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The chapters mod apk will help you get more coins and gems. It is an easy way to make your game experience better by enjoying it without any need of working hard. If you play the game using this app, then there are chances that you can also enjoy other benefits like unlimited energy or even unlock all levels in just one go!
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Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK Premium choices 2022 will help you get more coins and gems. It is an easy way to make your game experience better by enjoying it without any need of working hard.

If you play the game using this app, then there are chances that you can also enjoy other benefits like unlimited energy or even unlock all levels in just one go!

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key features of Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK (unlimited diamonds)

Chapters game is a new type of online social networking game. It’s a combination of web and mobile games, with the background story working as a thread connecting them all. The ultimate goal of the game is to determine your destiny by choosing between different chapters in your life. Every player can customize their avatar, create their clothes and then build their fashion empire.

My Avatar

– Your fashion avatar is the main character in the story. The avatar’s name, gender, and clothing preferences can be customized by each player before entering the game world;

My Shop

– You start your fashion business with a small wardrobe, and your first collection of clothes consists of three items. You can also visit other players’ shops to purchase clothes;

My Style

– Every player has a unique style for their avatar, as well as a personal set of favorite colors. A style is not only the reflection of an avatar’s fashion taste but also one of the most important factors determining clothing prices in online stores;


– The main play area is the metropolis, where both individual stores and city malls available for sale are located. All stores have a list of items on offer that players can buy with gold coins or diamond rings.

Stories in Chapters Mod APK (Unlimited keys and diamonds 2021)

– An essential part of the game is stories, which provide you with missions to complete. Completing the story is the only way to unlock new chapters;

Legends in chapters mod APK

– There are four legends in the game, each having its mission and background story for you to follow. You can choose one of them after entering a metropolis for free;

Fashion Shows

– The main event that happens every week is fashion shows (held on Fridays). Players will be able to supply clothes they have designed through My Shop for this event, allowing their creations to appear on the catwalk. Winning a fashion show unlocks another chapter in your destiny;

Quests in chapters mod APK

– Every player has their daily quests list with tasks they need to complete during 24 hours;

fashions Trends in chapters mod APK

– Each season has its unique fashion trend, and players follow their favorite style to find new clothes.

Pets in chapters mod APK

– Pets help you earn money more quickly, as they can work in your shop while you’re away from the game world. Different kinds of pets have different skills. For example, a dog can sniff out any hidden resources on the map of a metropolis, but a cat is good at earning gold coins from other players’ shops.

Currently, there are two chapters available: My Own Style Chapter one and Legends Chapter one. The next chapters will be unlocked after three weeks by completing missions or purchasing diamonds rings at the shop or inside of each chapter. Players need diamonds rings when unlocking new chapters so they should think twice before spending them.

The game is available in two languages: English and Russian. Chapters game is a new kind of social networking, where you create your own story and share it with other players.

Steps to download and install chapters mod APK

1- You need to download and install the project’s launcher (you can find it on Google Play or App Store)

2- After launching, choose your desired language and click “PLAY!”

3- Log in using either Facebook Connect or email address.

4- The game will start downloading and take up about 200 MB of free

5- Once you launch the game, you’ll see a tutorial about basic control and gameplay elements.

6- Now you’re ready for chapter one! Have fun playing chapters!

FAQS about chapters mod APK

Q: How can I purchase diamonds rings?

A: You can purchase them inside of the chapter’s game itself. Also, your friends might give you some as a present.

Q: What is the best way to earn money?

A: Pets are great for earning lots of gold coins quickly. Check out the “pets” page in the game’s shop and pick up an animal that suits you best. Gold coins will help you unlock new chapters faster than any other resource!

Q: How do I leave my current chapter? Can I go back to it later?

A: Every story has a beginning and an end, but there’s no need to hurry everything up! If you’re stuck on a level or just want to move on, you can leave your current chapter at any time. Just tap on the “Chapter rating” button in the game’s menu to see how many diamonds rings it will cost you to advance to the next story. You can also change chapters later, but all progress that you’ve made will be lost.

Q: How do I restart my chapter?

A:- First, make sure that there are no active tasks in your current chapter. If this is not the case, complete them before trying anything else;

– Tap on any of the “chapter rating” buttons inside of My Shop or in the game’s menu;

– Choose a new character for your next adventure and tap on the “ART” button;

– The chapter will start from the beginning, but you’ll have all your previous progress along with new tasks and items.

Q: How do I unlock a new chapter?

A: You can unlock it by completing quests or purchasing diamonds rings inside of the My Own Shop menu. For example, to unlock Chapter two in Legends you need to complete 5 quests (1 quest per day) and spend 6200 diamonds rings.

Q: What is fame level used for?

A: Fame level defines how strong your character is in their destiny. Your fame determines the number of health points that your character has during combat battles, so train hard to get high fame!

Conclusion of chapters mod APK

I’ve been playing this game for about a week now and it is so addictive. All the different chapters of the story, building up to one epic finale! The graphics are realistic and stunning. It makes me feel like I am there with these characters that we all know and love from Harry Potter. What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments below!

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