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If you need to create vivid and engaging visual videos, then this is the perfect application for you. Select the images or videos you need to create, then export the video as MP4. Just wait for a few seconds, you’ll get superb quality, vivid sound and easy-to-listen video.

Benime - Whiteboard Animation Maker

Modern interface with many simple designs

Coming to Benime, users will have the opportunity to own and enjoy a modern interface with detailed and precise layout and arrangement. The pictures in each video are too realistic and sharp to compliment even the best video products. Apart from this, you are also free to create your own creative and funny video content as per your choice. Everyone has different intelligence, so they have the right to freely edit and cut their favorite videos.

Add background music and voiceovers to your videos

Benime will allow you to choose your favorite songs to create background music for your videos. Not only that, you can also add your voice to those videos in the easiest and fastest way. If there is more background music, then a video will undoubtedly create many impressions that make users more interested. Apart from this, you can also preview the videos that you are about to complete comfortably. From there, you’ll be able to spot and fix deficiencies and fix them more easily.

Benime - Whiteboard Animation Maker Benime - Whiteboard Animation Maker

Customize text style, size and color

When using Benime, users have the right to freely customize the text to their liking. In addition, you can resize and layout the image to make it the most balanced and beautiful. Not only that but you are also allowed to adjust each and every color of each image in the video to become more beautiful than the original. Adjust and pull back the brightness, saturation and sharpness of each image in the most exclusive way. From there, you can output the funniest and shortest videos.

It helps you to create a custom video which takes less time

Users will save valuable time and reduce their efforts while making videos. You just need to take a few simple steps, and you can create your own custom video. In life, you always want to cherish and record many memorable memories. Try to make videos that summarize your memories in the most accurate and meaningful way. Since then, you have understood the importance of making videos. Apply it in the most useful way to create short movies or unique videos for yourself.

Choose from a variety of content to create a video for

Benime allows you to freely choose the appropriate content for video creation. You can create the most professional product promotion videos without investing a lot. Choose a video creation material for yourself that you like the most. Then try recording and stitching several videos together to make the full version. With the features available in the application, it will provide you with the most thoughtful support and service, providing you with many opportunities to develop your creativity.

Benime - Whiteboard Animation Maker Benime - Whiteboard Animation Maker

Free to download and for all different audiences

Whoever you are, if you want to make videos, you can check out Benime. We always warmly welcome you and bring you many reasonable offers. Not only this, you can also download this application on your phone for free. Don’t miss it!

key features

  • Freedom to create as many unique videos as you want according to your new and exciting creativity.
  • Due to a simple and easy-to-use interface, the design and layout in this application are elegant and detailed.
  • You have the right to choose your favorite background music, and you can use the best dub to combine in your videos.
  • Customize the color and size of each image and video to make it beautiful and easy to view, then export the unique video in 1080 pixels.
  • You were meeting your needs slowly and directly, creating memorable moments of relaxation for all while helping to develop your imagination and creativity.
  • Find the right content to create the most meaningful videos, bring your friends and viewers together to enjoy great videos.
  • Invite all your loved ones to join in creating precious memories videos freely.

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