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Download among us mod APK latest action game for android and get all the game unlocked.
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Download among us mod APK 2022 latest action game for android and get all the game unlocked.

About Among Us Mod APK Always imposter hack 2022

You have to kill. An evil monster is trying to attack you, and one by one, the characters dies that are with you.

On the other hand, your goal is to survive as long as possible, but be careful! You will die too if you make a mistake or get careless.

Also, if you are looking for other amazing action games then try Garena Free Fire, ZOMBIE HUNTER and NERF Epic Pranks which are also perfect games to play.

Furthermore, only those Who remain among us, who gets through more time on the way of survival, can fight against this monster.

Also, try your best to stay alive, and don’t let this creature destroy you and everything around you!

In addition to this, create new worlds and share them with your friends – these worlds become available in-game for everyone; Create event levels – limited periods during which players from all over the world compete for high scores; Collect gold coins – these can be used to buy upgrades;

Remember, the introductory stage is for an easy start; Four episodes consist of 30 levels in total.

Moreover, Among Us MOD APK Always imposter hack 2021 is a popular game to play that is also available on Android devices. The game  has recently been updated with new features or functions plus bugs fixed so that you can play Among Us Mod APK free skins and pet fully enhanced and more accessible.

Lastly, Among Us MOD APK Latest Version Unlocked is the leading android sound-enhancing app that provides you with high-quality sound effects during your gameplay.

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Features of Among Us Mod Menu

– Added 30 new levels in one of the four available episodes;

– The game now starts with an introductory stage;

– Now you can earn up to three gold coins in each level (the maximum number of players that could be saved has been raised accordingly);

– Improved system for displaying Bonus Chests;

– Added a progress bar for automatic shooting;

– Enemies behave more aggressively when close to death;

– Implemented support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow;

– New episode: Cemetery, consisting of 20 levels (available after completing all previous ones);

– Each completed world is now marked with the corresponding number of stars and placed at the top of the list;

– Added a new episode with 20 levels, which is available from the first location of the world “Sewers”;

– The main menu now has a button that allows you to return to the latest unlocked episode right after starting a new game;

– Implemented support for Android 5.0 Lollipop;

– Added explosive barrels in some levels;

– Improved system for displaying Bonus Chests;

– Completely redesigned end screen;

– New intro video;

– Now you can adjust sound effects during gameplay (there was added an icon to indicate this);

– Fixed issue where it was not possible to present the reward in some levels if multiple players were killed simultaneously;

– Added 10 new levels in one of the four available episodes; – Changed conditions for getting gold coins during gameplay (now you can get them for killing monsters);

– If there are no more worlds to open, you will return to the latest unlocked episode when starting a new game; – You can now collect up to three gold coins in each level (which correspondingly increases the maximum number of lives); – Reworked intro video and added new ones for subsequent episodes;

– Improved system for displaying Bonus Chests in some levels;

– Added 10 new levels in one of the four available episodes; – Improved system for displaying Bonus Chests in some levels;

– Visual effects have been improved during gameplay; – Small bug fixes and stability improvements Among Us MOD APK all skins.

The game has created its name quickly, and everyone is looking for a modified version in which they can get unlimited money and full game unlocked.

There are millions of downloads from the play store only, and the number is increasing day by day; and you can download the modified version from, which is 100% working and free to play.

On the other hand, play on the web or over neighborhood WiFi with 4-10 players as you endeavor to prepare your spaceship for flight; however, be careful as one will be an impostor set on slaughtering everybody!

Crewmates can win by finishing all errands or finding and casting a ballot the Impostor off the boat.

The Impostor can utilize damage to cause disarray; making for more straightforward executes and better vindications.

On the other hand, if you are looking for APK files, then check the above-provided link, which will directly move you to the play store.

Download among us APK

The free download among us APK from the play store, but if you don’t have access to the store, you can download the APK basic version from

On the other hand, invite your friends and family members to join you in the game and kill each other.

In addition to this, you need to have a stable internet connection for among us gameplay to play the smooth match.

Furthermore, this preliminary version includes ads that may irritate you when playing the game and do voice chat.

key features of Among Us MOD APK Platinmods

1- Game graphics

The game is played in a fantasy world where you can see objects and artifacts with strange shapes. It also has an amazing sound effect that gives gamers the feel of reality.

2- Gameplay

Among us is a role-playing game, so it requires your imagination to create your own story as you go along. Gamers need to assemble their team and start with the tutorial before they can play it game freely.

3- Game story

This game is based on the comic book of the same name, which tells about a soldier who was found in World War I and wakes up to find himself in our days trying to understand what’s happening around him. The gamer has to help him figure out whether he has gone crazy or there is something more that makes him alive again after so many years.

4- Player controls

This game will be controlled by a mouse click on your screen, while you are playing it, you’ll have four roles that represent four different characters in the game. You can interchange them while you are fighting, so while one character is attacking an enemy you can use another character to shield him.

5- Characters

The game provides over four characters for gamers to choose from, they are Sniper (with a small head), Flint (a bloodthirsty priestess), Reaper (The veteran), and Holly (the female character in this game). Gamers can interchange them according to their needs to battle enemies. They all have an ability that makes it easy for gamers to play this game.

6- Play modes

Among us game has two major modes; story mode and survival mode, the mode you choose depends on your skills level in the game. Survival mode is very difficult because there are so many zombie fighters against you while you are playing it, if you survive till the end of the fight then you will be able to move on to other levels.

7- Abilities

The game provides gamers with four (4) abilities that will help them during their fights to finish each level within the set time or date. The abilities assigned for each character are sniper, which allows you to use a sharp gun and kill enemies from a distance, Holly’s ability is shield defense and enables her to defend herself and other players while they battle enemy zombies. Flint can be used as a healer in any situation to treat wounds of players while Reaper is considered the strongest fighter among these characters because his attack is very high compared to the other three fighters.

8- Player tips

Many tips can help you play this game such as healing yourself when injure by drinking blood from your killed enemies or collecting items during your fights to be used later on.

9- Construction of characters

Each character has special features that can be upgrade with the ability points gamers gain after killing an enemy or taking some kind of action in the game, there are abilities for health, attack power, and defense. You can upgrade the abilities as you wish after collecting enough ability points.

10- Tips on killing enemies

When you fight against enemies you need to use sharp weapons instead of bludgeoning weapons because they deal more damage to them than blunt ones. Also try not to hit your teammates when fighting together with them, if it happens then rewind time so that you do not hurt them again by mistake.

11- Unique Features

This game provides gamers with some unique features and great sound effects so that they can play this game and enjoy the real feel of it.

12- Awards

Among us game won many awards, such as – ‘Best Art Award’ – Casual Connect Indie Prize 2014; ‘Excellence in Narrative Award’ – Independent Games Festival 2015; ‘Official Selection’ at IndieCade 2013 & PAX East 2013 (Indie Megabooth) which makes this game even more interesting to those who love playing role-playing games. This is all about 10 key features of Among Us Game.

Download among us mod  2021

1- For modified version, uninstall the older version

2- Enable third-party apps to run

3- Download the cracked version of among us from the download page

4- And install it on your smartphone

FAQS about among us mod APK

How to get Among us characters unblock?

you can get the among us all the characters unblock in hack APK of among us game.

What is there in among us cheats?

For among us cheats and hacks, you need to download and install the mod APK of the game, which includes among us rules, among us skins, among us hats, among us servers access, and among us unblocked full match.

What are among us colors?

There are around 12 different colors in the game, which a player can select and customize his character to make it more attractive.

Is among us pc available?

Get among us pc and enjoy the game on a larger screen with stunning graphics and explicit voice chat with other players.

For among us pc download, you need to download and install the android emulator for pc on your laptop.

How can I install Among Us Mod Apk ?

Download Among Us Mod Apk from the link below and install it on your Android device.

Does Among Us Mod Apk works on my device?

This game test on many devices, so you can play it without any problems, as long as your device meets the minimum requirements for running Among Us Mod Apk. To find out if your phone is compatible with the game or not, please check the list of supported Android versions above.

What are the differences between the normal version and mod version of Among Us apk?

The only difference is the number of lives, which in the mod version is unlimited. But this does not mean that you can not lose a life; after all, it’s just a game.

How do I install Among Us Mod Apk?

Since this mod is not officially release by the developers or the Google play store, the installation process is tricky compare to the normal version of games.

To install Among Us Mod Apk, follow these steps:

1) Uninstall the game’s original version if it has been install on your device.

2) Download and extract files from the below link on your PC or Laptop.

3) Now enable the ” Unknown Sources” option by going to Settings > Security > Unknown sources

4) Now locate extracted folder among us mod apk and click on it to install the game.

5) Once the game is install, simply launch it from the app drawer.

Can I play against my friends?

Yes, you can play the game online with your friends (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) or against any random player on the internet (Wi-Fi/3G). Feel free to ask questions below if you face any problems regarding the installation of Among Us Mod Apk.

Last words

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this article about Among Us Mod Apk. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I will be glad to help you if I can 🙂

Among Us, Mod Apk is among the best games available in the market today (Android & iOS). It is one of those games that make your life enjoyable with its fantastic gameplay and graphics.

It’s tough to imagine the world without computers nowadays because everything has become automatic. And here we are, presenting to you an ultimate mod apk+data of Among Us.

What's new

- Accounts linking with Google is fixed!
- New map out now - The Airship!
- Biggest map, all new tasks, improved mobility, and more areas to explore
- New account system for reporting
- Parental approval needed for underage players
- Free hats included: Heart, Angry Eyebrows, Unicorn, Zipper, and more
- Airship Cosmetic Bundle available for purchase, get fancy aboard the new map!



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