Criminal Case MOD APK 2.38.2 (Unlimited Money/Energy) Latest 2022

Get free criminal case mod APK, an adventure game for an android platform that includes unlimited money and energy.
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Get free criminal case mod APK 2022, an adventure game for android platform that includes unlimited money and energy. You have to check it on the Google play store.

About criminal case mod APK 2021

Criminal Case MOD APK (unlimited everything) is an adventure game for android, and the mod version includes unlimited energy and money. The game is about a detective who investigates the death of people and finds clues to solve the case.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other amazing adventure games then try LONEWOLF, Live or Die: Survival and Pokemon Go which are also excellent games to play.

There are two modes in this game, one is a single-player mode, and the other is a multiplayer mode where two players play against each other.

The graphics are pretty impressive with excellent sound effects, which makes this game very interesting. When you download the criminal case mod APK, it automatically unlocks all levels and stages, which means no need to purchase anything anymore!

Amazing features of criminal case game

If you are a big fan of crime investigation games and looking for some new options, then criminal case mod APK (free shopping) is the best option to try. It’s a murder mystery game with an exciting storyline and amazing features. Here we will tell about ten cool and amazing features you will love in this game:

Collect Clues

In a criminal case game, you have to collect clues that help you solve the case. You will find different clues throughout the game that can be combined with each other to provide new facts about the crimes. The more clues you discover, the easier it is for you to find out who committed the crime.

Investigate Crime Scenes

All crimes take place in different locations, so you need to travel to these sites. For this purpose, you will be provided with crime scene kits that allow you to see the evidence found at the site of the crime. You can also take pictures of the evidence and send them for forensic analysis.

Examine Evidence

When you receive a new clue about an item involved in the case, tap on it to examine it further. This will help you find more information about that particular clue or to compare it with other clues that are already known to you. Once all necessary comparisons have been made, select your final deduction based on all available details related to your investigation work with Criminal Case Game Hack.

Question witnesses suspects

Criminal Case Hack has different types of cases that require the questioning of different kinds of people. You will get to question dozens of witnesses and suspects throughout the game. Each time you question someone, you will find out new information about your case.

Interrogate Suspects

When you have gathered enough evidence, tap on the suspect list icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. Here you will be given a chance to interrogate all possible suspects in order to reveal they’re true intentions. To get more accurate results, make sure to ask questions related directly to each suspect’s action linked with the criminal activity for Criminal Case Hack.

Investigate Locations And Scenes Of Crime

Once you are done with suspect interrogation, visit crime scenes or locations and tap on your magnifying glass icon to check for any information that is hidden from plain sight.

Collect Clues And Compare With Test Results

As you progress through the game, you will come across more advanced levels which require collecting various types of clues and sending them for forensic analysis. Here, not only will you compare your results with the ones shown in the lab report but also with those available at other crime scenes or sites related to this case. Your task won’t be completed until and unless all these comparisons are made correctly which we do use Criminal Case Cheats.

Reveal The Identity Of A Mastermind By Revealing His/her Location

Once all crime scenes and locations have been checked thoroughly as mentioned above, you will finally come to know about the mastermind’s location. So it becomes your duty to reveal this information by tracking his every move.

Find Out Who Is The Murderer

Criminal Case Cheat has an exciting storyline that gets more and more interesting as your level increases. Thanks to the serial nature of the game which means that levels are not randomly generated unlike other crime investigation games but rather sequentially designed for you to play one after another allowing you access to exciting new features with each new level. This creates an emotionally engaging environment where players can always look forward to something new in Criminal Case Hack.

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You can also download Criminal Case MOD APK (unlimited Money) so on this game to solve the case and figure out who is the person behind all these crimes. So, try your hands at solving a crime mystery each day with this exciting new release from Pretty Simple Games.

Also note that you can use our Criminal Case Cheats which will help you get unlimited energy, gold, and stars in order to make things much easier for you. So use them now and become a pro player easily.

MOD features

  • Unlimited energy

Criminal Case MOD APK Latest Version has 3d quality graphics, which makes your gaming experience awesome on your android phone. It contains 100+ challenging storylines on various crimes like murder, theft, etc.

There are different special characters on it which makes this game even better. With each level completion, your rank increases, and new cases are unlocked.

  • Unlimited money

To buy or upgrade things, you need money, so if you get unlimited money, you can get anything for free anytime. On the pc version of the criminal case mod APK, there is no use of actual cash.

Instead, there are in-app purchases. That’s why they provide unlimited money. You need to download the criminal case mod APK and play whenever you want without any restrictions!

How to install criminal case mod APK?

To download the Criminal Case Mod MENU APK, click the button below to visit the official website of

You can also download other apps from that site! After you are done with it, follow the instructions on their website, and your task will be completed in no time! Enjoy!!!

FAQS about criminal case mod APK

Question 1: Does this mod works on android?

Answer 1: Yes, it works 100% fine with any android device. It is the latest version which automatically updates when you are connected to the internet! Also, it is virus-free, so no need to worry about anything at all!

Question 2: What devices does the game support?

Answer 2: It supports all android devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Also, it supports all screen resolutions, for example, 720p,1080p, and some old screen resolutions like 240*320, etc.

Question 3: What’s the minimum age required for this game?

Answer 3: You will be surprised, but there is no such restriction on this game. Even kids can play it because it contains no violence, blood, or anything harmful to them!

Question 4: Does this game need internet?

Answer 4: It is an offline game, so you don’t require any internet at all. But if you want to get the latest updates, you will need internet, but only when the game is loaded on your device. Otherwise, there is no need for internet on your mobile device!

Question 5: Is criminal case mod APK safe to use?

Answer 5: Yes, this mod is a 100% safe and secure app to download. It has complete security against viruses and malware attacks with an auto-update feature when connected to WIFI or data network.

It also contains no advertising or spamming, which makes this game perfect for all age groups!

Also, It gives unlimited money and energy to the player; therefore, it is a good choice as far as gaming is concerned because you don’t need to buy anything anymore!

On the other hand, the game has an easy tutorial that means anyone can play it without any difficulties! That’s all about criminal case mod APK now enjoy playing this fantastic game with unlimited resources!!!!!!!!!

What’s More in this mod? 

With the Criminal Case Mod APK, the client gets two benefits as limitless energy,

which will assist you with tackling cases and move up the stepping stool quicker and the affirmation of getting the most extreme potential hints,

which will decrease the time taken to address the cases eventually prompting the more cases being settled and higher positioning.

This, in the long run, makes the mod APK a better decision than the elemental form.


I hope you enjoyed reading about “how to install criminal case mod APK” article! If you have any problems regarding this subject or want to know more about it, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’m always happy to help my friends out, so feel free to drop a line !!! Thanks for visiting my blog post !!!! 🙂



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