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Download the latest version of cooking fever Mod APK and learn cooking delicious foods around the globe also get training in time management.
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Cooking Fever Mod APK

Download the latest version of cooking fever Mod APK and learn cooking delicious foods around the globe also get training in time management.

Gameplay Of Cooking Fever    

Cooking fever game was published on the play store in 2015 and the publisher of the game is Nordcureent and there are more than 100M active users of the game around the world.

Moreover, the game is very addictive so can consume lots of time and it falls in the category of arcade games.

The idea of the game is very simple so people around the globe love the idea of cooking fever games and appreciate the mind of the developer of the game.

Geometry Dash Mod APK

The fundamental role of the game is to teach you how to cook different foods so the game is perfect for the lover of chefs who want to learn more dishes to learn.

There are different dishes to learn in the game like deserts, Chinese cuisine, fast foods, and many more, on the other hand, you can make your kitchen more beautiful by decorating it.

To make practice for more and more dishes in a short time you can use multiple ingredients for cooking practice.

Cooking fever all restaurants 

In the cooking fever game, there are different locations for restaurants and you can select which you think is perfect for attracting more customers.

Chinese Restaurant


Seafood Bistro

Chinese Restaurant


Seafood Bistro

Breakfast Café

Sushi Restaurant

Hard Rock Café

Breakfast Café

Sushi Restaurant

Hard Rock Café (Rock & Roll Bar)

Cooking fever breakfast café

Breakfast café is the place where you can expect maximum customers at each level so be active to serve your customer quickly and save the food from burning otherwise you will lose the coins.

To serve the maximum customer at a time fill your cooking pans with food, in this way you have lots of ready food for the customers.

Another important tip is that upgrade your kitchen appliances to cook the food in less time and to make your customer happy.

Cooking fever Indian diner

In an Indian restaurant, you can serve your customers many things like a pancake, masala chai, sumbar, and lots of other verities.

To serve all these items to your customers you need to upgrade your kitchen appliances like kitchen interior, make strategies, and overview the tasks.

Cooking fever tournament

Players can take part in a cooking fever tournament which will cost 20 gems and 20000 coins and you should be at level 20 in the restaurant and have access to all the cooking machines.

Also, you need to complete maximum levels without losing any and you will rank at a higher position and also can check ranks on the leaderboard.

If any player fails to complete the levels he needs to start from level one but also you can get a second chance by spending 2 gems.

To reach the top 10 players you need to be very competitive and quick and also ready to spend lots of gems and time to play the game.

100 players are participating in this tournament.

Cooking fever tips

You can win the game every time if you follow some tips like

1- By accessing the casino you should play the game daily at 500 coin level until you get 15 gems and it’s the best way to earn gems.

2- Every restaurant you own will earn the coins every 24 hours so wait to click on the claim button until you win at the casino.

3- Play the game regularly as you earn 7 gems after completing each level.

4- If you have only coins, not gems then spend these coins only on the interior of the kitchen.

Features of cooking fever game                

Cooking fever game includes lots of the features some of the prominent features discussed below

  • There are 13 different unique places for cooking different dishes like fast food, pizza, Indian food, seafood, and many more.
  • You will learn time management in the game because to cook any specific food you will be given time in which you have to cook so don’t waste your time.
  • In the cooking fever game, there is a very large map so you can get access and open the new places where you can travel.

Cooking Fever APK

Download cooking fever APK and cook tasty meals and desserts from around the world also learn time management by playing cooking fever APK.

Cooking fever APK is a very addictive game with different 13 unique locations like fast food, desserts, oyster bar, and many more.

The game is especially for girls but if you like to cook different dishes then it’s also best for you and for your cooking skills practice you can choose different settings and cooking techniques.

To cook a variety of dishes you can use hundreds of recipes and ingredients and use all the kitchen appliances like coffee maker, rice cooker, pizza oven, and popcorn makers, etc.

Moreover, to attract more customers you can decorate your kitchen and earn more and more profit and also upgrade your kitchen to make new dishes.

Cooking Fever APK pros

  • Best time management game
  • Perfect app to spend your free time
  • Learn different cooking techniques
  • A popular game among children and adults

Cooking fever APK cons

  • To upgrade the kitchen and other products you need lots of gems
  • Real money needed to get gems
  • Very hard after some levels

Cooking Fever pc

If you want to get full fun of the game then download and install the cooking fever pc where you will get amazing game graphics on the large screen.

Also on pc games become very easy to handle and control as you are using mouse and keyboard.

As the game is addictive so you may play the game all day so on pc you are free not to recharge the battery every time.

How to get gems          

If you want to get access to more features of the game then you have to collect gems and for that, you need to follow some tips for getting more gems.

  • Try to improve your time by cooking the food at the right time then there are chances you will get more gems.
  • Try to expand the tracked experienced level to get more gems
  • Open and play the game daily so you can get gems on daily basis.
  • If you will make good food you can attract more customers and more customers mean more profit and so more gems.

Cooking fever Mod APK           

If you don’t have time to follow the above-mentioned tips then you can easily download the modified version of the game at the bottom of the page.

As this latest version free to download and you will get access to unlimited gems and many other features without any hard work.

Also, this cracked version of the app is best for those who cannot access to play store and love to play the cooking fever game.

Features of cooking fever Mod APK

  • Learn to cook many of the techniques
  • Get access to many of the recipes and ingredients
  • You can move to any level you want by using a modified version
  • Get unlimited gems, coins, and gold.
  • No chance of getting banned as it’s fully secured.

Cooking fever cheats

If you are looking for cooking fever cheats then you should go to the bottom of the page and download and install the Mod APK we have provided.

Which is free to download and includes no hidden charges also 101% working file without any malware and you don’t need to worry about getting banned because we have tested it

Cooking fever cheats include unlimited gems and coins and also free gems generator without human verification.

These cooking fever cheat codes help you to get all these items without doing any hard work and spending any real money

How to download and install cooking fever Mod APK

1- Move to the bottom of the page

2- Click on the download button

3- You will be sent to another download page

4- Here click on the download button and your download will start in a few seconds

5- Now go to mobile setting and enable third party app

6- Move to file manager and click on the downloaded file to install

7- After a few seconds you will get your app installed on the phone

FAQS about cooking fever Mod APK

On which devices we can play the cooking fever game?

You can play the game on your smartphone, PC, and also Mac.

Are there ads while playing a cracked version of the game?

No there are no ads while playing the game because we know that ads during the game irritate you and divert your attention from the game.

Do we need internet to connect to play the cooking fever game?

Yes, the game is being played by using the internet to collect rewards and upgrade different things.

Are there unlimited levels in the cooking fever game?

No, the game includes more than 1000 levels.

What are the Cooking fever achievements?

By completing different challenges and levels you become eligible to get different rewards and gems which help you to upgrade your kitchen and make it more unique.

How to get Cooking fever bakery?

You can unlock the cooking fever bakery at experience level 4 by spending 5000 coins and 10 gems and will be able to bake and serve cakes, milkshakes, and espresso to your customers.

Also when you reach level 15 you can get access to cupcakes which customers always demand and the bakery is the location where you can earn 732 coins daily.

Which is the Cooking fever best restaurant?

Are you wondering which restaurant is best in the cooking fever game to earn more money? Then you should look at the given restaurants.

Hell’s Kitchen

10000 + 15 gems


Ice Cream Bar

15000 + 25 gems

Paradise Island

Paradise Cocktail Bar

25000 + 25 gems

Paradise Island

Corn Dog Van

25000 + 25 gems

Paradise Island

How to get Cooking fever casino?

You can unlock cooking fever casino at level 7 and it does not need any money and gems to unblock and casino is situated in the city.

The basic purpose of the casino for players is to earn more coins and gems by gambling. And there are chances that you may double or triple your money.

How to participate in Cooking fever challenge?

In the cooking fever challenge, the players need to complete 15 special levels to earn 30000 coins and 30 gems.

And if you want to participate in the challenge you should have 14 gems and 16500 coins.

How to get Cooking fever diamonds?

No diamonds are used in the cooking fever game but people call gems and coins diamonds and in the game, it’s very easy to earn coins but hard to win gems.

How to get Cooking fever extra clients?

Are you looking to earn extra clients in the game then you need to decorate your kitchen and appliances and provide the best food to your customer?

To make your clients happy you need to be very quick and use automatic machines which take less time to make several dishes.

How to earn Cooking fever-free diamonds?

If you are looking for cooking fever-free diamonds then there is no item with the name of diamonds but here in the game, there are coins and gems which you can earn free by using different techniques.

How to access Cooking fever ice cream bar?

You can get access to the cooking fever ice cream bar after clearing 27 levels and it cost you around 25 gems and 15000 coins to unlock.

You can serve your customer’s different ice creams like strawberry, chocolate ice, kiwi, vanilla, and many more.

How to purchase Cooking fever sandwich shop?

You can purchase the sandwich shop by spending 25 gems and 35000 coins and it’s located at the paradise island.

Last words

If you are a lover of games and also spend your time cooking then cooking fever is for you because you will learn different methods of cooking.

More importantly, you will teach time management which is also a very important factor in real life.

Lastly, if you don’t have access to the play store then is here to help you where you can download easily and free of cost.

Cooking fever video

Lastly, if you are new to the game you can check the cooking fever video at the bottom of the page and there are images to look at.


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