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Arrow Fest starts the way with many different options, but the best is still the arrows that rush to the end. The number of arrows you have will be released after you, through each match, increasing in number. The latest sci-fi skin has been released; update soon! A quiet place that is full of fun as you train and gather enough strength, then start using defenses and destroy the giants that meet the way.

Arrow Fest Arrow Fest


Whether it’s speed or a game that emphasizes power, Arrow Fest is much simpler and easier to eat than that. The system provides a long way with many things like arrows, gifts, threats. So you will have to decide, collect the goods, or meet the property. Don’t forget the rewards along the way to boost your morale.

The change of color is different according to each stage; some partitions divide it into two and will also display the option to increase or decrease the number of arrows. The more you write, the more your life will be saved, and the journey will continue. But once you have to remove all the bows, you will have difficulty confronting monsters, time is lost, and you have to complete the race.

Arrow Fest Arrow Fest


A visual indicator will record your previous stages to measure how far you have come in Arrow Fest. From there, what your level is and the number of rewards you will receive is constantly updated on the main screen. Keep track of all the extra work even when you’re busy collecting arrows. The level system is renewed every day, and you will not have to worry about its limit. Every time you pass a level, the game’s difficulty will increase, and of course, you will get into math!

It is good that you can use math for fun and calculate how much you will gain or lose with your choice. Add, subtract, divide or divide by a number. Pay attention to the number of arrows you have to choose the right one! Two in one! Have fun destroying monsters while learning math and doing simple math. Have you chosen it for yourself?

Arrow Fest Arrow Fest


The most interesting thing is the Arrow Fest opening entertainment with prizes. Even on the road, you will get more coins if you make perfect decisions or if you are able to destroy the dangerous monster in the road. But once he is able to complete the challenge, it will be more fun to collect the prize when the number is bigger. Use them to increase your reputation on the league leaderboard and compete with other players by reaching the finish line faster or killing more monsters.


Arrow Fest is new and realistic with a simple user interface, 3D graphics, real-time content that can attract millions of people to enjoy it every day. Just having fun and learning math through addition and subtraction is a place to invest and develop. Are you ready for the challenge to collect arrows and destroy this monster? After meeting, don’t forget to leave a review to help the next update be better!

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