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In today’s life people are not able to differentiate between the truth and lies of others. To help you spot the other person’s lies, Trick Me introduces convenient features. Users can use it to learn more that people often lie to stop them. Therefore, this application is essential for everyone to become an intelligent communicator with good manners.

Body Language - Trick Me.  analysis of gestures

the reason for the lie

Nowadays, life is extremely complicated, forcing people to use untrue words to describe others. In fact, lying has many different purposes, it can be helpful, but sometimes it poses a significant danger to many people. Trick Me has established itself as a science book to learn more about why people lie because you, your friends, and even your family when you come across a novel story Can easily catch someone lying in front of.

Body Language - Trick Me.  analysis of gestures Body Language - Trick Me.  analysis of gestures

signs that you are lying

Scientists have studied that the average person will lie 20 times a day, and sometimes the listener does not realize that he or she has been deceived by someone else. Therefore, Trick Me has provided the users with the concept of lie and tell signals to help them feel that they are being cheated. In order to make use of the knowledge of body language, users must find out the secrets that the application brings. In fact, the people who lied most often were from adolescence to adulthood and lied every day. You can detect this by looking at their eyes, hands and feet for easy identification. In fact, those people often sweat, shake hands, or have wandering eyes; This is absolutely a lie.

tips to avoid lies

There are many tips and experiences for users to recognize and avoid such lies. Actually, it is not always possible for users to use body language to avoid this. You will easily detect the lie by the gesture of the opponent. Through this application, users can build closer relationships and learn to control their emotions. In addition, it helps you communicate more easily in conversation.

Thanks to this application, users can discover hints and tips to avoid harmful lies and build a good and healthy relationship.

Body Language - Trick Me.  analysis of gestures Body Language - Trick Me.  analysis of gestures

key features

  • The application allows people to know all the motives and reasons of the other party who is deceiving the people around them through untrue words.
  • The application helps users to better understand how to communicate daily, helping to understand themselves better through the functions of body communication.
  • Provide countless accurate signals for users to quickly and easily identify who is lying to them and who is telling the truth.
  • Practical and useful application for students, teachers, department heads or people studying the psychology of lying to learn about people.
  • The application has been developed by proven experts who can learn to distinguish lies and give advice.

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