Ancient Village 2 14.3.7 APK MOD Download ( UNLIMITED MONEY ) 2022

Download the ancient village 2 mod APK which falls in simulation category and includes unlimited money and game hacks.
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Ancient village 2 mod APK 2022 for android

Download the ancient village 2 mod APK which falls in simulation category and includes unlimited money and game hacks.

I’ve always loved the look of old-timey villages, primarily when they are centered around a fortress. Going in and exploring them is one of my favorite things to do in games, so I was excited when I saw developer MichaelD’s Ancient Village 2 mod was updated for Beta 19!


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I took one quick look at it before I started working on this article. However, all I could see were dark muddy streets that looked much like regular mud terrain. Fortunately, several different texture sets included differentiating between familiar roads, cobblestone streets, brick roads/walls, grass paths, dirt paths/roads/terrain, sandstone walls/alleys, and even obsidian. For screenshots all out of context, you can check the gallery below.

Michael was kind enough to include several different maps for testing.

I played each test scenario first without Ancient Village enabled, then again with it turned on, and took screenshots of my favorite places on each map.

All screenshots were taken at maximum resolution by turning off all UI features using the “toggle” console command.

Features of Ancient Village 2 mod APK

  1. a) A village surrounded by flat grassland on all sides;
  2. b) A village on a small peninsula surrounded by water;
  3. c) A village on top of a mountain surrounded by mountains and hills;
  4. d) Inside the walls of the original fortress (in this case Fort Ironclad);
  5. e) On top of some grassy hills with views over the ocean;
  6. f) On another grassy hillside but with roads that go through forests.

As you can see, there are quite a few different looks to choose from! I’m looking forward to using these textures in my maps as standalone villages or as centers for otherwise barren towns.

FAQS about ancient village 2 mod APK.

Will this ancient village 2 mod APK work on my phone?

I am not sure about that, since it depends on your device specifications. It worked fine for me though. If there are any errors, please contact me via email or leave a comment here. Thank You!

Will there be any future updates?

I am working on some code to make the villagers have an automatic trade route for restocking their storehouses / providing them with materials whenever they need it so you don’t have to replenish their inventory every time you want more items from them (learning java in order to accomplish this). Other than that everything else is pretty much done except for some code optimization, testing, and maybe some feature implementations.

May I use this ancient village 2 mod APK on my website or blog?

Sure, as long as you give my website credit and don’t claim it as your own work. Thank You!

May I use this code for my own project?

Yes go ahead! (Just make sure to give me credit and do not claim it as your own work) 🙂

Why does the girl in town 17 look like she is wearing a pot on her head?

The hair textures we obtained from the game didn’t work properly so we had to improvise with creative ways of making them good with existing items of clothing (that’s the pot on her head).

Last worlds

If you want to try this mod out for yourself, subscribe to Steam Workshop or, then look under “News” in your Stellaris launcher.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article! Please support me and my future endeavors by liking and sharing what you find here on IndieDB or any of my social media pages (Twitter, YouTube, Twitch) 🙂 I could use the help! Thanks again for reading, folks!

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