Battle Forces v0.12.3 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode, Map Speed) Download

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Battle Forces is an FPS game where players can travel to the right place and find enemies to destroy. Each weapon brings a different experience to the players and creates great ideas that they can think about. At the same time, different types of skills and attitudes lead to new experiences, and the development of weapons gives players a chance to win.

Fighting Forces - shooter

Battle in IMPRESSIVE Environments

The first thing that impresses you when you encounter the Battle Race is its graphics when you can find an environment designed in a slightly futuristic manner. You will feel attracted and start spending more time to experience this game. At the same time, the area in this game is full of places for players to go, and for sure, you can meet your opponents at any time.

Fighting Forces - shooter

It is an FPS game, so the players will know the details, and you will do many things, from targeting the enemies to eliminating the enemies with the weapons you have . It can be said that this is not a problem, but players need to overcome different challenges to improve skills. At the same time, the countermeasures can change over time depending on their weapons.

Fight the enemies together with your friends

After you have started the battle, you will be together with other players and destroy the enemies. The goal of the whole game screen is straightforward: the player will try to collect points for his team in relation to the time they destroy the enemy. Also, if they are down, they can return to the field after a waiting period. In addition, you can easily change tactics from the weapons you pick up.

Fighting Forces - shooter

Besides the main weapon, the player can also pick up the enemy’s weapon, and this is a mechanism that often occurs in FPS games. Players can destroy enemies and collect their weapons, and each has its own unique characteristics. For example, the player can play in the pattern of charging at the enemy with a gun, and only a few shots at close range, the enemy can be killed immediately , and you can hide in some places and rush quickly.

In addition to simple attacks, true players will not be able to ignore the character support feature, and it is in the middle of the screen for players to find. You can use it in difficult situations when you have almost no health; depending on your current health, the color of the visual field will change, indicating that you have a problem. Indeed, this is a feature that you will not be able to ignore.

Fighting Forces - shooter

Change TACTICS as you like

The player’s strategy is important in winning in Battle Forces because they can become an object of fear for the players when they are well aware of what they have. At the same time, players can choose the hero they think is necessary to fight the enemy and take advantage of the skills they have received. In addition, because this is a skill, their frequency of use will be more than what you have.

In addition to the unique power of each character, you will not be able to ignore the game’s updates to improve the performance of weapons. In particular, you can increase the power of the weapons you often play by adding accessories to them. You can add accessories such as silencers, sights, flash hiders, and each gun has its own skin that the player can open. Indeed, it will bring fun immediately after getting a new skin.

Fighting Forces - shooter

Players will enter the awesome FPS battle:

  • The amazing world of graphics and futuristic designs is waiting for the players to join and wish them to overcome difficult challenges.
  • Players will join other players and try to collect as many points as possible by killing the enemies they see.
  • Before starting the battle, you can adjust your weapon, which determines the attack to destroy the enemy effectively.
  • The game has six different heroes, and they have skills that players can use when necessary and promote good survival in battle.
  • Multiple weapons are a feature of the FPS mode and help players choose and upgrade the most frequently used weapons to kill enemies quickly.

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