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Download the latest version of beast quest mod apk 2022, a role-playing action game for android, and secure your land from a mystery creature.

About beast quest mod APK 2022

The player will be a hero who is appointed to defeat the evil creatures. The player can negotiate with other heroes and work together to defeat the enemy. Beast quest mod APK also adds new features called “Nightmare mode”.

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In this mode, players can fight against a powerful boss. Some bosses have been added to the beast quest mod for android, such as “Inpuu” and “Inpusu.”

This article will share some vital information about these two bosses.

Input is an evil water monster with great power, making even powerful heroes dare not get close to him.

His body contains poison, so any hero who comes into contact with it will lose 1 HP per second, making it very dangerous.

However, this boss will always appear in the middle of the water. There are three possible locations to find him: East of Port Hope, West of Venrock and northeast of Craggy Island.

Input is an evil flying creature with incredible power. He can fly very high and mighty enough to destroy anything at a distance using his long claws and sharp claws.

Also, this beast is extremely fast when flying breath, causing all kinds of damage on the ground beneath it.

In addition, its body has two horns and two ears which players can use to block incoming attacks from behind and pierce through foes like a spear. In

push always appears in the air when he attacks. There are three possible locations to find him: northeast of Port Hope, West of Venrock and East of Craggy Island.

In this level, you can see Input is a water monster, so your hero’s favourite weapon is a bow with good range. The key to fighting this boss is distance.

So the best place to fight him is on dry land, not in water like he wants you to be. If your hero uses a sword or axe here, it will be hazardous because your hero will lose 1 HP every second.

Also, if you are fighting against Inpusu, make sure you do not go near his tail; otherwise, he will sweep you away, causing damage significantly depending on how close it is.

Like his brother, keep a distance and shoot arrows at him whenever possible to avoid damage from incoming attacks. But remember that if the arrow misses, the enemy may attack back, so watch out for this chance!

The game has many other features that can help players trounce enemies, such as “quick time events” and “rock-paper-scissors.”

Quick time events can help players evade incoming attacks easily. Watch our video below to know how it works:

If you face the enemy with a sword, use your shield to block his attack, then attack him first, then quickly roll away as soon as he recovers from his current state to avoid being killed by him.

This is one of the best ways to defeat enemies in beast quest mod apk because it is simple and effective even for new players!

In addition, there are many other features, such as seven pets. Each one has different skills that can be useful in various situations.

Each pet also has its rank depending on the number of stars/gems collected by the player. There are three ranks: Common (1-2 stars), Rare (3 stars) and Legendary (4+ stars). Also, get ready for Multiplayer mode! You can fight together with other heroes to defeat powerful enemies.

In this level, you will use Inpusu as your enemy, so your hero’s favourite weapon is a Sword carrying with it very significant damage as well as good speed.

Be careful not to be hit by the tailor else; your health points will drop significantly depending on how close you are to Inpusu. Use the “Quick Time Event” shown in this video to evade incoming attacks easily:

If you feel overwhelmed by dangerous situations, quickly press any button according to the symbol on the screen, and your hero will immediately evade incoming attacks.

Also, besides using Quick Time Event to evade, you can use it as an advantage by pressing any button at the right time to land a hit on your enemy during a combo attack!

This is one of the best ways to defeat enemies in beast quest mod apk because it is simple and effective even for new players!

The beast quest game publisher is Animoca Brands, and there are millions of downloads from the play store.

If you are a lover of role-playing games and want to become the hero, then beast quest mod APK is for you where your role is to free the beasts and stop them from destroying the land.

The game’s story is that you are the resident of a place called Avabtia, and an evil wizard has attacked the beasts.

And it is trying to destroy your land, and you as a hero have to stop him by using available resources and abilities.

Get ready because you will face different enemies at a time, so you need to travel to other continents to free the beasts.

In mod APK of the beast quest, you can get upgraded weapons, coins, and stones in the fight.

You can also download the APK of the beast quest from our website, which is also free, but you need to spend some real money to access the advanced features.

Features of beast quest mod APK

  • An epic journey through the vast open world of Avantia!
  • Epic battles against the mighty Beasts!
  • Collect lost treasures and powerful artifacts!
  • Level-up and upgrade your equipment!
  • Master an action-packed combat combo system!
  • Hundreds of challenges, secrets, and in-game achievements.

Steps to download beast quest mod APK

1- From the end of the post, click on the download link and download your file from the download page

2- Uninstall the previous version and enable the third-party app to run

3- After downloading the file, install it in the file manager and start playing the game in no time.

FAQS about beast quest mod APK

How many beast quest characters are there in the game?

There are many characters in a beast quest which you can get free form modified version like

  • Tom is a boy and the main protagonist of Beast Quest.
  • Elenna is a girl and the companion of Tom.
  • The storm is a horse who is the steed of Tom.
  • Silver is a wolf companion of Elenna.
  • Aduro is a good Wizard.
  • Marvel is a Dark Wizard.
  • Taladon is the father of Tom.
  • Freya is the mother of Tom.

Beast quest map detail please?

Also, unlock all the maps, which are fun to play and enjoy the new environment in each plan; on the other hand, you can try beast quest PC to get the real experience of actions and graphics.

What are beast quest reviews? 

According to other websites like steam, different reviews rated the game 5/10, push square rated 3/10, and the same reactor.EU rated 3/10.

Final thoughts

This is the final review of beast quest mod APK, so let’s go and download the game and become a hero and leader to save your land and kingdom.

Also, get unlimited resources and paid features free in the cracked version and load your team with upgraded weapons and rank number one.

What's new

- Go beyond Nanook's icy plains and explore two new worlds! Journey to the coasts of Avantia in search of Sepron the Sea Serpent, and delve deep into the depths of Stonewin volcano to do battle with Epos the Flame Bird!

- Major and minor bug fixes



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