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Download one of the best shooting game Rrchero Mod APK and do battle with the evils and defeat them.
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Download one of the best shooting games Archero Mod APK 2022 and do battle with the evils and defeat them.

About the Archero game 2022

Are you looking for the best Archery game and want to enjoy a real action game on your smartphone? Then you should try Archero game.

Archero is the most popular shooting game and has been downloaded from the play store more than 10M times, and the publisher of the game is habby.

So the story of the game is that you have entered a world where evils have surrounded you, and you have to do battle and secure yourself from these evils.

Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK 

You are the only one archero, and the whole world is against you, and you need to survive as these evil waves will continually come to you.

If you get killed or die, then there will be the end of the game, and you will start the game from the beginning.

On the other hand, with the increase of levels, these evils become more robust, so you need more upgraded weapons and powers to defeat them.

To upgrade our powers, we need gems and coins and different strategies to earn these coins and germs.

You have two options to get coins and gems; one does hard work and clear different challenges, while the other option is to spend some real money to buy these things while playing the original game.

In the Archero game, you firstly need to select your character, which will be provided to you by the game, so be careful while choosing the personality because this will be the character you will lead in the game.

The next step of the game is to find weapons and equipment that will perfectly suit your character, and after that, start the battle with these evils.

In the war, the opposition forces will stop you from moving forward, and you as archer do war by using bow companion and keep in mind that you are only one and there are unlimited evils on your way.

In addition to this, never give up because these evil forces will never stop and try to stop you and try to take your life.

Features of Archero game

There are many of the features of Archero game, but here we will discuss some prominent features

  • Includes different and unique skills which will help you to fight these evils
  •  Lots of maps, and you will explore the fantastic world
  • Unlimited unseen monsters and various obstacles
  • By clearing any level, you will get power up and more stars

Archero APK    

Archero is an exciting action game where you have to defeat your enemies which comes to your way during the journey.

The game is straightforward and easy to play for the newcomers where your hero in the game shoots on the enemies automatically.

While on the other hand, you need to be careful about the dodging enemies’ attacks by using the joystick available at the bottom of the screen.

In archero APK you need to do hard work after that you can become the master of the game because with the increase of the level there are more challenging tasks for you.

Also, you need to keep your health level at the maximum point because it reaches zero you will be forced to start the game from zero.

The game includes different chapters, and also you can participate in various events and these chapters are divided into 50 levels.

After completing nine levels by fighting different enemies, a boss is waiting for you and is very strong, so be careful.

When you start the game, your character is ordinary, and after collecting coins, you can customize it and make it unique.

Moreover, you can get more skills and equip your character with different weapons by completing different levels.

The game’s enemies are with different abilities and can attack at you different ways, so you need to learn how to avoid these attacks.

You can become the master of the game by playing archero again and again in this way you can improve your character and get the idea of different enemies attack pattern.

You can get the archero APk by scrolling down the page and there you will get the download link of the file.

Also, keep in mind to uninstall the previous version if already downloaded and after that use this provided file.

Some steps are available to download and install the archero APK you can follow and quickly get your app.

About Archero Mod APK

Archero Mod APK is the modified or hacked version of the original game where you will get access to unlimited features and everything like money, coins, and gems unlimited and free of cost.

The primary purpose of the cracked version of Archero is to provide you everything unlimited and give a chance to the people who don’t have access to the play store so they can easily download from this website.

Features of Archero Mod APK

  • You will be access to unlimited gems without doing any hard work and without completing missions
  • Get access to unlimited coins to upgrade your weapons and increase power
  • Get unlimited powerful weapons without spending money
  • You can play and enjoy this 2D game on any low-end device
  • Get access to god mode
  • Unlock as many levels as you want
  • Get ads-free app
  • No need to root the android phone
  • No need to worry about getting banned
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • Get access to high damage mode
  • Different many of the maps to play
  • Very easy to handle the game
  • New skills are also added

How to download Archero Mod APK

The download process of the Archero Mod APK is simple, and you follow the given steps.

  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the download button
  • the link will redirect you to the other download page
  • Click on the download button, and your downloading will start in few seconds
  • Now go to the settings and enable a third-party app to run
  • Uninstall the game if already downloaded
  • Go to file manager and click on the downloaded file to install
  • Lastly, your game is ready to play, and see the game’s icon on your mobile screen.

FAQS about Archero Mod APK

What features included in the modified version?

You will get unlimited features in this hacked version like you can unlock all the levels, get unlimited money, coins and gems to upgrade weapons and powers, unlock different characters you like, and many more.

Are there any charges to download the Mod version?

Of course, there are no charges to download this modified version, and you will get everything free of cost.

Will this hacked version harm my device?

Many people think that downloading a cracked version will harm and damage their device, but we assure you that there is no damage to downloading a modified version.

How can I download Mod APK?

The downloading process of the modified version is the same as the original game, and also you can see our download guide in this post.

Which is the archero best weapon?

Archero is the best action game which will not get you bore because of unique features and verity of weapons.

The list of archero best weapons is available below which are top of the list.

  1. GaleForce
  2. Brightspear
  3. Death Scythe
  4. Stalkerstaff
  5. Tornado
  6. Saw Blade

What is archero promo code?


There is a long list of archero promo code list which can be used for getting unlimited resources.

archerhi: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

goodarcher: Redeem this promotion code to get jewels and bolts as remuneration

archerduo: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

HTOT: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

archerogo: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

archerofun: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

archerowin: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

archero1: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

xs6zkfwkce: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

gzd9yxnkm6: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

YOUTH: Redeem this promotion code to get pearls and bolts as remuneration

Picture: Redeem this promotion code to get 2,000 coins, 20 energy and a chest key

Upbeat: Redeem this promotion code to gain access and bolts as remuneration

Companions: Redeem this promotion code to get an obsidian chest, with keys and energy as remuneration

santahero: Redeem this promotion code to get an obsidian wardrobe, with access and strength as remuneration

How to redeem archero promo code?

You need to follow some steps to save the archero promo code

1- Click on the settings button

2- Again click on the last button with the name of insert promo code

3- Lastly paste your code and claim your rewards.

If you face any issue, you can contact us by commenting at the below comment section.

What is archero tier list?

The archero tier list is based on the players’ voting, emotions, and personal experience, which includes.

1- Infographic tire list

2- Hero tire list

3- Equipment tire list

4- Weapon tire list

5- Ability tire list

6- Pet tire list

What are archero abilities?

You can get a list of archero skills which is also called archero skills which is

 Provided below

Archero all talents please?

You can get different archero talents which are here


Increases your Health Points

Max HP


Increases your damage



Increases the HP you recover from Red Hearts

Healing Effect of Red Heart


Reduces damage when stationary

Healing Effect of Red Heart

  Iron Bulwark

Reduces the damage you take from touching monsters.

Collision Damage Resistance


Increases your attack speed

Attack Speed


Heals you when you level up

Level-Up Heal in Battle


Provides a skill at the start of each game

Get 1 Skill Selection

  Patrol Earnings

Provides random rewards every 60 seconds

Increase Patrol Earnings

  Enhance Equipment

Boosts your equipment effects

Base Stats of Equipment

  Hero Powerup

Boosts your Hero

Base Stats of Hero

  Rune Powerup

Increases random rune effect


How to get archero items?

If you are looking for archero all items, you need to download and install the modified version provided at the end of the post.

Is archero online game?

Yes, archero is an online action game which requires an internet connection.

Is archero PC available?

You can download the archero PC to get the real and perfect gaming experience on the big screen.

Also, handle the game easily using the mouse and keyboard, and you don’t need to recharge the battery every time.

On the other hand, get mouth-watering HD game graphics and real feel characters sounds.

What is archero strategy to win the game?

1- One of the best processes in the game is to know more about your enemies and their attack pattern

2- Secondly, you need to move from one place to another every time.

4- Try to Upgrade at Angels

5- Practice the game day and night

6- When you are running out of health try to watch some ads

7- Try to Use Cover to Dodge Enemy Fire

What are archero upgrades?

Archero upgrades allow you to upgrade your hero to make it monster and more strong against the enemies.


If you are a lover of war games and enjoy fighting with monsters, Archero is for you. The game is a little challenging as you are the only one, and there are many opponent powerful monsters and to make the game easy for you, here is Mod APK of Archero, which you can easily download and win and clear each level quickly.

You will also enjoy the mouth-watering graphics of the game, and more importantly, the game is compatible with all types of devices.

If you have any issue downloading the game, then comment to us. We will try to fix the error as soon as possible.

What's new

1.All New Mode: Ancient Maze
-Explore the maze and find the treasure!
2.New Function: Blacksmith
-Bulk Dismantle: One button to break down equipment
-You can exchange equipment for a new random one.
3. New Event: Lucky Spin
-Super value treasures await you!
4. All New Ability
-Added new abilities to normal mode chapter 12 & 13



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