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Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t let gamers down when it’s now available on mobile for everyone to have an easy experience. It can be seen that this is a product from the manufacturer ELECTRONIC ARTS; it will be a game worth looking forward to. Although the same type of battle royale with the once famous PUBG, this game brings a new atmosphere and is a bit futuristic.

Apex Legends Mobile

There are many new features in the GAMEPLAY

At first, when it comes to Apex Legends Mobile, many players will think of another version of PUBG because the gameplay is not much different. But the truth is, it will take you to the world of the future with sci-fi images that only appear in movies. Everything seems to be far from the expectations of many players because it is so good that no other game can compare.

Still, in the old style, you will parachute from the plane, land on the ground, and then pick up weapons everywhere to participate in thrilling survival battles. Instead of each match there will be a total of 100 people and a group of 4 people, now the number of players is only 60. Of course, there are only three people in a team, but in return, there will be more happiness. waiting for you to find.

Apex Legends Mobile

Join the bloody battle

Because the number of players is small, the map will also decrease, so if you just landed from above, you should find your weapon as soon as possible. It can be said that when you have access to a screen game, you should decide to keep things less and participate in the battle more. However, it is also not true because you can prepare yourself some necessary equipment only in some cases.

Apex Legends Mobile

The speed of the game is very fast, so you have to be ready to attack because if you ignore it for a few seconds, the possibility of being attacked by your opponent is very sad But don’t worry too much because you still have friends by your side to support you in times of trouble. A special feature here is that when you have just died, other partners can go to points in the map to return to you, and you will have time to return to the battle. kill once.

Apex Legends Mobile


When playing in Multiplayer Squadrons, choose your legend and form a team with two players. Bring your own skills together to make the ultimate team. Join friends and other players to learn team work and manage the competition.


An interesting feature in Apex Legends Mobile that other FPS games do not have is that you can choose from available legends. Instead of choosing a bad character, now you can change to more legends with beautiful clothes. Also, you can customize your legend with special skins. There is no such thing as having a perfect character, and it will still make you happy to play.

Apex Legends Mobile

When it comes to fighting for survival, weapons are important, and they are also good helpers to help you defeat your opponent in one form. You won’t see pictures of guns that are known like in PUBG but use modern weapons. Weapons and equipment are very futuristic and powerful.

  • Explore this gathering of powerful Legends.
  • Choose from many characters to choose the hero that completes your game and likes.
  • Legends each have their own personalities, qualities, and strengths that are different from others.
  • Immerse yourself in a world full of different stories and detailed information.
  • Skins let you express yourself and stand out from the crowd by customizing your favorite Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile


Learn how to use your legend skills and make good decisions when a crisis occurs. Combat includes new and unique elements such as Jumpmaster Deployments, which allow players to create beautiful moves—and fights—on the battlefield.

  • You can choose your favorite legend and customize the interface to make the character stand out more
  • Immerse yourself in dramatic survival battles and face many formidable opponents.
  • Get the ultimate power of modern and futuristic weapons.
  • The results are really obvious from character gestures to visuals and beautiful sequences.
  • Show your fighting skills and team up with your friends to make a powerful sweep across the map.

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