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AOS TV is an application for real-time diversion and informational video content for your Android gadget. Here you can undoubtedly make the most of your #1 TV shows, sports communicates, motion pictures, the most recent news, and substantially more in the greatest. AOS TV permits you to get to all kinds of amusement. Watch the most intriguing TV shows continuously, discover new films, science or creature programs, narratives, kid's shows for youngsters and watch the most recent news announcements.
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Download AOS TV MOD APK 2021-22

AOS TV 2022 mod APK is one of the best for Android TV boxes; it is easy to use and can give you many advantages using this app.

The main advantage is that you can watch all your favorite TV shows or video program just like on regular TV. Still, this time, you will get much more information about the shows than other people because of the integrated subtitles.

There are two types of subtitles that you can enable in the AOS mod APK: First is subtitle during playback (with headset), and second is Live Subtitles (a little bit further).

Let’s start with the first type; subtitles will be shown when you use the headphone jack while watching movies or videos during playback. This feature is mainly used by people who enjoy the movie theater experience at their homes.

And about the second subtitle will be shown in the appropriate place on the screen when you switch to live mode.

This is not an essential feature but can prevent you from using additional equipment like a TV tuner box or cable provider.

You can watch your TV show as it would play on your regular television set. If you want to use this kind of subtitles, go for the installation process below and ensure that all prerequisites are fulfilled before starting the installation guide.

This app doesn’t provide any subtitles; you need to install the app and enable it. You can download the AOS TV mod apk from the below link.

How to Install?

Download the given apk file on your android box and tap on it.

It will start the installation automatically. After installing the app, find its shortcut in the My Apps section of the home screen for quick access later. And that’s it! Enjoy 🙂

Features of AOS TV mod APK

(1) Introduction of a new skin concept

AOS TV has a new skin concept. The interface has a more natural and clear design, which focuses on content circulation rather than programs. In future updates, the current playlist playback mode will become an independent feature, while the current program layout with individual preview images will be replaced by a 4-screen layout. The new interface provides users with an easy way to select content from various categories, such as TV programs, drama series, movies and more.

(2) Introduction of a back up feature to ensure that the program data you have saved is not lost in case of a system upgrade failure

To fulfill your need for safe storage, AOS TV provides a back up function where you can save all of your favorite programs. The software will automatically back up the program data every 3 hours if there are changes to it. If you encounter any issues upgrading your software or device, this function enables a quick “rollback” by restoring your previous version without losing any of your data.

(3) Application sharing among multiple devices

AOS TV provides the convenience of application sharing via Wi-Fi among multiple devices, where you can watch programs on your TV or mobile device. You can also share content with other family members by logging in to the same AOS ID across all your AOS TVs and smart phones, or switch playback between different devices easily.

(4) Share photos, movies and music from a USB device/mobile phone to your TV screen

AOS TV supports external storage device playback in addition to online multimedia resources so that you can enjoy a variety of content types in one place. When using this feature, just connect a USB storage device or mobile phone to the HDMI port of your AOS TV and play the desired multimedia files directly.

(5) Support various multimedia file formats

Your AOS TV provides support for various HD/SD video and music file formats. You can watch content stored in any USB storage device or mobile phone on your AOS TV with the highest image quality. For audio files, connect headphones to your TV’s headphone jack to enjoy better-quality sound that is free of noise interference.

AOS TV supports playback of MOV, MP4, MKV (H.264), M4V (MPEG4), WMV (VC-1) and FLV video file formats as well as MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC and WAV audio file formats from a USB storage device from a home network connection via DLNA.

AOS TV also provides support for RM, RMVB, MKV (DTS), VOB and AVI files from a home network connection via UPnP.

(6) Personalized recommendations with a rating feature

After registering a rating for a program that you watched, the rating history will be saved in your user profile to allow for personalized recommendations of alternative programs. The rating feature is available both pre-programmed as well as post-program so that you can rate the program while watching it or right after it ends. In addition, you can edit or delete any existing rating information anytime from the “My Rating” section of your user account settings page.

Exclusive to AOS TVs sold in Korea, a “time-shift” playback function allows you to watch any programs that aired in the previous 72 hours. The AOS TV service can be used simultaneously by different family members registered on the same AOS ID.

(7) More flexible recording features

You can define the start and end time of your desired program for one-time or repeated episodes/weekly/daily recordings, as well as record only new episode episodes through configuration. If you want to edit existing settings (such as title name, resolution or recording period), just press CLEAR on the remote control while the program is being recorded. If you want to delete an existing setting (such as title name, resolution or recording period), press OPTIONS on the remote control while the program is being recorded, select “Delete”, then press OK.

(8) Auto power-on for selected programs

You can configure your TV to automatically turn on at a set time every day to watch your favorite programs. If you no longer wish to use this feature, you can simply disable it or delete all existing settings via the “Auto power-on” section of the user account settings page.

AOS TV will not have any access to private information stored in your mobile phone. Your mobile device may ask for confirmation before linking with AOS TVs operated by different users, but will never transmit data without user confirmation. When using mobile devices that are dual-band models (2GHz + 5GHz), AOS TV will link with the 2GHz band.

(9) Enjoy high-quality audio and video via a home network connection

By connecting an AOS smart phone or tablet to your AOS TV and playing back content (video, photos and music) stored on either device over a local area network, you can enjoy multimedia files that provide better image and sound quality than would be available if played directly from the storage medium itself. In addition, programs watch on one mobile device can automatically be transfer to others register under the same user account for viewing without any restrictions as long as those devices are connect to the same local area network over DLNA. All contents support by your AOS TV can also be play back seamlessly from a USB storage device connect to your TV.

(10) Enjoy an enhanced home network environment

By connecting an AOS smart phone or tablet with a broadband internet connection, you can access the Internet and enjoy content available on the Internet without switching between different user accounts. All contents support by your AOS TV can also be play back seamlessly from a USB storage device connect to your TV with this feature enable.

The head unit must support Bluetooth 4.0 for this function to work properly, and both devices must be pair beforehand. Additionally, before enabling “Internet Access”, make sure that any personal firewall software is disable (i.e., disable Windows Firewall or McAfee firewall). If you cannot use “Internet Access” due to technical limitations of your head unit or other reasons, please consult the manual of your head unit to find out if this function is available.

Small file size The apk is just around 10 MB, so it takes significantly less space on your device. Variety of Subtitles You can choose subtitles from various languages to match your language or noise where a movie scene is being record.

Live TV Watch live TV shows without using additional equipment like cable boxes, tuner boxes, etc. The app will integrate with existing service providers, so you don’t have to pay anything extra for the service.

Subtitle during playback This feature will be helpful for people who like to watch movies in a theater-like experience at their home.

No Ads The AOS TV Mod APK doesn’t contain any ads, no annoying pop-ups until and unless you want them because it gives you complete control over showing ad content and the frequency of showing ads.

MOD features

1- 10key remote controller

2- 10key customized TV Key mapping

3- android overlay for smart tv

4- Allshare cast(Screen) function

5- Screen Mirroring(Smart phone, Tablet) function

6- Torrent downloader by Pulsar

7- Internet browser by opera

8- Builtin app downloader from google play store

9- android app downloadable from allshare hub

10- Customized Opera mini browser, Flash player 10.2 support for internet browsing

11- Screen capture on screen share by Pulsar’s screen sharing function

FAQS about AOS TV mod APK

Is this app safe?

Yes, it is verify by many android users around the world and has given positive feedbacks. There are no viruses or malware in the app because you can download the apk file from any other source apart from the play store.

But, still, if you are not sure about it, then don’t hesitate to uninstall AOS TV mod APK immediately after you open it for the first time on your device.

It doesn’t require root access, so anyone could use it without rooting their Android box or TV stick.

Which is the best subtitles provider for me?

This all depends on what language you want to read subtitles in, who provides subtitles, and most importantly, where the movie scene is being record (original language).

For example, if you are watching an English movie, the chances of getting subtitles in your native language (Android default language) are high.

If you live in the US, then this won’t be difficult to find a subtitle provider for your specific country. And this thing goes on.

I am not able to find any subtitles for my language! What should I do?

If you know which site or service provides the best subtitles for movies and TV shows made in your language, then let me know in the comments below, I will add that provider to this list. So thanks in advance 🙂

How do I know if subtitles are available for my language?

There is no specific way to check that because providers send their offer according to the user’s request or at random. Because there are more than 180+ languages currently supported on the OpenSubtitles website.

So, getting subtitles for any particular movie depends on how many users request subtitles in your tongue for a specific movie/TV show title.

And one thing you can always rely upon is the AOS TV mod apk which provides you subtitle during playback feature free of cost without any ads etc.

Conclusion on AOS tv mod apk

If you don’t want to spend too much time, this app is perfect. You can experience all features of a standard television set easily on your android box or integrated device of your home theatre system.

Install the apk file and start using it; there is no additional work require like other apps, which require an internet connection, etc.

You can choose subtitle language as per your requirement and watch movies with different kinds of the audience (like it would be on theater). The sound quality during playback on the headphone jack is best.

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