Call of Duty Mod APK 1.0.34 (Aimbot, Unlimited Free COD Points, and More) Latest 2022

Download call of duty Mod APK one of the best ambitious war game which is now available for mobile play.
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Download call of duty mod apk (unlimited money and cp 2022) one of the best ambitious war games, which is now available for mobile play.

 Call Of Duty Gameplay 2022

This is the latest Call of Duty MOD APK Aimbot for all device free download. You can download it smash up with unlimited money, gold and elixirs.

Call of duty game has excellent graphics and a smooth gameplay experience. So what are you waiting for? Download this modded version to enjoy your favourite game now on Android!

Call of duty Mod APK 2.0.3 Unlimited Money, Elixirs and Gold Features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite gold for upgrading guns and purchasing upgrades from the gunsmiths!
  • Unlimited elixir for buying LMGs, shotguns, launchers but carefully choose which enemy to shoot first as they tend to go down on the first shot.
  • This modded version has unlocked levels. You can purchase any weapon immediately after you unlock it in the game, allowing you to steamroll on your enemies without breaking a sweat!
  • There are unlimited grenades as well, which will help you destroy those pesky players who try to bug you by camping near their own base’s entrance. Now enjoy this Call of duty MOD APK game on your Android device for free!

Call of Duty Mod Menu APK Version Features:

1-Unlimited Money (Infinite gold for buying LMGs, shotguns, launchers) -No reload (infinite ammo) -Unlimited Grenades (Throw unlimited grenades at your enemies)

2-Unlimited Rage Kill (Kill multiple players in one shot)

3-No Root Required After installing this Call of duty MOD APK app, all the features will be activated by default.

For any questions and how to use the tutorial, please don’t hesitate to comment. Also, if there is any problem with this game, please send us a comment.

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I hope you enjoy this game!

Best war playing game worldwide with more than 100M downloads and perfect rating from the user.

Let’s go to the game’s story, so the call of duty is the most famous war game and consider the perfect war game compared to other games in this category.

As a player, your task is to defend the Stalingrad from the German forces, and the game is available with different names with little different gameplay like Modern warfare, etc.

Almost all the game players like call of duty because it has created a spot in every player’s heart and perfectly enjoys their time by playing call of duty game.

Firstly,  call of duty is introduced for windows, but because of the popularity of the game, it is now presented for mobile, including amazing maps, features, modes, and unique characters.

In addition to this, to make the call of duty more enjoyable to you, many of the modes included giving you various options, and you can play any method you like.

One of the best modes which are mostly played and like is zombie mode, in which you will see bloodthirsty zombies, and your task is to kill these zombies by using weapons to get rid of these brainless foes before they kill you.

Furthermore, if you are a lover of the PUBG game, then you will also love call of duty because now it has introduced a battle royal option in which there are 100 players in the ground with weapons and equipment to fight with each other, and the last one who will survive will be the winner of the game.

On the other hand, if you like a team playing games, you can play call of duty by joining five players together of different two groups and other deathmatch modes like domination, capturing the flag, and too many more.

You can also play sniper mode like in the PUBG game, and every player in the game is equipped with a sniper gun, and you can get killed from very far.

One of the best features of call of duty is finding excellent graphics and feeling the game as a real-life fight.

Features of call of duty

Call of duty includes many of the unique features, and some are given below

  • Unexceptional graphics
  • Different modes included playing what you like
  • Interesting maps
  • Single as well as a multiplayer game
  • Sniper as well as zombie mode

Free get Call of duty APK   

Download the latest version of call of duty APK and play the world number one shooting game on your smart phone.

The game was firstly introduced for pc,

But after the massive success of the game, it was then introduced for android phones.

Call of duty APK is similar to PUBG game in which you can enjoy the multiplayer feature and invite your friends to play the game together.

The game controls are compatible with touch screen devices where you can control your hero or character by using the left thumb.

On the other hand, the right thumb is used to take perfect aim, while double-clicking on the right side will open the scope to the map’s clear view.

Moreover, like most of the games in call of duty, your weapon will shoot automatically and includes two game modes like multiplayer and zombie.

The game graphics are outstanding; including different weapons, different maps to play, and multiplayer game mode makes it more widespread.

Lastly, if you are looking for a call of duty APK file that should be working, then go to the end of the post and download and install the file by following some steps.

About call of duty Mod APK 

When we talk about Mod APK, it means a modified version of the game, which some third party has cracked to make the gameplay easy for you and get access to the features without spending money.

There are many of the premium features of call of duty in this latest Mod APK version without any investment and hard work.

Features of call of duty Mod APK

  • You will get access to unlimited characters
  • Aimbot feature to shoot the targeted enemy and to get a perfect aim
  • This Mod version allows you to install the game without rooting your android phone
  • To kill the enemies quickly, you will get an auto-reload feature
  • If you want to get access to u=many of the other components, this cracked version gives you COD paints
  • You will get high security and no chance of getting banned by using this translated version
  • The increased jumping capacity of the players
  • Faster as compare to the original game
  • You will not be visible on the radar
  • Your weapon will not recoil in this Mod
  • You can change the name of the players
  • Auto aiming feature
  • No ads while playing the game

Important tips

If you want to win the game quickly, you need to keep in mind some tips to help you. As the game is all about killing the enemies and hitting the targets so you can get more COD and survive till the end of the game

  • Select the shooting mode in which you are master
  • In multiplayer mode, use drones and missile to target enemies
  • It would help if you upgraded your weapons from time to time
  • If you fall from a very high place, you need to fall glide towards the ground. It will decrease the chances of getting killed also consumes less power.

Steps to download and install the game

1- Firstly, go to the end of the post and click on the download button

2- It will send you to download page

3- Here, tap on the download button and wait for sometime

4- Now move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps

5- Uninstall the older version if you have already installed it already

6- Lastly, install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager, which will take 5 to 10 seconds.

FAQS of the game

Why call of duty Mod APK, not the original version?

By using this modified version of call of duty, you will get access to unlimited features, which original call of duty features are limited, and you will get advanced tools and strategies by using Mod to target, aiming and kill your enemies.

Also upgraded and perfect weapons without hard work and for health different healing tools in an advanced way.

Is this modified version safe to use?

Yes, 100% safe and secure to use

Are there any charges like in-app purchases on the play store?

No, it’s completely free to use, and there are no hidden charges, so don’t worry.

What is call of duty access code?

There is a door inside the most prominent building in the B5 bunker, which is the part of the Verdansk, and the door is locked.

To open the door, you need a call of duty access code, which is 87624851, inputs the code on the keypad, and gets access to the vault door.

There may be other codes, which are also called call of duty bunker codes.

What are call of duty cheats?

If you are looking for call of duty cheats, then you are at the right place because we are providing Mod APK of the game where you can get the call of duty stats.

You can get the call of duty cheats to unlock premium features and get a call of duty code to access different features.

Who are the call of duty developers?

The developer of the game is Infinity Ward, and the polisher of call of duty is Activision.

Call of duty guns  names please? 

There is a long list of guns used in the game which are

  • Bruen MK9 (Light Machine Gun)
  • Finn (Light Machine Gun) .
  • FAL (Assault Rifle)
  • MP5 (Submachine Gun) .
  • Kar98k (Marksman Rifle) .
  • M4A1 (Assault Rifle)
  • HDR (Sniper Rifle)
  • Grau 5.56 (Assault Rifle)

How to get call of duty gift card?

Download and install the modified version provided in the post and access the call of the duty gift card.

What are call of duty hacks?

The provided call of duty hacks will help you get call of duty tracker; call of duty unblocked everything, call of duty servers and call of duty kd tracker, etc.

What is call of duty league?

You can participate in the call of duty league by creating a game battles account and sign up your team for online competition with other teams.

There is an age limit, which should be 18 or more, and there are some other requirements to participate in the call of duty league.

What is call of duty net worth?

The call of duty net worth is calculated around 9.7 billion dollars.

Who is the call of duty owner?

Activision is the game publisher, and Infinity Ward develop the game, and there are many others involve in developing the game.

Is call of duty online game?

Yes, call of duty is an online game, and you need an internet connection and larger space in your smart phone because it’s available in big size.

Can we get call of duty PC?

The game was firstly introduced for PC, and in PC mode, it gains immense popularity because it becomes easier to handle the game. After all, you are using a mouse and keyboard.

On the other hand you don’t need to recharge the battery like a phone and enjoy the game visuals on a big screen.

What is the call of duty release date?

October 29, 2003.

Can we participate in call of duty tournament?

There are different call of duty tournaments and events where you can participate and earn additional rewards.

call of duty videos please?

Check the call of duty videos from youtube and also from the bottom of the page.

Who are the Call of duty voice actors?

There are different voice actors in the game, which have made the game memorable and enjoyable.

Chad Michael Collins

Alex (voice)

Asher Sarraf

Amon (voice)

Barry Sloane

Captain Price (voice)

Nick Boraine

Colonel Norris (voice)

Claudia Doumit

Farah Karim

Jared Farid Ward

Farah’s Father (voice)

Debra Wilson

General Lyons (voice)

Aidan Bristow

Hadir Karim (voice)

Gene Farber

Kamarov (voice)

Rya Kihlstedt

Kate Laswell (voice)

Elliot Knight

Kyle Garrick (voice)

Stefan Kapicic

Nikolai / J-12 (voice)

Zehra Fazal

Ousa (voice)

Konstantin Lavysh

Roman Barkov (voice)

LaMonica Garrett

Sgt. Griggs (voice)

Source: IMDb

Is call of duty video game?

Yes, call of duty is an action video game that you can play on pc, mac, and smartphones.

Who are popular call of duty YouTubers?

Below is the list of some famous market of duty YouTubers

  •  Call of Duty.
  • Hollow.
  • Chaos.
  • MrDalekJD.
  • ErasableNinja.
  • Drift0r.
  • Eclihpse.
  • Ridgway.

Final words 

We hope that now you have a full idea of the original and Mod APK of call of duty and can easily download and install the game on your phone.

What are you waiting for? Download the best battle game Mod and enjoy unlimited features with your friends?

Lastly, if you like our post, share it with your friends and family members and social media.

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