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Download the latest version of the AFK Arena Mod APK game and enjoy the best role-playing game which is an addictive and most engaging game on the play store.
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AFK Arena Mod APK free Download 2022

Download the latest version of the AFK Arena Mod APK game and enjoy the best role-playing game, which is an addictive and most engaging game on the play store.

Using the modified version of the game, you will get unlimited coins and unlock all the heroes to win the game easily.

Lastly, if you are looking for other role playing games then try Game of Sultans, Encounter Strike Real Commando Secret Mission and The Greedy Cave 2.

AFK Arena Gameplay 2022

AFK Arena Mod APK is trendy game for android. So, it is a new game that you can download on your android devices.

On the other hand, this game is lastly launched on Android after some days interval of time for this game many people downloaded and installed it.

Furthermore, the game was launched in 2017. After its launch, Millions of users have been downloaded the game because the reviews of these games are good to excellent.

Also, it was a huge number of downloads since there were millions even billions of users downloading AFK Arena Mod APK so,

In addition to this, it makes them believe that this will be a great success just as what others have thought before them that’s why they also put their expectations towards this one. And now let’s talk about AFK Arena Mod APK details and apk mod info it has.

Let’s teach you some information about the game, AFK Arena Mod APK is a mobile action RPG that will bring out your true potential.

Moreover, you are meant to become the hero of this world, with exceptional skills and talent that will allow you to defeat all enemies who happen to stand in your way!

Also, gain power, wisdom, and friends as you fight for survival against dark forces. Once chosen by fate, but now turned into an extraordinary fighter with unique abilities using ancient weapons.

On the other hand, learn different fighting techniques to defeat an army of bloodthirsty monsters! You determine whether or not the people of this realm shall be freed from evil…or perish.

Become one of them now! Summon your courage, gather your team and join this fight for freedom!

Are you ready to get your game on? Gather all of your courage and join the battle against evil by downloading AFK Arena Mod APK.

This is the latest version which comes with many good features that everyone will love to install. SO, don’t miss this chance of installing this awesome game on your mobile device by just clicking the download button below.

Wish you all the best for this game, also hope you will share this post with your friends so they can also enjoy their time downloading and playing AFK Arena Mod APK on Android devices. Thanks

There are many strategies to win the game, and with all the updates, new features are included day by day.

If you want to play the game and want to become a champion in AFK Arena, you need to know many things.

The game is fully equipped with strange tales, and you need to relax and look at the beautiful world, which is full of rewards and adventures.

When you start playing the game, you will notice that there are many heroes with unique identities and used creativity in their art of style.

On the other hand, while playing the game, your task is to collect new cards, and the hero’s art style has been made by looking at Celtic mythology.

As the game is most fun-loving and may consume most of the time and playing the AFK Arena game, you don’t need to use strategies all the time but to wait the right time.

It would help if you were skillful at creating a powerful army to fight with the enemies and bring you the rewards. Also AFK Arena game includes peaks of time section to find Secret Treasures.

Features of AFK Arena 

Out of this fantastic game’s countless features, we will mention only its most prominent features. So, let’s start:

  • When you are in a difficult situation and facing twisted paths, you need to fight enemies by sending all the king’s massive spiral tower.
  • Other fun and challenging questions are presented to you to make the game more enjoyable, and it all depends on you whether you give answers daily or weekly.
  • You can change the settings, format, and strategies manually as you want.
  • Also, the excellent option of communicating worldwide to make new friends and call the alliances to join the game to win it easily.


Download the latest version of AFK Arena APK and participate in an RPG set in the world with the name of Esperia.

Your role in the game is to hire new heroes to your team and save the world from factions that have warned against each other since time immemorial.

The afk arena’s gameplay is simple, where your first step is to allocate the locations to your heroes, and at the first line, you need to place strong worriers.

You can attack the opponents with automatic weapons or adjust the team’s unique abilities manually. It’s all depends on you.

You can increase your power and unique abilities by completing different levels and challenges and moving up your characters.

There is a limit for recruiting your heroes, which is around a hundred with them; you can travel the world of Esperia.

Outstanding graphics, a fantastic soundtrack, and many cute characters with different abilities will make your game addictive.

You can download and install the AFK arena APK from this website, free to download and 100% working file.

About AFK Arena Mod APK

AFK Arena Mod APK is a cracked version of the official AFK Arena where you will get unlimited money, coins, heroes, and many more features.

AFK Arena Mod APK features

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Access to premium treasures
  • Get access to any hero card
  • Everything is free and with no ads
  • Get access to excellent graphics
  • Easily level completion and access to a new hero
  • Get free cards every month
  • Get all heroes unlocked
  • Many of the guide coins
  • Anti-ban cracker
  • The sound of the game is amazing
  • Get premium features in free
  • The interface of the game is easy to use

How to download AFK Arena Mod APK

To download AFK Arena Mod APK, you need to follow following of the steps

1-first of all, go to the download button, which will redirect you to the download page of AFK Arena APK.

2-now click the DOWNLOAD BUTTON, and your file will start downloading in few seconds.

3- After that, go to your mobile file manager and click on that file, and if you are using file manager for the first time, it may ask you for permission.

4-if the file asks for some permission, allows it and proceed next.

5-after allowing the permission, click back and start installing again. Now it will install without any error.

Important tip

If you have already installed any other version on your mobile, you need to uninstall it and then install this modified version otherwise;, there will be an error.

We know that there are many questions in your mind regarding AFK Arena Mod APK, so we tried below to give you all the answers, and there are other questions in your mind you can ask us in the comment section.

FAQS about AFK Arena Mod APK

Is there any private server for playing this game?

Yes, there is one of the firms and dedicated servers for the AFK Arena game, which provides you many of the features

  • Subscription cards every month
  • Free of cost Vip levels
  • Deluxe cords
  • And also many more items

Is this cracked version is safe to use?

You can use this AFK Arena Mod APK version with 100% safely by using any android phone. As we use any modified version on our blog after testing it and after altogether getting satisfied, so don’t need to worry about any privacy and security issues.

What is included in this Mod APK?

Almost all the premium features are unlocked in this Mod APK to make it easy for you to build a strong army to win the game quickly, and some of the traits given below

  • Update regularly
  • God mode
  • Access to uncountable diamonds etc

Can we play this game without the internet?

You cannot play the game offline because AFK Arena is a server-based game, and you will need internet to play this game.

Is AFK Arena available in the latest version?

Yes, the game is available with the latest version of v1.51.01.

What are afk arena codes?  

AFK arena codes are here to help you get unlimited coins and money, and please check the list below.

  • 8vws9uf6f5 – 3,000 diamonds and 30 faction scrolls (new)
  • persona5 – 500k gold, 500 diamonds, 500 hero’s essence
  • 311j4hw00d – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • ch3atc0de – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • xmasl00t – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • d14m0nd5 – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • badlijey666 – 100K gold and 100 diamonds
  • 101nc107h – 100 diamonds and 100k gold
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 common hero scrolls
  • afk888 – 300 diamonds, 20k gold, 100 hero’s essence
  • misevj66yi – 5 common hero scrolls, 500 diamonds, 60 soulstones

What is afk arena tier list?


Below is the tier list of different heroes where you can find the afk arena best heroes.

What is afk arena redemption codes?


AFK arena codes are the series of numbers and letters you can redeem to get free different rewards.

A Lilith game is the source that releases these codes regularly, and you can earn tons of resources free.

AFK arena ascension guide  please?

The game includes three different tire heroes with the name of legendary, common and ascended where common heroes are leveled up to 100 levels, legendary at 160 level and ascended heroes at 240 levels.

You can find the details of Ascension guide from below list.

Requirement (additional to the original copy)
Rare → Rare+ 2 copies of the same hero at Rare rarity
Rare+ → Elite 2 copies of any hero of the

same faction at Rare+ rarity

Elite → Elite+ 1 copy of the same hero at Elite rarity
Elite+ → Legendary 2 copies of any hero of the same faction at Elite+ rarity
Legendary → Legendary+ 1 copy of the same hero at Elite+ rarity
Legendary+ → Mythic 1 copy of any hero of the same faction at Legendary+ rarity
Mythic → Mythic+ 1 copy of any hero of the same faction at Legendary+ rarity
Mythic+ → Ascended 2 copies of the same hero at Elite+ rarity
Ascended → Ascended (star) 1 copy of the same hero at Elite+ rarity for each star


Which are the afk arena best tanks?

There are other tans with different abilities, but some popular tanks are available below.

  1. Lucius. Lightbringer/Strength, Tank/Regen.
  2. Orthros. Celestial/Strength, Tank/Debuffer.
  3. Brutus. Mauler/Strength, Tank/Burst Damage.
  4. Hendrik. Lightbearer/Strength, Tank/Buffer. …
  5. Ezizh. Hypogean/Strength, Debuffer/Continuous Damage.
  6. Grezhul. Graveborn/Strength, Tank/Buffer.

What is the afk arena best formation?

If you are looking to win the game every time, then the main thing is to select your heroes’ good appearance.

There are tons of heroes in the game, and you’re your primary focus should be to select the best heroes and right line up.

For the best formation in the game, get Lucius, Estrilda, Belinda, and Fawkes, which are best for line up in the team.

AFK arena characters please?

There are unlimited afk arena characters for boys and girls t make the game attractive, and you can select any you want.

What is afk arena daimon?

Daimon may be a strength-based tank hero of the Graveborn faction. He can deal damage to the enemy at the expense of some of his health,

attack enemies together with his doll Stitchy to briefly stun them, and, by sapping the health of his enemies, he can shortly form a shield.

Daimon’s ultimate skill, “Soul Feast,” deals 260% damage to all or any enemy targets.

If already unlocked, the power “Blood Shield” will be used against the two enemies with the very best maximum health values.

While Daimon is using his shield, he will suffer 35% of the damage received by his allies but won’t die as a result.

What are afk arena events?

There are many of the events in afk arena game that make the game more fun and enjoyable like

  • King’s Tower.
  • Peaks of Time.
  • Arcane Labyrinth.
  • Arena of Heroes.
  • Voyage of Wonders.
  • Abyssal Expedition.
  • Bounty Board.

How to get afk arena gift codes?

Download and install the modified version of the game and get afk arena gift codes free without doing hard work.

What is afk arena hack?

Are you looking for an afk arena hack, then don’t go anywhere else because you can get your afk arena hack APK from our website.

Install the cracked version we have provided and access unlimited premium features like afk arena new code, characters, tanks, afk arena new heroes and afk arena best teams, etc.

Can we play afk arena on PC?

If you are tired of recharging your Smartphone battery the go and download afk arena o pc and enjoy the game for an unlimited time.

AFK Arena pc is also free to download and a more fun way to get the game’s real experience.

AFK arena review please?

The game has four reviews out of 5 on the play store.


So if you are looking for an addictive, engaging, and battle online game for any device, AFK Arena is the perfect option.

To make the game more comfortable for you, AFK Arena Mod APK has been included to access many of the features without spending any penny.

Lastly, if this modified version is not working correctly on your device, you can tell us in the comment section that we will improve it.

What's new

1- Added new heroes

2-Added the adventure "Bridge of Souls" to the Voyage of Wonders feature.

3-Augmented Death will be available to test play



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