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Download the latest version of clash of clans Mod APK and build your village also raise a clan and do battle with different enemy clans. So clans are you ready to fight?
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Download the latest clash of clans Mod APK 2022, build your village, raise a family, and do battle with different enemy clans. So lines, are you ready to fight?

About clash of clans game 2022

One of the best battle games on the play store with more than 500M downloads and 4.5 ratings and also spread around the world very quickly.

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on the other hand, the game’s story is that you need to raise your clans and take them to the battle against the enemies.

In addition to this, you need to make your clans more assertive and build your village and make it secure from the barbarian invaders.

Moreover, to grow your empire against the enemies, you can join your forces with other players to make them stronger and to protect your territory.

One of the best features of the clash of clans game is that you can add your friends and family members to your clan.

On the other hand, to make your people secure from attackers, you need to upgrade your village defenses using cannons, catapults, and many more things.

To ensure the village’s security, you can build farms, town halls, military bases, and many more constructions and make your village like you can call it home.

Moreover, if you don’t want to create your clan, you can join other players’ lines quickly, and there will be some other boss of the family.

On the other hand, if you build your clan and more muscular, there are more chances to target your family, so you need to work together to increase your defense system.

Clash of clans download mac 

Yes, you can download the game for android, pc, and a clash of clans for mac download.


Clash of clans characters

There are many characters in the game, but some prominent characters list is below.

  • Barbarians. The Barbarian is the first unit you unlock in the barracks.
  • Archers. An archer is a ranged unit.
  • Goblins. The Goblin is the fastest character in the game.
  • Giants.
  • Wall Breakers.
  • Balloons.
  • Wizards.
  • Healers.

Clash of clans clan names   

You can create your line, hire the other players, set the name as you want, and get the idea from the list below.

  • Ideal Lightning.
  • King Zurich army.
  • Watts’ warriors.
  • Brahmasmi soldiers.
  • Dharma Gurus.
  • Commando2.
  • AmIKilling.
  • Kill Steal No Deal.

Tips for playing clash of clans

If you follow the given tips, you can win the game easily

  • When one clan goes to attack the other line, they will defiantly leave their bases empty, so here is the chance to quickly get more loot from the ground because there is no one to target you.
  • Make sure to upgrade your collectors and mines to secure you when there is war
  • Also, make sure not to break your shield while attacking the enemies as the protection is the only thing that protects your village, and even attacks the enemies when there are around 30 minutes left on guard.

Features of clash of clans

  • A new feature which gives you access to the fearsome power of super troops from town hall 11 which takes your attacks to the next level
  • Heroes beware quality allows you to short work of enemy heroes and defensive troops
  • New updates and levels for town halls 11 to 13.
  •  Create own as well as join the clan of other players
  •  Fight with opponents as a team
  • You can test your skills and make you and prove yourself best
  • To get magic items, you can work together with your clan
  • To upgrade your village, you can get loot from other families base
  • You can create custom PVP experiences by participating in live events and friendly wars.
  •  Unlock many other unique heroes like Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine.
  • You can learn new tactic and experiment in practice mode by joining your team and clan
  •  Build a base and discover new buildings and characters in this adventurous world
  • Also, collect different hero’s skins by customizing your village.

Clash of clans APK   

Download the latest clash of clans APK and enjoy one of the best and top trending management games on the internet.

In the game, you will find your team members in the village where you have to grow them and make them monsters against your opponents as you are the team leader.

If you make your people healthy, there are chances to destroy your enemies in different missions and kill more enemies.

In the clash of clans APK, there are two different stages where you have to build the base’s structure and hire the people in the team.

On the other hand, you have to participle in real-time battles where you have to make strategies and show your skills to other players.

Ten different units are used to build up your strategy by getting money and gaining more experience.

To make your village stronger from the opponents, you have to build a healthy defense system.

If you like strategy games then clash of clans APK is one of the recommended game which is free to download and install.

You can download and install the clash of clans APK from the bottom of this post, 100% working and free from any malware.

About clash of clans Mod APK

Clash of clan Mod APK is a modified version of the original game, which some third party has cracked for you to make the game very easy to play and unlock many of the premium features free of cost.

Features of clash of clans Mod APK

By using a modified version of clash of the clan, you can get access to many of the paid features free of cost

  • You will get the Mod menu
  • Get access to many of the crucial things like (Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Gems/Builder Gold/Builder Elixir)
  • You will get training camp and spell factory in a larger size
  • In this Mod APK, you will get a private server
  • Also can get access to many other features
  • Get unlimited money

We cannot discuss every feature here, so you will find unlimited other features when playing the game.

How to download clash of clans Mod APK

The process of Mod is the same as the original clash of clans

  • Scroll down the page and click on the download button
  • It will redirect you to another download page
  • Click on the download button, and a few seconds later, the download will start automatically
  • Uninstall the original app from the phone
  • Go to settings and enable third party app
  • Go to file manager and click the downloaded file to install
  • Finally, you are ready to play the game and will see the icon of the game on your phone screen

To chat with your clan, you can use different commands like 

/cut – clear all obstacles

/easy – upgrade all buildings to max level for your town hall

/help – show all commands

/id – show you id

/refill – get max resources

/the level –upgrade the base to the level

/fired – dismiss the troops

FAQS about the clash of clans Mod APK

How to get a modified version of clash of clans?

You can easily download clash of clans Mod APK from and enjoy the game without any tension.

What features will we get in the modified version of clash of clans?

You will get access to many of the features like unlimited money, and a private server also accesses to many skins of heroes, etc.

Can we hack the clash of clans game?

You don’t need to original clash of clans game. Download the modified version from the and enjoy the hacked with unlimited features.

What is clash of clans hack?


Download and install the modified version provided at the end of the post to get the clash of clans to hack, free to download.

Also, by using the cracked version, you can get access to premium features of the game and too many other features that are limited in the original game.

Luckily you can use the provided modified version for ios which is also called clash of clans hack ios.

Is clash of clans for PC available?

Firstly game was introduced for android, but after the colossal success, the clash of clans PC introduced also got immense popularity.

Moreover, clash of clans PC download is free and demands no real money, and there are no hidden charges.

By playing clash of clans PC, you can get the game’s real experience on a bigger screen and can handle the game easily by using a mouse and keyboard.

On PC, you can get excellent game graphics, and you don’t need to recharge the battery every time, like in a smartphone.

How to get clash of clans free gems?


Gems are an essential component in the game because you can get many features by spending some gems.

You can get clash of clans free gems by installing the Mod APK of clash of clans, which is available in some steps to make the download process simple.

How to get clash of clans account for free?

Getting a clash of clans to account for free is not a piece of cake, but we have made this easy for you by providing Mod APK of the game.

Also, check the given list, which may help you.

TH 4

For this type of account, I am sharing a free account with low TH, which is TH 4; please take the report below.

Email: [email protected]

Password : rahmannur12

Email: [email protected]

Password: sansinta878

Email: [email protected]

Password: kuskusman732

Email: [email protected]

Password : david873

Email: [email protected]

Password: wijaya098

Email: [email protected]

Password: rahkosusi123

Email: [email protected]

Password : paruparu666

TH 5

In this part of the account, there is a collection of free COC accounts with TH 5; some are still in TH 4.

Email: [email protected]

Password : myclanfar4

Email: [email protected]

Password: juragancl4n

Email: [email protected]

Password : mas.and1k4h

Email: [email protected]

Password : stuardfam7

Email: [email protected]

Password : 1234fatimah

Email: [email protected]

Password : sahuankit

Email: [email protected]

Password : ashisad12345

TH 6

I gave a collection of TH 6 COC accounts updated today; some are already TH 7 too.

Email: [email protected]

Password: mahrez12

Email: [email protected]

Password : hani.gal3ss

Email: [email protected]

Password: tamsirfikr1

Email: [email protected]

Password: hanuman001

Email: [email protected]

Password : shahrukh

Email: [email protected]

Password : @0607199022

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TH 7

The accounts below are some of my free COC stock accounts with the majority of TH 7.

Email: [email protected]

Password: icik1wir

Email: [email protected]

Password: mandagug1

Email: [email protected]

Password : mediac0cku

Email: [email protected]

Password : clanhubb678

Email: [email protected]

Password: browsecl4n

Email: [email protected]

Password : mam3n.clanjkt

Email: [email protected]

Password : hui11man

Email: [email protected]

Password : tarakan5578

TH 8

The types of accounts below are some of my remaining TH 8 account reserves; there are also random accounts with TH 9.

Email: [email protected]

Password: fapetrik46

Email: [email protected]

Password: rafidarsal18

Email: [email protected]

Password: margamulya21

Email: [email protected]

Password : mangana56

Email: [email protected]

Password : donh3r0ld

Email: [email protected]

Password : kalimantan55

Email: [email protected]

Password : 669wendygilang

Email: [email protected]

Password : cob.clan18

TH 9

Now I will share a collection of free COC accounts with Town Hall level 9, but there are still TH 8 ones.

Email: [email protected]

Password : nuri6789

Email: [email protected]

Password: yogayogi67

Email: [email protected]

Password: nazrie86

Email: [email protected]

Password: fauzziresty4

Email: [email protected]

Password: carij4l4n

Email: [email protected]

Password: nouvalcoccaps5

Email: [email protected]

Password : mas.ipenk

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TH 10

TH 11

How to get Clash of clans account finder?


You can get the clash of clans to account finder feature in a modified version of the game, which we think you have downloaded.

How to get clash of clans base?


If you are looking to make a perfect clash of clans base, then for building town hall, it takes 45 days, and each barracks takes around 14 days.

And for getting upgraded everything for the base, the cost is around 1688882 gems, and the price for these gems is $12068.

But in Mod APK, you can get unlimited clash of clans gems, so you don’t need to spend any real money.

What is clash of clans builder base?


The clash of the clans’ builder base’s essential purpose is to upgrade other buildings and build many more buildings and have nothing to do with the troops.

But the laboratory is here in the game to upgrade your troops where the base builder is used to make a clash of clans best defense against the opponents.

Which is the Clash of clans best base?

There are the different clash of clans best base ideas on the internet. You can see the images for base ideas from google as well as from Pinterest.

What is clash of clans bot?


The best and safest bot in clash of clans is Clashfarmer, which is available with anti-banking technology, saving you from banning the account.

On the other hand, the other bots may help you for the short term, but there is a chance your account can be suspended.

How to get Clash of clans background?

 If you are new to the game and want to see clans backgrounds, tons of images are available on the internet.

What are clash of clans cheats?


The game is not easy because if you are new to the game, you win not understand what you have to do and how to make different strategies and defend against the enemies.

It will take most of your time to master the game and try it again and again but don’t worry because we are here to help you.

Download and install the mod APK we have provided in this post and get clash of clans cheats, which are very helpful in every aspect.

You can get the game free’s premium features without doing hard work by using these clash of clans cheat codes.

How to get clash of clans free gems generator?   

Use the modified version and get your clash of clans gems generator, which will help you get unlimited gems and spend them on upgrading your troops and building a strong defense and base.

How to clash of clans hack version download?

Scroll down the page and install the cracked version and get unlimited items and resources like clash of clans free accounts, clash of clans hack gems, clash of clans server hack, clash of clans unlimited    

everything, clash of clans private server, and many more.   

What is clash of clans net worth?


Clash of clans is a top-rated and trendy game, and there are millions of players around the world, and the net worth of clash of clans will make you amaze.

Clash of Clans Annual Revenue




















 Source: Statista

Who is the clash of clans owner?


Every clash of clans lover knows the game owner, but if you don’t know, then his name is Ilkka Paananen, and the publisher is Finnish mobile game development company Supercell. 

Is clash of clans online game?

Clash of clans is an online game where you need to have an internet connection because it’s available in large size and will consume larger space on your device.

I don’t think there is any feature to clash clans offline, but you will need the internet to download and install the game.

Is clash of clans PC  available? 

Clash of clans PC is the best source to get the game’s real experience where you will get outstanding graphics.

Clash of clans on PC, you can play the original game and clash clans light and available in the latest version.

Also, by playing the game on PC, you will get a clash of clans’ new updates, including different challenges and features to make the game more versatile.

Who is clash of clans queen?


Clash of clans queen is the most important and influential character in the game, which can damage the opponents higher and shoot 1.5 tiles farther than ordinary troops or archers.

Queen can shoot three arrows that can target multiple enemies and get healthy if injured by sleeping for some time and can be used again.


What is clash of clans release date?

Clash of clans was released on August 2, 2012.

How to watch clash of clans videos?

If you are new to the game and have no idea about it, you can watch the clash of clans videos from youtube and the game trailer from this website.


We hope you have got the idea of the game. If you are new and looking best battle game and the game is a little tricky, so for your ease, we have introduced a modified version of the game.

Let’s go and download the clash of clans Mod APK and access unlimited premium features without spending any penny.

Also, don’t worry about getting banned because we have already tested this Mod and then provided it to you.

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