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Blade of Brim is vibrant when it comes to creating jumps and climbing obstacles to kill monsters in a desirable way. With this game, you will play the role of a brave soldier and do the necessary tasks to destroy the enemy to win. At the beginning of the game, you will be guided by arrows to guide you through running and jumping with simple steps to help your legs to be stable and work better. Faced with this critical situation, you are the bravest soldier to fight the rebellion and bring peace to the people.

Blades of Brim Blades of Brim


On the screen of the device you are using, the virtual buttons and arrows will take you to start quickly from the start screen. Soldiers have been carefully designed from clothing to hair and acting to give players a variety of options. Each soldier has his own character, sensitivity, and fighting ability. At the warrior’s door, there will be all the information about the source of power, the number of victories, or the achievements received by the warrior will be fully revealed.

A variety of weapons such as swords, axes, etc… is an important part of the battle against monsters with soldiers. The achievement will help your army to go higher, more difficult level, and especially the difference in the strength of the army more. In addition to weapons, soldiers are also rewarded with powerful beasts such as nets, wolves, etc. compete against each other and help the soldiers improve their strength.


Your mission and the army is to find the hideout of the evil Goons of Brim and destroy the roots before they enter and destroy this beautiful world. Goons are the powerful minions of the dark wizards, and they wear purple and black like the evil spirit of their master. These monsters appear wherever they want. They can hide in the depths, unknown to people; they only wait for the right moment and happen to cause harm; Another army stands proudly on the road, hindering your steps and others. As the level progresses, the difficulty increases in each game; After that, you slowly have time to fight their boss.

The land is also a part that can affect the life of the soldiers. This battlefield does not give you any information about the map or the location of the enemies, and you can only go to find them to destroy them. You need to be very careful, be aware of this danger, then use weapons and find ways to solve them. You may be hindered by large stones or the way you are running, so you have to be careful to know which is the way to win and find a way to open them. In addition, the appropriate reward for the hero also makes you happy.

Blades of Brim Blades of Brim


When you complete the task and win, you will open the door of the map to start a new battle with more powerful monsters. Collect treasures and shiny gold coins while jumping, both running and slashing monsters to unlock the amazing walls. These gifts will help you gradually increase and improve the army level when you need it, and the weapon is also smarter and faster.

In order to meet the satisfaction of the bravery of people, Blades of Brim has provided players with a perfect environment, improved performance, and beautiful graphics. You will be entertained, relaxed, and overcome by this vivid, fantasy photo frame. The performances on the screen are recorded and done very well. The speed of the game is breakneck; just slow down a bit to lose your life immediately.


People play with their tactics and creativity to open new doors on the map, explore new lands and collect beasts that have been summoned to create a powerful army. Summon the right beasts at the right time to save you from a dangerous situation or stop the attack of enemies. Summoned PETs will protect the troops throughout the battle. In addition, you can make friends with many different animals to participate in your escape.

AMAZING 3D Graphics with amazing sound

The world in Blades of Brim is constantly changing, creating new experiences for players. Temples, stone paths, tunnels, and bridges create a beautiful and mysterious magical world that attracts many players’ eyes, especially those who like to conquer fun. The effect changes, opens up a fierce and exciting competition, constantly creating ideas. The loud, catchy tunes are just in the introduction and the use of battle effects. Especially when the warrior starts a fast attack that combines beautiful weapons, sounds when hitting the enemy, and funny sounds when collecting gold coins or large treasures.

Blades of Brim Blades of Brim


  • You will stand against the evil spirits as a brave soldier to protect the country. You and PET save this country and kill and destroy the demons Gons and Boss behind them.
  • The system provides a list of soldiers that you will use in the next battle. Discover many new faces by getting gifts and collecting gold coins.
  • Feel free to change and upgrade weapons. Experience a special place together with special pictures and good sound.
  • Face monsters and obstacles without problems using tactics that give the power of weapons and summon beasts summoned.

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