Bid Wars MOD APK 2.50.1 (Unlimited Money) Latest Version 2022

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Download Bid Wars mod APK Latest Version 2022

Bid wars mod APK 2022 is a simulation game for android. In this game, you have to build a utopia from the ground up.

You have to create a small population of nomads and begin building on whatever area is chosen for development.

Then, once there is some infrastructure in place, more citizens arrive.

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However, citizens can travel freely between all areas that are connected by roads or railways; thus, you need to plan and put your developments in such places where they don’t interfere with each other.

Bid wars mod APK also allows players to create massive metropolises with thousands of buildings and millions of sims (people).

It’s important not only to build new houses as they become available but also place different facilities like schools, clinics, and parks to make sure sims have all they need in a handy reach.

The game is really good and it has been done based on SimCity 5. The game graphics are also made impressive so you can play this game without any hesitation to run this game smoothly.

Amazing features of Bid Wars game 2022

Bid Wars is the new game that has been launched. It has got 10 amazing features. So, let us have a look at them below:

1- One-click install

Bid wars game can be installed very easily with its one-click installation process. There will not be any difficulties to use this app for your smartphones or tablets.

2- Easy to play

It is very simple and easy to play as compared to other online games. You will love it for its simplicity. Using this app, you can also chat with your friends. Bid Wars has a chat facility that allows its players to talk amongst themselves through the text messaging option itself. Also, there are a lot of exciting features available in this game so that people could not get bored easily.

Bid Wars is different from what all have been seen before in terms of uniqueness and quality. It comes up with a fun-filled strategy that cannot be found anywhere else. There is a special feature called a bidding system where players can bid on items they want for themselves or their team members. All these items are unique and amazing. They are very different from the usual items which you get in any other online game, so it is pretty hard to stop playing once you start.

3- Amazing graphics

Bid Wars has got amazing graphics with its 3D theme. You will be impressed after having a look at the picturesque backgrounds of this game. All the characters within this game have been made beautifully so that it feels like an animated movie when you open Bid Wars on your devices.

4- Different stages with adventures

There are eight different stages available in Bid Wars for all their players which they can level up easily after clearing every stage one by one. These 8 exciting levels include six free themes and two separate storylines available in this game exclusively for free. Players cannot get bored at all because every stage has a unique theme and gameplay.

5- More than 1000 items to win

Bid Wars comes up with more than 1000 different types of items that can be won by its players after successfully clearing each level. So, there is a lot of scope for the players to have fun while playing this game on their devices.

6- Collectibles from nature

In Bid Wars, you will love the natural collection like the Sun, Moon, Ocean, Caves, etc, There are also some simulators in Bid Wars where you need to fight to win treasures like in jungle simulator or ice world simulator. You can either choose to reside in the town or can choose to explore nature while playing this game.

7- An eye on your enemies

Bid Wars has a spy facility where you will get to see all of your opponents but they won’t be able to see you. This is one of the most interesting features which allows you to predict their moves and act accordingly. This special feature makes it easy for players to win against each other easily.

8- Four different teams available

You can choose anyone among four different types of teams like Town, Farm, Snow land, or Jungle while playing Bid Wars on your devices. So, there are lots of combinations of teams which you can form according to your interest and choice of play.

9- Different types of bidders available

There are three different types of items for bidding in Bid Wars. These three items include “Item”, “Diamonds” and Gold”. So, you have to bid wisely while playing on your devices.

10- Amazing theme songs

Bid wars have got awesome theme songs that make it interesting for players to play this game on their devices. So, overall Bid Wars is one of the greatest games which are available only in the Google Play Store. It has got all these amazing features which make it very special. You will love it while enjoying it on your Android Smart Phones or tablets. So, what are you waiting for?

MOD features of the game

Below are the game features which you will enjoy after

you install mod APK of this game.

– Unlimited money

– All buildings unlocked

– No wait time for new construction (except for Sims traveling to work, but all other wait times are removed)

– No wait time for importing goods (Firestone is the only good I’ve seen with wait times)

– All Landmarks Unlocked (except Arc de Triomphe because it needs 4 plots of land and that could cause problems in maps with multiple cities or islands).

Also, if you want access to the yellow plumb bobs without having to build Wealthy Residential areas first, then use mods like “All Plumbbob Tiles Unlocker”.


If using mods makes your game unstable or crashes it, do NOT use them until the developer has fixed the issue.

The mod is an amazing game and it was repacked by our team to make this game available for all android devices that are available on the play store.

You can also download the big fish casino mod apk, They are using the same method to get unlimited money in these games.

So install the game from the below link and enjoy free shopping.

FAQS about bid wars mod APK:

Q: How to install this mod on my android device?

A: Installing the mod is very easy, just follow the steps given below-

1) First of all download the bid wars mod apk from the below link.

2) After downloading this file, check your unknown source installation from security settings and then install it.

3) You are ready to play the game with unlimited money.

Q: Is there any problem if I will use mods APK a lot?

A: This is a big question that arises when we talk about hacked apk files.

When you think that these games may not run properly on devices other than high-end ones, you need to keep in mind that the developer releases new versions of the games for these devices too.

So, if you always use hacked apk files, then there are chances that you will not receive any update notification for your game.

This is why you should try to download the mod APK of a game only after checking its update status.

Q: How can I rate this mod?

A: You can give rating and review to the game for android n trust us through the comments section given below.

We value your feedback very much so try to give as many reviews as possible so other users also get complete information about this game.

Q: What is a Google Play services error?

A: It happens when some third-party applications are install on your device.

This is a general error that occurs when you run any kind of application from unknown sources or apk files.

So, if you get an error while installing the game then it means that you have installed some third-party applications on your android phone and now they are interfering with the installation process.

To solve this problem, try to uninstall anything that was recently installed by going into Settings>Security>Device Administration>Unknown Sources>Tick off “Enable USB Debugging” and “ADB” options and swipe to remove the checkmark.

Now restart your system and download bid wars mod APK again which will help you to install any game/app on your android phone anytime without getting errors.


I hope you enjoyed this article about bid wars mod APK game details and features of this game.

If you face any problems while installing this game feel free to contact me via the comment box or contact us page. Have fun playing this awesome game with Unlimited Money, Cash, Coins..all unlocked!

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