Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) v2.0.4 Latest 2022

Dark days zombie survival mod APK is an action game for android. It enables you to be the hero of your own story. You will fight against zombies after a mysterious event causes human beings to turn into zombies. It's up to you how many people are still alive in this world.
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Dark days zombie survival mod APK 2022 is an action game for android. It enables you to be the hero of your own story. You will fight against zombies after a mysterious event causes human beings to turn into zombies.

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It’s up to you how many people are still alive in this world.

Dark days zombie survival mod APK 2022 has two modes

Normal mode – Survival

In this mode, you have to fight for your survival without any help from other survivors or allies. Just you and some objects at your disposal.

To gain honor points, keep surviving with no deaths by keeping humans alive around you until the end of the days. This is the most difficult of all three modes.

Still, it allows newbies an opportunity to get used to controls of the game before gradually being exposed to more challenging levels where they have limited ammunition and have to fight with fewer players.

In survival mode, you can set the days left, the difficulty of zombies, and the amount of ammunition available in the store.

This will be a significant factor in how strong a player is going to be when they start playing reality mode as all their weapons which are earned through honor points from normal mode, will be lost, and they will have to make do with whatever guns they pick up from dead enemies or stores.

Raid Mode

In this mode, you play as a special forces team member sent by government agencies to search for survivors in cities affected by an unknown event that turned most people into zombies.

In Raid mode, your character is not tie down emotion or feeling for other characters in the game. Your objective is to clear out all zombies in each city you are deploy to, rescue survivors found wandering around, and extract them to a safe zone by helicopter.

However, many obstacles will prevent you from accomplishing your objectives, which require you to use different strategies every playthrough.

Features of Dark days zombie survival mod APK

1- Gaining honor points for every killed zombie or survivor

2- The game’s difficulty adjusts according to the number of survivors found while searching the city.

3- Free download on google play store

4- Challenging gameplay experience with lots of killing zombies and saving survivors.

Steps to download and install the game

1- First of all, search the game on the google play store.

2- You will find it inside the action games category or a newly released section.

3- Now, click download and install to start playing this fantastic game.

FAQS about Dark days zombie survival mod APK

Q: Is the game multiplayer?

A: No, it is not. Currently, it has a single-player mode instead of a multiplayer one. However, multiplayer will be added to the game in future updates.

Q: Is there a way to play online or with other people?

A: The only way you can play this game is through playing as a single-player campaign which may become an online multiplayer campaign later on through constant updates from the developers.

In raid mode, you have the option to invite your friends into your team as long as they are present in that city as well as being on at the same time when you are logging in, which is also going to change when multiplayer becomes available for everyone who has installed this game alongside their friends.

Q: Why is there a lot of blood and killing going on in the game?

A: Well, the cause of the mysterious event which turned most people into zombies was not due to space radiation or some freak accident resulting from a nuclear meltdown.

It was already establish that it was alien technology that caused this event. So unless you are expecting humans to turn into friendly creatures that will gather together to play football or something, you should expect bullets flying everywhere and a lot of blood which suits the theme of a zombie apocalypse very well.

Q: Is it a first-person shooter or third person?

A: It’s an action 3D first-person android game where you have complete control over your character’s movement with both the joystick as well as buttons.

Q: Will the game be update with new features?

A: Yes, it will receive lots of updates throughout its lifespan. The developers are working hard to bring the community new excellent features, levels, and characters to play with. So you can expect frequent updates, which will include anything from bug fixes, new plots, and items/weapons added to the store for purchase with in-game currency while still keeping some challenges intact, making it even more fun and exciting to play.

Final Verdict on Dark days zombie survival mod APK

This is a fun and exciting zombie survival android game where your character’s ability is based on how many survivors they save or kill while playing through city levels. There is no multiplayer mode but only single-player available at this moment.

New updates will be release soon, which will fix bugs, add new characters, and hopefully, a multiplayer mode to the game or, if that’s not possible, then a raid mode where your friends can join you in a survival mission in any city.

What's new

• Bug fixes
• Optimize performance



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