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Download one of the simplest puzzle game candy crash saga APK Mod and enjoy the game offline as well as online by logging in to Facebook.
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Download one of the most straightforward puzzle game, candy crush saga APK Mod and enjoy the game offline and online by logging in to Facebook.

About candy crush saga APK Mod 2022

One of the most downloaded puzzle games on the play store with more than1 a billion with a 4.6-star rating and unlimited positive reviews.

The game was firstly introduced on April 12, 2012, to play on Facebook. Due to the popularity of the game in November 2012, it was also introduced for IOS, android, windows, and Windows phones.

Let’s go to the game’s story; candy crush saga is a straightforward game to play. You need to form the right strategies and think correctly to collect the same color candies from other different candies and crash these similar candies to earn rewards and points.

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On the other hand, if you want to go to the next level, you have to collect similar candies in a row and column and blast those until all sweets exploded.

Also, to blast these candies, you are given some moves in which you have to make strategies, so your task is to reach your goal by using these available moves; otherwise, there will be the end of the game.

In addition to this, the graphics of the game are perfect and engaging for the player. So go and collect the candies and become the best player in the world.

Candy crush saga is also called a match-3 puzzle game. And the popularity of the game mostly dependent on the color and shape of the candies.

There are unlimited game levels with different challenges that you have to overcome to reach the next level. To disappear the candies, you need to collect similar candies in a row and blast them to give away to new sweets.

Moreover, there are other challenges: collect 30 red candies, 20 yellow candies, and get 50000 scores to reach the next level.

You have to complete different challenges depending on the game’s level, and the first levels of the game are elementary to clear. Still, after completing some groups, it will become difficult to reach the next level gradually.

Different levels include different turns to complete the story, so pay complete attention to other candies and make the perfect strategy to achieve the rank.

By playing candy crash, there is a chance of appearing special candies, which will help you blast the other sweets, and also, you can use other assisting tools that will be provided in the game to clear the level.

As we already told you, the graphics of the game are exceptional and fun music and cute voices, while on the other hand, lighting effects also make the game fun by making things shine up and eye-catching.

Features of candy crush saga

You will find unlimited features while playing the game, but here we are going to discuss some features

  • Thousands of new levels included and also new challenges
  • You can get rewards daily in different ways like by spinning the wheel, taking part in challenges, and using the internet by watching videos.
  • Many other challenges available to get rewarded, like target score clear the jelly collect the ingredients, and many more.
  • Magical boosters which help you in challenging levels
  • Perfect graphics make you play the game more and more
  • Very easy and fun to play candy crush
  • You will get complete adventure at every level

Free download Candy Crush Saga APK     

Candy crush saga APK is top of the list puzzle game with social elements where you have different color candies to blast by joining other three or more candies.

The game includes unlimited levels, making the game more adventurous and fun to play, and each class has different challenges.

The gameplay of candy crush saga APK is a very simple but very hard to master game as after completing some levels, it becomes demanding and challenging.

You will enjoy the colorful game graphics and remarkable and heart touching candy sounds, making your game addictive.

There are millions of game players worldwide, and the game is being played by all age groups people.

There are different modes in the game, and there are 100 different levels where you have to complete various challenges.

You can play the game on your while; on the other hand, also play the game with your friends and family members by using Facebook.

You can download and install the candy crush sage APK from the bottom of the post, which is the latest version and includes no charges.

About candy crash APK Mod

You will get more advanced features in the modified version of candy crash like other cracked games than the original game.

Also, no need to spend money to unlock these features like on the play store; it asks you to spend some money to get extra moves and many other things.

Features of candy crush Mod APK

  • One of the best features which you will get in Mod APK is more than 100 moves, which will help you to clear the level easily
  • By using candy crush saga APK Mod you can get access to many of the other features like unlock all the ranks of the game
  • you can delay the bomb for around 80 moves
  • original candy crash have only five lives, but here you will get unlimited lives
  • to do the shopping and purchase different items, you will get endless gold bars
  • an owl used in candy crash can die in the original candy crush, but here your owl will never die
  • you can get access to the dream world
  • you can increase the lives by changing the date and time of your android phone
  • online and offline playing option
  • can challenge the friends on Facebook and defeat them by entering next’s levels very fast

Also, there are many more features, but we are ending here, and you will find them when you have downloaded and install the candy crush APK Mod.

How to download candy crash APK Mod

You can easily download the cracked version from, and the downloaded like is working 100%.

We have seen many of the gamers looking for a cracked version on the internet but cannot download because the Mod link is not working on many of the sites, but you can trust us and follow the below-given steps.

  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the download button
  • It will redirect you to another download page
  • Here click on download, and your file will start downloading in a few seconds
  • After downloading the file, go to your phone settings and enable a third-party app to run
  • Now go to file manager and click on the downloaded file to install
  • Lastly, you are ready to play the game.

FAQS about candy crush saga APK Mod

How to get unlimited moves in the modified version?

If you want to get unlimited moves in candy crush sage, you need to download Mod APK from, and you will get everything complete in this Mod by default.

How to hack candy crush saga?

Only download the cracked version from this website, and the game is already hacked, so you don’t need to hack the original game.

Will I be able to clear all the levels by using this cracked version?

Yes, you will clear every level quickly on the first attempt because you will get unlimited moves and many other things that will help you to remove every level soon.

Is candy crush saga online game?

You can play candy crush saga online with your friends and family members by logging in to Facebook, on the other hand, if you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Don’t worry, and you can play the game offline where you are playing the game with a computer.

How to get candy crush saga hack?

Are you looking for a candy crush saga hack and not able to get any working file? Don’t worry, and we are here to help you.

You can install the modified version from this website without spending any money and doing any hard work.

By using the candy crush saga hack apk, you can get the premium features that typically demand real money in the original game.

How many candy crush saga total levels are?

The game includes lots of classes, and there is no guess how many levels are there in candy crush saga levels because we think no one has reached the end level of the game.

What are candy crush saga cheats?

You can get the candy crush saga cheats by installing the cracked version we have provided, and by using these cheats, you can get unlimited resources free.

Candy crush saga boosters, candy crush saga bombs and unlimited moves, candy crush saga gold hack, and many more.

How to get candy crush saga app?

If you are looking for a candy crush saga app, you can get the app from the play store, while on the other hand, if you don’t have access to the play store, you can get the file from this site.

Candy crush saga characters please?

The game includes tons of characters, but some famous names are below.

  • Bubblegum Troll. Main article: Bubblegum Troll (character) Bubblegum Troll is the main antagonist of Candy Crush Saga. …
  • Milly.
  • Mr. Toffee.
  •  Mr. Yeti.
  • Odus. Main article: Odus.
  • Tiffi. Main article: Tiffi.
  • Misty. Main article: Misty.

How many are Candy crush saga episodes?

Nobody knows about candy crush saga episodes, but there is a guess that there are 8675 levels in 580 episodes.

Is candy crush saga Facebook  available?

Yes, the game is available for Facebook use, where you can enjoy the game by inviting your friends and challenging your family members.

Playing candy crush saga on Facebook is more fun and enjoyable where you need an internet connection; otherwise, you need mobile data.

Can we use candy crush saga for PC?

Yes, candy crush saga for PC is available to enjoy the game on a bigger screen and handle the game easily.

Candy crush saga ios available?

Yes, the game is available for ios, windows, and Android platforms.

How to get candy crush saga new version?

You are at the right place and don’t need to go anywhere because we provide you the latest and candy crush saga new version.

Is Candy crush saga online game?

You can play the game online, on the other hand, offline on your Smartphone and PC.

What is the candy crush saga release date?

April 12, 2012, is the released date.

Candy crush saga reviews please?

Candy crush saga is a trending game and very popular among the players, which is also called gaming mafia, and there are around four reviews out of 5.

What are the candy crush saga special candies?

The game includes lots of unique sweets, which are very helpful in completing the different levels.

Striped Candy

A vertically striped red candy

Wrapped Candy

A Red Wrapped Candy

Colour Bomb

A Colour Bomb

Jelly Fish

A blue Jelly Fish candy

What are the candy crush saga tips?

You can follow the different candy crush saga tips to complete various challenges like finding other candies’ patterns.

Try to blast all the candies within given moves, make a strategy before moving the candies and understand the chocolate’s behavior.

By using these candy crush saga tricks, you can easily compete for different levels.

From where I can watch candy crush saga video?

The game is straightforward to play, but if you are new and want to see the candy crush saga video, you can watch it from youtube and also from the bottom of this post


If you are free all the time and looking for an addictive game, then no other game can beat candy crush APK Mod because it’s a straightforward, fun, and strategy game that will open your mind and will appeal to you to think more and more to clear the level.

Lastly, if you liked our post, then share it will your friends and download candy crash saga PAK Mod to energize your mind and feel happy.

What's new

1- updates on a weekly basis

2- new features and levels




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