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Download the latest version of buddy toss mod APK with unlimited stars and VIP and travel the space in a way that seems impossible.
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Download the latest version of buddy toss mod APK 2022 a casual game for android  which includes unlimited stars and VIP. You can travel the space in a way that seems impossible. The game is very famous in the world you can check it on the Google play store.

About buddy toss mod APK 2022

Buddy toss is a very interesting and funny game on the internet and the publisher of the game is Curry games.

The game is best to play while you are getting bored because there are many funny movements in the game and also include amazing graphics.

If you have got bored from serious games like call of duty and PUBG mobile then at once try this amazing game to kill your free time.

On the other hand, the gameplay of buddy toss is simple where you have been tossed in the air by some wrestler and when you fall you have to touch the screen of the mobile again and again so the muscular dog through you in the air.

In addition to this, you can also remember your childhood memories while playing the game when your father through your air and catch you when you fall back and you feel happy at that movement.

Furthermore, You will feel funny by hearing that buddy toss mod APK has proven wrong all the laws of gravity that famous scientist Newton has presented.

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By tossing yourself in the air you can not only fly high but also you can like 40 story buildings or can fly in space.

And in space, you can explore a different world like the solar system, a cosmic black hole which is very popular presented by Newton, stars, and many more without using and spaceship. Is not it funny?

Remember, you only need a strong person to through you in the air and in few movements, you’re traveling the space and enjoying different movements which you have not seen ever.

Moreover, while playing the game you have to be careful by touching your mobile screen because with only one wrong touch you will fall very fast from space to the earth and here will be the end of the game.

In buddy toss mod APK you only need to upgrade your character to jump very high and you can upgrade your hero after getting rewards at the end of each level.

On the other hand, you can make your character more unique by spending some real money on hair, glasses, shoes, and many more things.

There are different types of costumes and other accessories available to purchase but don’t worry we will save your money.

You can easily get all these premium resources without paying and doing any hard work but only download and install the modified version we have provided at the end of the post.

The Buddy toss game is design funnily with colorful graphics that will make you laugh every time you play the game.

Features of buddy toss mod APK

Mod APK is the cracked version of the original game where you can unlock and get access to paid features free.

Also, the modified version of the game is free to download and install and there are no hidden charges and no in-app purchase.

  • Get unlimited stars by installing the hacked version to get unique skins which are very expensive if you spend real money.

Unlimited stars help you to get different and premium skins free and also get other accessories like shoes, glasses, and many more items.

  • There are no ads while playing the game as you will get VIP unlock by installing the mod APK of buddy toss.

Download Buddy Toss APK

APK of buddy toss is the original file of the game which you can now download from this website which is free to play.

Also, you can download the game from the play store and add funny movements to your boring life.

In buddy toss APK you need to work hard to get access to advanced features because you will not get anything free here.

Also if you cannot work hard you can access advanced features by spending real money.

Steps to download buddy toss mod APK/APK

The steps for downloading and installing the game are simple you only need to have some know-how to the android phone.

1- At the end of the post you will find the download link, click on it and you will be move to another download page.

2- It will take few seconds to download the file, uninstall the previous version while downloading the file, and enable a third-party app to run.

3- After downloading the new go-to mobile file manager and install the downloaded file and in few seconds you will get your app ready to play.

FAQS about buddy toss MOD APK

Q: What is buddy toss?

A: Buddy Toss is one of the most exciting games played by the need for speed. It is similar to paper toss, except that you throw your android phone over the back of another friend who will catch it using their hands.

Q: Where can I download the buddy toss modded apk?

A: You can download the buddy toss mod APK from this website using one of the links given below.

Q: How do I play buddy toss?

A: Buddy Toss is simple and very easy to understand. All you need to do is throw your phone over another friend’s back and catch it with their hands. Make sure you don’t drop it because your phone will hit the ground.

Q: What are the requirements to play buddy toss?

A: You need two friends who would like to play buddy toss with you and, of course, your android device that should be capable enough to run the game.

Q: What happens if I drop my phone while playing?

A: If you’re not lucky enough, then your phone might hit the floor, so make sure you catch it every time! Just kidding. Usually, nothing terrible will happen, but if you have disabled “device admin” for this game, it may result in some problems during the gameplay. So enable it back after playing friend toss. The same applies when uninstalling/disabling the modded apk.

Q: What should I do if the device admin is disabled?

A: Enable it and relaunch the game. It will ask you to activate it as a device administrator; click “activate”. Now, your buddy toss app is ready to be used.

Q: Why does my friend get irritated when I keep on throwing my phone at them?

A: Well, I don’t think there’s any particular reason as such, but many people might feel bad for you. Try to calm your friends down and make them play this fun game with you!

Q: Does buddy toss use much data?

A: If your friends are far from you, then yes, it would use a lot of data but other than that, it should use very little.

Q: How to play buddy toss with Bluetooth?

A: There is no such way to play Bluetooth since the game was design for people standing right next to each other. But you can still try this by adjusting your location settings and make it look like you’re playing with your friend who’s sitting/standing close to you. You’ll need some luck, though, because if the ball goes outside the blue circle, then it means your friend doesn’t exist anymore!

Q: Is buddy toss available for PC?

A: Yes, we have a version for PC too; see how you can download and install android games on pc.

Q: Is buddy toss online game?   

A: Yes, buddy toss is an online game where you need an internet connection to play the game.


Lastly, we will say buddy toss mod APK is a simple, funny, and enjoyable game that needs to be try at once.

Also one of the best games to kill your boredom and anger when you are facing different difficulties in real life.

The Buddy toss game is design in a way that it can  play by every age group of people and if you are afraid of height then the game may fear you a little.

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