usually attack in groups.

Here they do not go out if there isn’t enough light. If you are well hidden, you can easily escape them… but when your character is trapped, these things can become very dangerous because they are persistent! It’s also possible to use their constant vulnerability against them because they all have very low vitality points.

The Special Zombie is much more dangerous and is directly related to the events in the game, and they will appear along with normal zombies.

Thanks to ‘Dawn of the Dead’ we’ve been able to create a special effect that allows us to add green fire on their bodies when they are in rage mode, creating very spectacular scenes!

  • Zombies are trying to attack you so use your tactic to kill them –
  • Your killing weapon has limited time so use wisely or else they will be alive again –
  • You have unlimited life so no need to worry about being killed again and again –
  • Playing in night mode means more fun because there is less light and zombies can disturb your eyes –
  • This game requires an internet connection to save your score online. So enjoy the game without any interruption.
  • Dawn of zombies mod APK would be best for you who loves action games.
  • The game will offer you unlimited life and many more features that will make your experience delightful.
  • So download this game right now without any delay by clicking on the download button given below!

 Mod features

Below are some features of the game which you will experience after Dawn of zombies mod apk installation on your android device.

  • Unlimited life
  • Attractive graphics
  • Easy to play

How to install Dawn of zombies mod apk?

To install the game on your android device, follow the following steps: –

1- First of all click on the download button given below and save the file. –

2 – Now open the saved file and unzip it. –

3- You will find a .apk file there which has to be installed manually on your android device by using software called ‘ES explorer’.

4- After installing it successfully, you can start playing the game and enjoy its incredible features!

Instructions for playing the game: –

In this block of instruction, you will come to know about different controls and buttons used in the Dawn of zombies mod apk. So have a look at those instructions now:-

  • First click on the ‘start’ button given at the bottom right side of your screen and then press the back button to enjoy it further.
  • At the top left corner you will see information like health, life and more.
  • At the right side of the screen, you will see various weapons including grenades to kill zombies.
  • Moving on the left side of the screen means moving towards the left direction. So whenever you want to go towards right then move at left half part of your mobile.
  • To shoot or fire, click on the ‘fire’ button given at the bottom right corner. Before playing make sure that the internet connection is enabled in your device so it won’t get stop during play.

FAQS about Dawn of zombies mod apk

Q1. How can I install the Dawn of zombies mod apk on my android device?

Ans. To install the game on your android device, you have to follow the following steps: –

1- First of all click on the download button given below and save the file.

2- Now open the saved file and unzip it.

3- You will find a .apk file there which has to be installed manually on your android device by using software called ‘ES explorer’.

4- After installing it successfully, you can start playing the game and enjoy its incredible features!

So this was all in “FAQS about Dawn of zombies mod apk” hope you like our article about FAQS about Dawn of zombies mod apk.

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Steps to download dawn of zombies mod APK

1- Move to the end of the page and click on the download link which will send you to the download page

2- Here again tap on the download button and enable third-party resources to run

3- Uninstall the older version if downloaded

4- Lastly install the file in mobile file manager and start enjoying the game


Royal Ark. We craft the best action games every day as the publisher of the game and the game falls in the action category.

If you like killing zombies then you have the chance to enjoy a free 3d graphic game with tons of other stunning features.

The game has gain popularity from the release date and there are more than 50 million downloads and the number is increasing day by day.

We are thankful for visiting our site!!!   Hope you enjoyed this tutorial article with us!!!!! If you face any problem related to Dawn of zombies mod apk installation or gameplay then feel free to comment in the below section.

What's new

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— Finish the Fabergé Module, find festive masks and a new backpack appearance.
— Weapons with active abilities: Forest Guardian's Bow, Great Serpent's Soultaker, and AKM Volley.
— Special containers with increased capacity for storing raw planks and scrap metal.
— Several glitches fixed and performance improved.



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