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Blob Hero gathers many unique characters in a team battle that Blob can split into pieces and attack everyone. The map showing the size of the field will be viewed from a third person perspective. Players face off against an army that uses a variety of weapons with high damage. Many new chapters come with many more special heroes that will make the game more exciting. The journey begins with new skills for you to master.

Blob Hero Blob Hero


The whole journey to assert your power of Blob Hero will face different challenges. A large number of enemies and various obstacles will make everything chaotic in the arena. All games will be graded; when you reach the required strength, you will be able to move to a new level. Food and mana are distributed in the field, but it is difficult to eat them because there are many swords to attack you. Only by uniting the source of energy can you achieve this difficult task.

Skills used in battle

The number of more than 30 skills will become a challenge for players when joining Blob Hero. They are not only used against you and your energy but also affect the search for energy. Fighting is fair game; with the ability to divide, you will divide into many new people and meet the army. Just double the number, you will have more partners to use this skill.

Blob Hero Blob Hero

Choose your desired SLIME

Many new characters are created, they have similar characteristics. Blob Hero distinguishes characters by color and face. Characters like the rainbow uncle, the panda, the monster, or a mischievous baby. Players open them in turn when they meet the requirements of the system. If you want them yourself, you will lose a lot of money. Your choices will change the outcome of the battle. It would have been more if the boss had appeared and raised the difficulty.


Blob Hero has an exciting story about the long war between humans and strange creatures in the fantasy world. In order to maintain life, the Blob army divides its body and consumes the energy that appears in the field. Exciting skills will help them defend against enemies and quickly gain enough strength to move to a new level. The skill and character collection is a place where there are many options for you. The process of managing people’s skin with countless memories!

Blob Hero Blob Hero


  • Join the battle between strange animals and humans, using all the skills you have.
  • Improve quality with updates with new levels and new multiplayer.
  • Upgrade your power with new skills, and buy more powerful cards.
  • Improve endurance by gathering more power in the ring and destroy the body.
  • Choose the skill you want to use, see the character you like, and control it for the next match.

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